Lai lai lai! Share with me how ur hubby propose to u?


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My fiance's proposal is the most dramatic one. but I am very proud of him because he really went all out to plan this special day.

he proposed while we were on a trip in HK. he popped the question while we were having a helicopter ride. very sweet! I will never get tired for repeating what he had did fr me. hee!

boyfriends of my friends are cursing him for spoiling the market. ehehe


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SO proposed again with ring on our first year anniversary....
Cos is our first year anniversary, he sent my favourite flowers to my office....
Then we meet at city link, then he quickly bring me for dinner.....
Went to this french restaurant in hotel... had our dinner...
Then he went to washroom... when he came back, the waiter brought another bouquet of flowers for me... was surprised....
Then they served us champagne... inside my glass of champagne was the ring....
He asked me the question but I said now is the best time to say, I consider lar....
haha... so I posed him a challenge... told him to take out the ring without getting any help from the waiter to change glass or use forks... if he can get it out then I consider....
Forgot the most primative method... he drank that champagne at record speed... took the ring, took the flowers and walk over.... kneel down and ask again...
I felt so pai seh that I said okay.... haha....


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hi girls,
My boyfriend has yet to proposed but had asked his mother to choose a date for ROM.
how should i hint him that i want him to propose.
as you know, this kind of thing is a once-in-a-lifetime thing.


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my BF propose to me while he eating chips.
He was having his chip while watch TV, he ask me help him give a glass of water. then I was like.( u think i'm ur maid) then after i got him the water he suddenly "OUCH" I thought wat happen, his face look terribly pain, I was like oh shit you bite ur own tougne! how stupid!!! I ask his to let go his hand and see what happen to his mouth then Suddenly a ring come out from his mouth I wan like ;|

I told his i'm not going to wear the ring unless he wash it.. haha
bery stupid rite
lucky he never swallon the RIng.... if not the ring will be very smelly....


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my bf has yet to propose even though we already started preparations for our wedding which is in Jan 08. although i will have preferred that he propose before we even started our preparations, i guess ultimately what matters most is the life we are going to share after the wedding. he knows i am waiting... so i will just wait for the day he kneels down and ask for my hand (actually should be my life!!!) hahaha...


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Hey Janet, don’t sad. Maybe you will get a romantic one leh!

I heard one from my friend that he attends a very romantic Wedding dinner in June or July, (a cousin of his).

In the First Match in he was so shock that the Groom LOST!! Then the bridal was very embarrasses almost cry out then out of a sudden the stage light up, her hubby play piano on the stage.

Very touch right!!!

Heard that her hubby dunnoe how to play piano at all. He has been learning that particular song that his wife likes the most for the past 3months.

I also pray my hubby will give me a surprise on our AD :p


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My HTB also haven proposal to me yet.

But we have already make the deposits for our solemnisation. We have also bought the wedding bands and proposal ring(He brought me to lee hwa and choose my own proposal ring).

Still waiting for him to proposal. How sad!!


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Hi Joey,

At least u know that ur HTB has bought u the proposal ring. So u already know he will propose. Unlike my HTB, nothing so far..


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Hi Janet,

Most likely he has already bought the proposal ring and planning to proposal on a special day that is special for the both of you.

He will surely propose to you. Dun worry..


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I always feel, HTB must propose lah...cannot say "erh..let's go apply for HDB" no way lor..cannot so easily get away. If he is so paiseh to propose to me, means he isn't proud to show to the world i mean everything to him. My ex very very shy, scold me sometimes if he feels paiseh. Now my present husband loves me and dare to tell everyone I'm his wife. At least for me, I have the security lor.


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My HTB is the predictable type, drilled into him that I must be caught unaware by his proposal, else he'll have to start all over again.

