Kose Facial


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hahahaha, dats why i book my facial one month (sometimes 2 months) in advance with Chris!

I think now got promo, if u go with a package owner, both parties will enjoy 30% i think. (30% off ala carte)

Enjoy haohao!


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Hi, any further reviews from ladies who just tried out Kose's facials?


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i love it !!
my beautician is Doris
she is a nice lady
i like them, because they are not pushy and their products is good on my skin. i can feel the difference after facial, more supple and my fresh.


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does Kose do facials for guys??? my fiance scared of the extraction pain... and from what i hear, Kose is quite gentle, so wondering if they take male customers??


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Wow!! Din noe got kose thread here. Mi hv been gg to Kose since 2000. 8 yrs liao. My beautician is Yvonne. When I 1st started, my beautician was chris. Bt on 1 occasion in 2001, bcoz I 4got to make appt & had a wedding dinner the followg day, I was assigned to Yvonne. She is far better than Chris in my humble opinion. Till 2day I oli wan Yvonne to do my face. Personally I find her to be more gentle than chris. Nothing against chris bt juz wanna share another gd beautician u gals can go to.


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Dear All, I am going to try Kose facial next week, I choose the 90 dollars per session one, do u think they will push me to sign up the package? recently i got a lot of blackheads so decided to try Kose facial.


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Hi....No offense taken to those who have recommended KOSE facial.....

Just wanted to share a bit on my experience in going to Yvonne and Chris for facial.

After reading the rave reviews abt Yvonne and Chris, I decided to make an appt with them for my hubby and me. We chose the Detoxifying Facial Treatment ($90 for me and $100 for hubby).
We were sorely disappointed with their facial service, though I would give them marks for being polite and able to ask for feedback at the end of treatment...They also do not hard sell pakcages, but do talk abt their monthly promotions etc....

I told them honestly how i felt abt their facial (for those who want more details, you can PM me).

But seriously, the facial that I had in KOSE(as I compared to other facial treatments I had went b4), is SERIOUSLY NOT WORTH WHAT WE HAD PAID FOR. There are other places MUCH better than KOSE facial, unless u r a KOSE fan and like their products very much. The only thing i can justify for the price of the facials...is that they used KOSE products on our faces. ELSE, Yvonne and Chris's skills as beauticians does not impress us AT ALL. Let just say, we were not relaxed at the end of the facial and instead regretted spending money on the facial.


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I had my first & only basic Kose facial late last year, & I didn't like the feeling on my face afterwards coz there was this thick layer of oil which even got into my eyes, and lingered on for hours after. I also had my eyebrows shaped, which costs an additional $10, but I felt that it wasn't done well. I've gone back to my friendly neighbourhood facial lady who does the usual stuff (including plucking eyebrows, pressing out stuff and massaging the shoulders, neck & face etc) in 1 1/2hr all for $38 without being pushy about products.


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i've went to kose parkway parade for facials for 2 yrs before signing up for a package at my current salon (thus i stop going kose). the queue was not too bad, i always manage to get my desired slot when i book 1-2 weeks before.

generally the experience was good, maybe not super fantastic.
the price is reasonable.

the process is as follows:
steaming & extraction
lotion mask to soothe the redness (varies with skintype)
facial massage + a bit of neck massage
mask (depending on your package)

i forgot whether there is eyebrow trimming, but if there is, it's only minimal trimming of stray hairs and not much shaping.

the steps could vary slightly depending on different beauticians and skin conditions, but i have the same beautician through. she would give me some samples at times for their new products or stuff she think that suit me.

overall not a bad experience, but i just like to jump ship and look for better deals. i like that they do not sell kose products at the salons, thus they would not hard sell the stuff too much. packages are quite worth it i'll say, they only have the 'buy 4 get 1 free' type.

prices from $50 onwards for a basic facial.
hope this helps!