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Discussion in 'Bridal Boutiques and Services' started by NanaLin, May 14, 2018.

  1. NanaLin

    NanaLin New Member

    Hello! Anybody has tried Korean Artiz Studio before? They’re seems to be pretty new in sg? Or there’s any good Korean pws to recommend?
    Thanks much!

  2. Jessie.Y

    Jessie.Y Member

    you can try Kohit Wedding (Korea based) or OneThreeOneFour (SG Based) for your shoot. I've friends who engaged both agencies and service were equally good. Just avoid WeddingRitz which is a scam.
  3. NanaLin

    NanaLin New Member

    Ok!! Thank you !
  4. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Hi NanaLin,

    Did you check out Korean Artiz Studio? I saw their pictures and it looks quite good but can’t find much review of them online.
  5. NanaLin

    NanaLin New Member

    Hello! Yes! After doing some research and hearing some reviews, decided to give it a shot and met the team. Love the service and the vibes so decided to go with them!
  6. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Me too! Also signed with them. When did u sign?
  7. NanaLin

    NanaLin New Member

    Just last week! Are you considering renting their gown for AD?
  8. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Nope. Renting elsewhere...
  9. jocelyn wang

    jocelyn wang New Member

    how much was the package? :) thanks!
  10. NanaLin

    NanaLin New Member

    I PM you!
  11. starrie58

    starrie58 New Member

    Hi NanaLin, can PM me the price too? Am also considering them!
  12. misscammy

    misscammy New Member

    Hi NanaLin, can I know the price too? I like their concept and am considering them. Thanks!
  13. NanaLin

    NanaLin New Member

  14. Vangelyn

    Vangelyn New Member

    Hi Nana, could you please pm me the package too? Thank you
  15. TNEK

    TNEK New Member

    Hi NanaLin, can PM me the price too? Am also considering them!
  16. Gem1220

    Gem1220 New Member

    Nanalin will u be able to PM me the price too? Thanks! And I have a question, are we able to take those korean-like photoshoot in sg in their studio? Or we have to travel to korea for sure?
  17. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    The photoshoot is done entirely in their Singapore studio. They do not do outside shoot. I just went for mine a week ago. If you dun mind indoor and love the convenience then I think it’s a good choice. My HTB loves the aircon and we were able to complete the shoot in half a day.
  18. Tinkerbelle68

    Tinkerbelle68 New Member

    Hi @BadKitty I love korean style photoshoot and am interested in their package! Could you drop me an email at sweetzmemories93@gmail.com on the price and what’s included in their package? Thanks in advance!
  19. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Hi, PM you. They do mainly photoshoot. Not much options for AD so I signed up AD with another place.
  20. Piggy12345

    Piggy12345 New Member

    Hi @NanaLin & @BadKitty , able to PM me your package price and what's included? Thanks in advance!
  21. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    PM to you
  22. Faanny Siew

    Faanny Siew New Member

    @NanaLin @BadKitty , Hi dear, may I have the details of the package as well because I am considering them too.
    A million thanks in advance !
  23. Donutglobez

    Donutglobez New Member

    Hi could you please PM me the package too? Thanks!
  24. Adeline S

    Adeline S New Member

    Hi, anyone had their pws at E Photo Essay studio in korea?
  25. setkm

    setkm New Member

    Hi, can you send me the details too? I am quite interested cos my SO wants Korean studio.
  26. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Sent to you. :)
  27. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Sent to you.
  28. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Sent to you
  29. Mehmeh28

    Mehmeh28 New Member

    Hello! Can you pm me the details of your package too? (miraclelycious@hotmail.com) Thank you!
  30. Rachel.l

    Rachel.l New Member

    Hi! Would appreciate if you can send me the package details too! Can either PM or email to constance2539@gmail.com. Whichever is convenient. Thank you!
  31. Blueyy24

    Blueyy24 New Member

    Hi @BadKitty, korean artiz dont do outdoor? When i purchase the package, they told me they do and thats why i signed with them~ hmm
  32. setkm

    setkm New Member

    Hi @Blueyy24, I went to enquire. They do outdoor shoot but you will have to sign their most premium package which is a good figure beyond my expectation
  33. Blueyy24

    Blueyy24 New Member

    Hmm, in that case korean artiz is not being honest and open in their package. But i have proof they say can go outdoor, and i juz need to ensure my own transport.. so i hope they dont deny~
  34. Rachel.l

    Rachel.l New Member

    Hi! May I know the package price too? Thank you!
  35. Yuping

    Yuping New Member

    I’m interested too! Could you kindly share with me too, please! Thank you!
  36. Zanymaine

    Zanymaine New Member

    Hi can pm the package price and details too? :)
  37. Cherry.L

    Cherry.L New Member

    Hi! Can pm me the price too? Been looking for one!
  38. yj_chuah

    yj_chuah New Member

    Hi! I am very attracted by their studio pictures as well, beautiful pictures without having to sweat! Can pm the package price and details too?

    Thank you very much in advance:)
  39. summerxcloset

    summerxcloset New Member

    Hi, could you PM me the details too please? Thank you!
  40. summerxcloset

    summerxcloset New Member

    Hi, could you PM me the details too please? Thank you!
  41. pammmyy

    pammmyy New Member

    Hi, I’m also interested in Artiz. Could you PM the package and details too. Thank you!
  42. C.K

    C.K New Member

    Hi @NanaLin and @BadKitty ,

    Kindly PM me the package and price. I am interested in the Korean bridal studio.

    Thank you very much!
  43. Jojolene

    Jojolene New Member

    Hi, can you pm me details of your package! My email is Jolene0022@hotmail.com
  44. Jenniarty

    Jenniarty New Member

    Just my 2 cents - initially i wanted to sign with Korean Artiz as well. However, after discussion on the backdrops they offer, it is almost similar to what my friend did. So i thought all photos will almost be the same backdrops and poses as my friend if i were to sign with them. They did offer new backdrop but only 1 new one. And the price is slightly pricier than what i get from other BS.
  45. Zanymaine

    Zanymaine New Member

    Hi able to share the package?
  46. Jenniarty

    Jenniarty New Member

    Hi, i did not sign with Korean Artiz. I signed with cang ai for my spore pws (indoor & outdoor). The service is very good. If you are interested for the package, can email me. Jenniarty@gmail.com
  47. RumblyandTumbly

    RumblyandTumbly New Member

    Hi! I am interested in Korean Artiz Studio also! Can someone please share with me their recent package details? Thanks! (Joannaphoon_25@hotmail.com)
  48. Cailley

    Cailley New Member

    I’m planning my pre wedding album too for my wedding next year. Can email me the package with Atriz Studio? Pleaseee~~ coco_kck6312@hotmail.com


    Hi, @BadKitty I am looking for pre-wedding shoot too. I am interested to know the price and the package. As I love korea style thinking to make an appointment to visit them soon but I am still listing which one I should go to. Can drop me an email too at chelzia89@hotmail.com Thank you in adavance.
  50. Cherylwn

    Cherylwn New Member

    Hi all Graduated brides!! Could you please share with me your package with Korea artiz studio? Weina_joyce@hotmail.com thank you so much for your help :)

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