Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.


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Wahhh.. i see u all so late liao still wanna trouble Kuan Yin Ma leh... give her a break lah...

understand where you are coming from, there is no wrong too but as for Miko, if u do a search on her.. I think even the Grand Buddha talk to her also got Fire ah..



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Hi Miko,

I think the lot as an advice. In the end, you will have to help yourself and move on.

The lot mainly is asking you to move on, however, if you choose to refuse the facts of life...then i doubt anyone can help as well. You will be the only solution to your problem.


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Hi powderful,

i can see the point u are driving at. End day, if people have made up their mind on certain things, there aldy no point to draw a lots.

I am fully agree on your points.
Blue_diamond > I will heel your advice … thanks and noted with care.

I really like your interpretation, especially some parts with your personal comments.

†PoWd3rFuL☆ > I understand your point as regards to your comments for “miko2006”, for some people, it is very very hard to let go.


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Hi Garfield,

Sorry to barge in like tis. Juz wanna make a point on ur statement abt letting go. The amt of time u spend trying to let go of a relationship doesn't reflect how much u love tat person. I've asked myself tis question too. In fact, miko is being incredibly selfish in tying someone (who obviously wants to leave) down wif a marriage cert. It's been 2 years! U know how much I've done in the past 2 years? & I still feel tat I cld hv done more. Even if u are a person who tends to succumb to ur emotions, shldn't u be putting in more efforts into curbing them then? Too much of anything is a bad thing. A balance is always good.


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I am not trying to defend myself BUT I just want to share my OWN view...

There are some people who didn't let go of their past relationship and choose to stay alone for the rest of their lives.

They CHOOSE TO divert their good attention into others...doing volunteer work, a better career, just care for their elderly, etcs.......

They did not move on to a new relationship BUT they did move on with their lives

2 years for me is not long...Although it has brought me though a lot of NEW awarness...I have been achieving other mission and goals in my life in these 2 years putting emotional or finding a new love aside.

" What is love " can it be so easily forgotten...Imagine how deeply both of you have ONCE love each other...Imagine all the things you both put together as a family...Imagine you both are doing everythings at your best to be with your love ones, Imagine she or he was ONCE the most important person in your live - EVEN more important than yourself and you can die for her or he!!!!!!!!

I am not surprise to the high divorce rate now after reading all of your comments - and is still increaing!

Look at your successful parents - WHO stay a live time Together...is because they took their VOW seriously to spend a life time Together

They have never think of divorcing each other BUT try their best to live with each other

For my case, my hubby has given up - i know i shld let it go ...but before doing so, isn't putting in my best to salvage till the time, my HEART tell me to stop doing is the BEST TIME

Yes by moving on is good...BUT if moving on with regrets...guess just need more time!


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This is a thread for sharing...

No one should come here to tell others

You are right or You are wrong!

AND please do not “ quote “ name also!

Just share your view and let others to decide what they want to do...

AND i would strongly want to highlight " no vulgar words " to be used here!!!

If you cannot talk properly and in a civilized manner, I would appreciate you not to post here.


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Your posts are getting repeatable in terms of predictability and filled with conflicting and ironic comments...

First...there is a DIFFERENCE between letting go of a failed relationship VERSUS staying alone for the rest of their lives. Please do not INSULT those people who have chose to let go of their past failed relationship BUT CHOSE to stay single by choice...

Their CHOICE TO STAY SINGLE for the rest of their life does not make them belong to the same category as you, in your narrow views...
So dont lump them into the same category as you...They MOVED ON from their past relationship. You DIDN'T...

2 years NOT LONG? Maybe...but you should at least have made some attempts to move on A LITTLE...and not been staying in the same spot for 2 freaking years...Ask youself, have you made ANY progress at all? Your "2 years for me is not long" is a bleddy insult to people who wanted to live lives to their fullest but are not able to do so cos fate dealt them an unfair hand in life...

I notice that you're still (as in all your recent posts)...moaning and complaining about your PAST relationship...People CHANGED! Deal with it! HE CHANGED! DEAL WITH IT!

Again...where is the progress?

Stop attributing high divorce rate to your current predicament...WTF is that suppose to mean? People divorce becos they do not want to be stuck in a love-less relationship...these are people who realised that it's better and happier for themselves and their other halves that they lead sepearate lives...They chose to be happy individually as opposed to be stuck in a unhappy relationship...What's WRONG WITH THAT?! Don't choose to see it as a BAD THING through your tinted glasses just becos you stubbornly refuse to let go!

And you go on with more stupid comments on our successful parents...HARLO, princess, stop living in your world...Maybe you do not have much friends in life...but I have friends whose parents are divorced...and I have friends whose parents are stuck for the remaining of their lives in misery and pain just becos they do not have the courage to divorce due to social stigma back in those years and not becos they still love each other! Given a choice, a lot of them would have chose the option of divorce instead of having to go through that life again...So don't freaking compare with our parents era when you know NUTS about the real situation and the social values and culture back then...

