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Hi all,

Anyone goes to korea on a F&E trip before? If yes, can share with me your experience here? Need to know which hotel is recommended for booking, what are the foods that is nice there, where to go etc....
Thank you!


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Hi there. Do you know how to speak korean? If not, better go with tour. The ppl over there majority dun really understand english.


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Hi diamond....we went free and easy Korea 11 days for our honeymoon...check out my blog for the updates!

Free and easy is really fun cos' you are at your free will to plan where you want to visit and how long you wish to stay at a place...


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hmm... free & easy is of course more fun but will need much more money as compare to tour package.... everytime when i go back to korea in "free & easy"..... really siong...haha


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iwasbride - hello, I am eagerly awaiting day 9-11 of your korea honeymoon..your last entry was day2.


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I'm planning Korea F&E next month.

Does anyone have any itinerary, hotel recommendations in Seoul?

Please PM. Thank you.


in Seoul mainly shopping, unless u like museums-visiting coz got alot of palaces, museums to visit.

Dongdaemun & Myeong-Dong are a must-go shopping district. Namdaemun more on wholesales...

That time we went stayed at Hotel Victoria Seoul, Hana Hotel in Jeju & also Vabien II Suites, all left us a good impression.

I can share my itinary if u want.


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Wingo Travel -6D Korea 21 Jul $748 + $265 Taxes = $1013 only per pax..come and join....

cos need another 5 pax to be a confirm tour

Pls PM me if you need more details

i not earning anything...just an custiomer of Wingo


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I planning for a week-long trip to somewhere, Seoul one of the considerations..

Are the Koreans really brusque in general? I am also concern about the communication especially when enquiring about food, I dont eat red meats so got to check about the ingredient..

Thought of going to Jeju also but dont know if mid July will be too warm..?


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hi, i have leftover korean won from my trip, 84,000 won selling at S$95.50. exchange rate: S$1 = 880 won.

pls contact me at 90910558 if keen