La Belle Couture package selling at a discounted rate


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Hi All BTB,

Please check out La Belle Couture website at
It is all about your style, and if you can find THE dress that can wow you away.

If you can, then perhaps we can have a deal. I make an impulse purchase at the bridal shop ( the shop wasn't being pushy). I have paid SGD 1500 in early March 2016. The only thing that I was undecided was to go for either an ala carte gown, or their basic - Bliss package (SGD 2888).

However, I had a change of mind now, as I found a dress somewhere else. ( one should really stop shopping after signing up with a bridal shop :( ) I will like to let go of what I paid at La Belle for a discount.
Do PM me to discuss the details and do think carefully! Do not make the same mistake as me :)

I can be contacted at [email protected]. Let's have a chat if you are keen.

Cheers, E