And you go on again with your nonsensical comments...
You said that your husband have GIVEN UP...then why are you still trying to salvage the relationship after 2 years when there are NO SIGNS whatsoever that he's willing to patch back...So what if the 2 of you get back together again for whatever reason...Will your husband be happy? Will he love you as per the same before the breakup? Are you willing to live the rest of your life IN A LIE??? A mirage of a marriage where there's NO LOVE and that the both of you (or your husband) have to suffer by being with the person that he no longer loves...How selfish is that of you? For a person to suffer for the rest of his life just so that you can live in peace with yourself...

Your current mentality now only allows you see things from certain twisted angles and also display tendencies to twist certain situations (current high divorce rate, parents era) to defend your situation in not MOVING ON...

Seriously...I'm through with dealing with you...
Go on, carry on with what you're doing right now...I just hope that you seek some solace by dwelling in misery for the rest of your life...

And PLEASE PLEASE do not ever post in this thread again asking and pleading for help when you're NOT WILLING to accept any advice (divine or otherwise) or helping hand....You're WASTING YOUR TIME AND THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP YOU...In fact, your posts are even toxic to people who seeks advice here trying to move on to a better life...So stay away from these threads where there's people who are serious about moving on to a better life...They don't need that negativity in life that you're facing...

This is the last time I'll waste my time on you...
laundry_woes > No worries, I can feel your strong emotional sadness. “amt of time u spend trying to let go of a relationship doesn't reflect how much u love tat person”, this vary from individuals and whether are u able to open up and spend more time with friends and family. Look on the bright side and hope everything works out for u well soon.

miko2006 > Somehow I know how u feels because I went through it too … even thought of committing suicide at that time, glad I didn’t. Especially when I think back about the memorable time we spend together, makes me felt sad and moody. Time is the medicine and I always believe that.

“For my case, my hubby has given up - i know i shld let it go ...but before doing so, isn't putting in my best to salvage till the time, my HEART tell me to stop doing is the BEST TIME”, I am totally being touched by your words. Can sense your perseverance love towards your hubby. I will pray for u, no matter how’s the outcome.

†PoWd3rFuL☆ > Pardon me for saying this, each individuals have different ways and pace to heal from their “wounds”. I must say that u are a very strong willed person who have a clear-cut mentality as to what is right and what is wrong. Though what u said really make sense but “zhong yan ni er”, uncomfortable words are hard to hear. I understand your message, “1 tight slap and hope she can wake up”, not effective in her case bah.


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No worries.
You're right...I'm a person who's quite clear cut in what I see...

Like what I have mentioned previously, I normally do a history check on the person I'm addressing to...2 points...First, it's to gain a better understanding on the person that I'm addressing to...Second, on whether if it's worthwhile to either put in a kind word of advice or put a stop to whatever nonsense that person might be sprouting...That's the basic courtesy and respect I extend to that person I'm addressing...To understand him/her first before I tailor my response to that person...

For that person's case...I chose the "hard knuckle rap on the head" approach...
If you had bothered to check on her recent posts over the past 8 months, you would have understand what I mean...
There's only so much sympathy you can extend to someone before you realise that you're not helping them by the *hugs-and-kisses* approach...in the initial stages, yes...kind words and actions might help them to overcome their grief and move on...but 1 year later, 2 years later...5 years later??? Are you still going to be there offering your sympathies and kind words when you see absolutely no progress at all?

Tell me...What would you do to that person from now on?

*hugs-and-kisses* approach? or "1 hard knuckle rap on the head" approach?


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Garfield, err.. no. I hv issues opening up to others actually. But it's a learning process & it has worked out very well indeed. In moving on (& I dun mean moving into another relationship), u learn to let go of the past. We were once in love. But when tat love becomes a burden to EITHER party, it's time to untie those bonds. U will still want him or her to be happy. U too will recover & rediscover happiness. Tis is so much more impt than S'pore's divorce rates which I dun give a damn abt. The heart is not going to tell u to stop thinking if ur brain constantly entertains & relives all the past good times. Miracles dun juz happen overnite. U hv to work for it.


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Powerful, in real person your action also speak like your post over here?
Alot of time i know whats wrong but yet to have the courage.


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Ask those people who knows me personally in this forum...

I don't need to tell you who I am...
I'm just a nick in this forum...
I can say I'm Brad Pitt but would you still believe me?

No rite?
So let the other people who knows me, speak for me...