My gal friends and I planned to go on a low-budget vacation trip to India. HTB helped with planning of the accomodation as we were having such a difficult time trying to find cheap ($50 per person per night),clean and decent 2/3 star hotels. So having settled the travel plans, my friends and I set off to India to have some fun. The culture is rich,the pple are friendly, living conditions harsh and sanititation is almost non-existent. We had fun and some horrible times, but throughout the trip, we were encouraged and perked by the thought of ending the trip in style (HTB had arranged for us to stay at Shangri-La for the last leg of the trip, and at a budget cost too!). Shangri-La was almostly like heaven. Soft fluffy pillows and bedsheets, constant hot water, satellite tv - we were full of gratitude towards my HTB for being so thoughtful. On the last night of the trip, we had a rather frightful experience (that's another story). Having calmed my heart down after a soak in the bathtub, I went to bed. The doorbell rang, my friend got up to open the door and she screamed. I got up, thinking that I really have no energy to battle a ghost. I was halfway to the door when I saw HTB walking into the room. I collapsed onto the bed and asked "what are you doing here?" He then got down on his knees and proposed. Guess you know the ending to this story.
My friend captured this on camera and video - you'll see that I was stoned, ugly, frumpy in my PJ, but boy, am I going to remember this for life.


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My HTB proposed to me last mth. Actually we already started planning for our love nest, wedding and ordered my diamond ring. Didnt expect him to proposed at all!! Tot that he would just collect the ring and give it to me..but while we were on our annual diving trip (to celebrate our anniversary), he proposed to me underwater!! He prepared A4 size flash cards and custom-made a banner stating " Will you marry me". He proposed in front of 40+ divers underwater...

Firstly, the other divers formed a circle and my HTB led me to the middle. At first i was wondering what he is doing...then i realised!!! He took out the flash cards and started showing me (with some meaning wordings) and lastly, 2 dive masters "open" the banner in mid water. I was touched to tears!! After i signal YES, HTB brought out a wooden box (like a treasure box!) and my ring was inside! He put on the ring for me and another dive instructor brought out a bouquet of roses (its 12 fake white roses). I was really touched and suprised as my HTB are not those romantic person...this is the most romantic and shocking thing he has ever done for me!!

After the whole thing then i found out that he has actually planned for this months before and has spent quite a bomb on waiting eargerly for the video (my dive instructor brought a video cam underwater and film the whole process!!). :D


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Christine, u really have a sweet husband! jiayou and all the best on ur day. BTW i think we were schoolmates before. haha.

Anyway just would like to share my proposal too.. hee. my fiance proposed to me this yr in June. It was totally unexpected, cos i didn't think he would have 'props' over there. :p despite friends telling me that it would be this trip.

It was our 1st overseas trip together after 3 yrs as a couple. We went to Hong Kong, flew on SQ and he paid for my ticket. On the 3rd day, 27th June 2008, we had gone sightseeing and shopping as per usual, but funnily, he urged us to go back to the hotel earlier to rest, as the evening came. Unaware of his plans, i had taken my own sweet time shopping for souvenirs!

Finally we returned back to the hotel, and he made me open the door with my keycard. When i opened the door, i was shocked to see that the lights were on and there was another card in the holder! i thought i had entered the wrong room! as i entered, i found a bouquet of 12 roses and a bucket with champagne on the side table. i asked my HTB if the housekeeping had made a mistake. Cos it wasn't a special occasion! HTB then shooed me to go shower. While i was showering i could hear him blowing balloons frantically outside. Heh. When i came out, he led me to the bed, where a pink box was on the bed. As i opened, he was snapping pictures. Inside the pink box was a red hello kitty box! So i opened again. Inside was a hello kitty jigsaw ball. I was thinking, he's playing a prank on me again. So i dropped the ball back in! Heh he made me open up the ball. And there was a ring inside, among a pile of shredded paper! He then kneeled down and proposed. He was eating up his words cos he was shy.

heh then... i asked him for 10 good reasons why i should agree to his proposal. Hee. Took him 20mins to finally come up with it.. And after that, i requested for him to ask 1 more time in clearer words. And he did. So... i agreed! i said, ok lor. oops.

My HTB thinks i'm not appreciative of his efforts, cos i said "ok lor" instead of a resounding "YES!!". But if he's reading this, i want to let him know that i know he has put in alot of effort in this proposal and also our relationship. I'm glad that we are currently planning for the next stage of our life together, and excited about it. We will be having our AD in Dec 09.


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My bf is a computer engineer and he is not the romantic type.But he gave me a surprise! Because he knows i LOVE clothes so He wrote me a website as a proposal gift! haha
It's a free website! This website gives us women to earn more $$. We can post our clothes out to rent, sell or exchange! Yeah! Checkit out!