Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.


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Can somebody enlighten me?

last sunday, i went to this medium at tampines, where people say some guan yin possess her and give guidance. i ask about my relationship and it is accurate on the reason why me and ex broke up. the medium also said that a new yin yuan will be here soon. and i should relax, look forward and be happy.

I recently went to the Waterloo St to qiu qian. I asked guan yin niang niang if my ex is the right one for me, who will be the one with me for the rest of my life. and that i mentioned about the guidance the medium gave me.

i got lot 47. an auspicious lot generally, but mentioned nothing about love other than marriage will be good and will give birth a baby boy. it mentioned a lot about career and fame though. (by the way i never mention DOB leh. only his and my name). oh. the lot also mentioned "Your expected guest will arrive late but the missing will appear in time"

but when i qiu qian, i never mentioned anything about the new yin yuan. just telling guan yin niang niang that i already look forward, not dwelling in me and ex's past and are pretty much relaxed, so is he the one who will accompany me for the rest of my life.

can someone please interpret it for me?


gladly. lot 47 would makes sense for folks wanting to know about their marriage and whether they will have kids. you should try a few more times until you get a lot that talks about relationship or yin yuan. come on, ms gynn rewards those who are persistent!


U got it wrong. U need to add both 18 n 14 n find out what 32 says. Otherwise continue casting lots until it makes sense. Persistence is key. So is a large dollop of unquestioning faith. Dnt give up all the best!


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huh... u mean on 1 occasion i get 18 and the other 14 i must add 2 up den its 32?


den wad 32 means?


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I have been going after this girl for quite some time and things has remain complicated. Hence, I hv requested for guidance & got lot 21. Can help me to interpret? Thanks a lot....


ok maybe not her grandma but definitely someone older and definitely many kids. unfortunately the kids will not be very smart but that's more to do with genetics than heaven's will.


lot 33 is a åŒä¸‰ç­¾. å¤äº‘åŒä¸‰ç¥­å¤©æ—¶ï¼Œåº­åŽå¦‚秋霜。 meaning when it is time for you to give an offering to the heavens, which typically happened during spring, i.e., 3rd day of 3rd month. your backyard will feel like a cold freezing autumn day. so depending on what you want to know, you are in a ä¸åˆ©å¤©æ—¶ situation now and strange things are gonna come into your life. not sure good strange or bad strange though. just very strange...

does that make sense to you? because if it does you know more than i do. i don't even think i've been to the waterloo street temple. it is friday and i am really bored.


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errr. after all these lot interpretation, can someone just tell me the winning toto number for the 5M prize? Let's be practical here.


Hweebs I have the so called third eye... It was a gift i was born with so don't start asking about training methods or such. And my power can be so invasive and expansive that i don't need spiritual conduit to find out things. Kinda like telekinesis so I don't throw lots or rear parrots or spill chicken blood that sort of silly things. For example just by focusing on you, i can tell you are the kind who are flighty and intellectually lazy. I can even tell you r not the sort who will be happy working for a boss. You always need to do your own things right?


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oooh, i see...interesting!

nope, not flighty as compared to many out there, and not intellectually lazy...i come out tops in studies and is writing a 2nd book right now. I've also developed my own theories and very into analyses, so...wrong there

the working for a boss part and do things own way...you can tell by reading threads of the forum, but it's correct la


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aiyoh hweebs,




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Posting on behalf of my good friend ****************************************
Some months ago, I got lot 95 asking abt being together with this guy.. Things were good and we just started the relationship. But now he wanna end this relationship due to some misunderstanding and grudges that he had. I went to the kuan yin temple and got lot 40 today.. I asked if i wil eventually be with him again. can someone help to interpret this as i am really confused..


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yah lah, hweebs ... no need to justify yourself to a bunch of internet strangers .... no need to be so defensive in front of a bunch of avatars whom you will never meet in real life... we don't even know what you look like and where you work .... unless you allow internet interactions to become a building block in your self-image lah ....

but pretty curious about your book, though. let us know when it is published ...


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From what I observed, you over-analyze... even when it is clear to me the analysis is not required..

Just me.. I thought it would be good to learn to look at the "overall" picture before analysing.


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hmmmm.. i never heard of tomasulu's kinda of interpretation before.

but just fyi, i did went to pray again, because i dunno if i pray the wrong thing the other time...

this time though is a different qian, i got the uncle outside to interpret for me.

it is a medium qian, but apparently there's a deeper meaning to the small piece of paper. and according to the uncle, my ex will come back to me.

so now is just wait wait and wait..


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Just take the qian or lot with a pinch of salt.

There are 100 lots.. So after getting 1, you can try to shake again to see if you get the same 1 or similar one?

Or if you got one that is not to your liking.. blame it on timing then try again... try until you get one that you are happy with?


sm it is more sophisticated than that of course. they keep the qian message fluffy enough so the old dude on the bamboo chair can interpret it to the person's situation. anyway, one of life's important lessons i've learned is if someone desperately wants to believe something, facts and logic can't get in the way.


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Can anyone help me with Lot 90?

I was asking for some guidance as to whether i should stay with my current job (sales) or to leave and pursue my dreams (air stewarding).

my current job not really doing well. but my colleagues are all very nice.

hope that someone can help becuz the interview to my dreams is this saturday!!