I'm just like other people as well...it's good to know what's wrong; but many a times...(I'm guilty on a couple of occasions as well) people do lose their directions in life when they goes through a troubled patch...they lack the courage to tackle that problem becos they do not know where to go! Either due to emotional components or just simple refusal to acknowledge the problem (which is just human nature)
On my end, I help frens removed all the emotions components when they ran into troubles...they can get the emotional support from their other frens...The reason why they come to me is because I offer them actions NOT words of comfort...They knew that they have to move on at one stage...I offer them that option and the motivation to move on...Courage to take actions will only follows naturally once there's guidance and direction provided...

And then there are times where you simply have to knock some sense into frens who are just refusing to move on and continue dwelling in their misery...It's a complete waste of their lives and they didn't know it...

Looking at it from another angle...I could have opt to just stay quiet and snigger and laugh at all the problems that I have seen in this forum...and only popping in to say some nice little things and offer a hug...What purpose does that serve?

The *hugs and kisses* gang keeps emphasizing on "sharing"...It's not SHARING that's needed in some situation...
Being in that shitty position that some of them are in...DIRECTIONS ARE WHAT THEY NEED!

Share my ass! Do you think people stuck in such an unstable emotional state have the ability to understand, analyse and comprehend on what's best for them? Do you think the message will go through to them with all those nice and meaningless advice? Is hugging (and virtual hugging somemore!) any help?
People who keeps doing that are just hypocrites! And they didn't even know it...They thought they are being nice and friendly to these people; and they sleep better at night...
But have they ever considered that those people that they "hugged" and given nice words of sympathy are still in the same state that they're in???

Is that helping?


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"News is like the wind. Food and apparel are beautiful. Do not brood about the Past. Your thoughts are in agreement with me. Ease ur mind"

miko2006, you want ANOTHER interpretation to ur above Lot57? You got mine:

Basically, for what you've prayed for, you shld just stick to either Divorce or Pursue, but not half-muddledly and half-heartedly.

If you want to go along with ur hubby on a divorce (wait a min... it's ex-hubby, emotionally and spiritually) - then stop lamenting about the past love, past sex life, past memories, first kiss and the such. Embrace your new life whilst it lasts.

If you want to continue to pursue him - gotta prove to him that you are a worthy wife. Don't just lament to him about the past love, past sex life, past memories, first kiss and the such. Embrace your chance whilst it lasts.

All the best to you,
With a Big Disclaimer to the above!


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Before you pray, set your heart right. when you pray, be as specific as you can. Instead of focusing on the physical statute, concentrate on all the QUALITIES of kuan yin such as compassion, kindness, truth, divine power etc. Pray with a pure and sincere heart. The Goddess is not meant to be revered not manipulated.


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Hi Rick,

sorry for the late reply...here the interpretion on lot 45:

Like a man with thirst, you have find a pool of endless supply of spring water.Your thirst will be quench and even have more than enough to share. Be kind and generous and you will be repay handsomely. God and your benefactor will be around you to help u thru the journey.

This lot is good. If u asking if someone will return, it seem so from the lot.

Hope it helps


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Hi Mint,

here the interpretion of lot 79:

Making a wish from the god, one get his/her dream fulfill but person fail to appreciate the blessing of the help when it come true.The god will withdraw it help n one will be back to his orignal state.All is fake.

If asking for relationship, it mean beware and all appear arent concrete truth. The lot seem to be asking to pray and return yr promise to god if u have made any previously n if it came true


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Thanks Blue Diamond..appreciate yr help

But the prob is, I cant even remmember if I had ever pray to god for help b4. Maybe I did so but returning help really slipped my mind.I will go down asap to return the favor. Erm..May I ask if u happen to know, did the lot mention anything about successful in relationships or future marriage. Sorry for asking so much. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mint,

Perhaps you can go to return the favour as what i have stated a few thread ago.

The lot did not say much of that...perhaps u should return the favour then try to draw another lot again.


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I hv lot no. 44...i asked about job searching...

But the lot seems a bit too difficult for me to interpret...

Anyone can help? Thanks!


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Hihi Blue diamond,
I went to ask for a lot this evenng at the temple but after that i went to the guy outside to interpret .. it seems that he duno what he is saying and rushing thru the interpretation jus to make me pay him for the prayer ..

For the backgrd, me and bf of 5 yrs have already plan to have the wedding next yr end . banquet and package booked ..then suddenly he told me that he have no feelings and also that he wanted out .. i knew that there is anoher gal so i kept quiet and let him leave .. then i realise that it is alot of that gal makig all the move on him and creating misunderstand ... Jus when his fren told me that this time it is really hopeless i went to Kuan yin temple and ask for lot my question was if our yuan fen finish already and also how shld i continue to walk my relationship path ...i got lot 53 , the guy who interpret told me that he wud definitely come bk within that month . As it is nearing the end of month i dun believe .. he also said that my luck no good then my relationship will be spoil by someone .., then say my bf life "fan " tao hua .. then from the lot he also interpret that if i wan my bf , it wil be dragon and tiger which is gd .. so i left wif disbelieve and frens say cos i try to ask 2 question at the same time so duno which question kuan yin replying to me ... but after a few days .. he really called and beg ... then he really cut all contact wif the gal , apologise to my parents and frens.. he is saying we shld continue the wedding ... i deepy love him but i also duno if i shld continue ... so i went to ask kuan yin again.. she gave me lot 82 . this time a diff guy interpret .. he say that bf ming fan tao hua ..then also say i unlucky .. then tell me that if wan weddig also dif but all this is only for this yr ..then say give him money to burn offering and pray will be alright .. then i v confuse cos i was specific when asking kuan yin if i shld get married to him next yr ... i even tell her which month ..then how come this lot is for this yr ..the interpretor say ask me come again after cny ..so i v confuse .. can help ? i tink as it is closing time so the guy jus anyhow interpret then ask us to pay him 20 bucks and leave ..

Blue diamond can help ?


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to the 4 members who are asking for help in interpreting the lot..i dunno if blue pm you all or what ..

but seriously .. i think it really boils down to how you ask? what you ask for ?

i am not sure if you all got the infomation or not. but.. the members in the temple even bother to come up with english translation on the paper.

do you all also know that there are books avaliable at there counter to see all the related things ?

from work to marriage to repair tomb?

and especially to nahinbliss. please stop taking the lot openly out and let those elderly earn money . i shall not label them as con man . but .. given the lot .. they ask you what you are asking for .. naturally even i also can tell you that your bf ming fan tao hua . or else you will not even bother to go and ask ..their charges is so turbo ..and do you know in buddhism they actually have commited a sin ? the sin of spreadly or telling ppl the wrong meaning of words spoken by the god of mercy.

last but not least .. all is a form of advice. you can xin (believe) but u cannot (mi)


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hi qwerty..

well said!! *clap clap*

me been bz this few weeks...will find time to reply them...hehehe..

As u said...how u asked is really v impt...


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Helping my fren to check.. for her lot 40. She wanna know on her relationship status (i.e is the guy she is with the right one etc) Tried reading her lot but equally clueless as her :p


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Hi qwerty ,

i tried reading the book but dun quite get .. as previously my first qian say v good then now say nt good .. i dun quite get ..then my first qian got interpreted rather clearly by an old uncle .. but this time this uncle like nv say much ..Cos i clearly tell guan yin the date of the wedding and who i am marrying then ask guan yin if i should continue the wedding .. so the uncle say this lot is onli for this yr not for next yr .. so i super dun undertstand ..so i stumble upon this forum then tot of asking ...

SO far i nv tell the old uncle anything except the yr born in and also asking abt hun ying (marriage ) thats all then i keep quiet already ..nv tell them the whole whole story ..


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erm u dun get what im trying to say ..

i assume you are not very good in your chinese thats why you have trouble understanding the lot.

each lot normally has a generalise luck gauge. a story and some gauges on each difference section.

and it depends really how you ask. are you focused when you asking or are u just saying a question out like asking a friend. the way is also different ..

i seen a lot .. some dun even use the red cups.. some just pick one .. some when they ask for lot . they even tell guan yin where they stay . what address.

this is my reply to your last sentence .. you know idioms .. wu shi bu deng san bao dian .. ling shi bao fo jiao.. its all related that we humans only tend to think and pray to god when we are in trouble and those guys there with so many experiences .. some from i 0.9m till now 1.77m still standing there.. helping ppl to hua the thing..

seriously i am not in bugis .. and i dun have the book with me . or else i will try my best to tell you but the reason why i step into this thread . is .. i fear you will put too much trust into those guys outside which in my own opinion is not very apporiate


Hi blue diamond,

I got this lot from Goddess of Mercy Temple at Bugis but dun remember the number. But I got this 1.5 yrs ago....I didn't get it read due to some reasons....

I was asking if I shd remain at my previous job or go to the new job lor (which I am working now).

It says:

One foot lies between you and success. By progressive stages, does a good man reach prosperity. Harvest is dawning. Peace of mind will prevail after this _ (can't see the word) of worries.

Interpretation: Good

Sack cloth turns to silk to cling to your feet.In time will you understand. As one lives, one flourishes.

Did I get it right?


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I have a lot number "One", asking about marriage.

Was asking: Whether we are meant to be, will we have a blissful future together.

Was quite confused by the interpretation from the books, the pink couplet explained 'good', but the 'palace' (zi3 gong1) at the back of the book explained a bad outcome.

Can anybody help/ advise how to interpret the lot?


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Hi Blue,

Can you help me to intepret lot 67 asking for my marriage which is on the stage of anulment now due to him seeing someone else outside and he is asking for anulment.

Thanks. Happy New Year.

Hi blue diamond, i got Lot 14 = asking whether can i change job?

Lot 30 = asking whether can i get the job which i applied for? (the only govt job i apply for so far)