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hey Rebecca (bbekandy),
you also got lot 90..
i also eh..
i went last mon..

it says a good lot eh...gui ren helping ard....luck will be good.

but never see any coming eh ..
hope it will come true....

my current jobscope i like..but on contract w no benefits n dun noe got prospects r not..sian..dun want to finish liao then start everything all over again..sian

u want some advise in details..pay a small token to those fortune tellers outside the temple..to explain to you


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Hi All,

My friend was asking about her current maid and she's got lot 17 and 98. Could someone please advise what is the meaning of lot 17 and 98?
Thank you.


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Hey dimpxtt,

is it a good lot?? cuz seems like its a ok ok lot only.. i also not sure =/
i also need alot of luck in my current job, but im not really a lucky person.. thats why i tot of joining airline industry.

i did pay a lil for an uncle to explain to me. he says i work to hard for perfection but no one appreciate my hard work, so i am very tired (which is very true). i need to relax and take things slowly. if i cannot handle, den drop it.

but he didnt advise about my job!!


you are not a lucky person therefore you wanna join the airline industry. haha, you can't make this up.

ok ok, dont worry about anything except to give your interviewer a great mega-watt lookie-here-darlie-toothpaste-worthy easy-going hey-how-you-doing-my-old-friend big ole smile when you see him.


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no lah~!! i've always wanted to be a air stewardess. haha..

my current job seriously needs ALOT of luck. (im not in the gambling industry ok.)
and one thing i do not have is LUCK!

anyway, i went for an interview last saturday and did not get it. maybe its fate, but im so sick of my current job. =/


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Hi May,

Haha~ im not in the gambling industry (as mentioned). im in sales~ but sales also need alot of luck...

haha. im not a lucky person since birth. know of anyway to increase luck, pls do let me know~~ hehe..


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Can anyone help me with interpretation for lot 95?

I asked about rs matters. was in a rs happily with my guy but we broke off because he still misses his ex-gf and find it unfair for me if we continue. I was asking kuan yi niang niang if I should give up and move on or will there be a chance for reconcilation between us.

Kindly assist to help with the lot interpretation.

Thanks v much!


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Can anyone help with Lot 91? I am thinking of changing job.. I am asking should I stay or go..



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stay... what's the point of changing when you have no damn idea on what you want in your career. Wise up and start fighting for what you want in life AFTER YOU DISCOVERED what that is.

And if you already know, then why do you still need a lot to convince you any further? You don't want the change bad enough if you are going to let a lot waiver your decision.


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Hi...i'm been v.down & depressed. I've got LOT 97. I asked whether am I cheated. Should i give trust again?

Can kind soul help me to explain. Many thanks!!!


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was reading the thread and saw rebecca commenting that sales need a lot of luck..
it really depends how u define luck
luck is really when capability meets opportunity and the good thing abt luck is we can work on both capability and increasing opportunities.


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First post though i been lurking from time to time..

A funny/sad story about me praying at Kwan Yin temple...

A few years ago, I was getting a bit desperate (no relationship) till now.. so on and off, I will go pray with a lotus and get a lot, usually good but nothing happen..... So, prob once every 1-2 months and always about relationship and niam niam about wanting some tao hua.

Till one day, she gave me this lot and I "tio stunned"...
Lot 30 : Recommendation:
Shut up, grind your teeth, mind your own business. If you have evil desire, you are likely to hurt yourself...

Given that I have no evil desire... I conclude she had enough of my whining le

Since then..She never allow me to get any more divination lots relating to relationship...

Four years down the road, I only managed to persuade her to give me one more lot relating to my current job change...
My question was " to stay or to move on" ...

I have gotten this lot:
Just as a swallow tries to build a nest with clay against the rain, your effort will be made in vain. Trying every means and working day and night, who can tell that eventually all efforts turn out to be fruitless..

I took it as to stay on is like the Swallow siao siao trying to rebuilt her nest in the rain.. What use is there? May as well move on right??!*finger cross* I am right..and it doesn't mean that to move is wrong...

only after i change job, my friend told me can be intepreted two ways (>_<)

Any opinion if my intepretation is right? Ha... second thoughts, okay never mind, didn't want to know.. Regardless, still have to work hard on the job rite...


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Tomasulu- didnt know u can read lot

Can help me with lot 44

Lot 44
Two people having a fight, a draw ensures. But before any of them
Slips no progess for the other. One must be careful not to make mistake and concentrate. 
Interpretation: Medium
To perform any task involve risk. To overcome the next person, or to lose, one must possess some skill over him or him over u. 


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Tomasulu, you don't believe in superstitions I supposed when it comes to tarot reading in another thread. How come you have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to 'lots'?


gladly. lot 44 is a 淡定签. it is not meant for you to strive but to accept what comes your way. dan ding literally means a response or disposition that is bland and stable. not easily provoked to react with impulse or haste.

lot 45 is of course the perfect qian for marriage. when three sparrows fly over a tree, two will land and build a nest. 三雀展翅飞,åŒæ¯æ ‘筑巢。meaning, you will have to live through a triangle relationship before you will settle down with one of the participants of the triangle to become a couple.