Kitchen cabinets


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I am not too sure. I did ask my contractor why was i charged even for the area behind the hood, he mentioned that for my case there is a piece of wood covering the tiles and also to box up the piping.


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Well yours is kinda different leh.. Cos mine doesnt have any wood and only a wooden "plank" to cover the gas & water pipes only...


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i'll like to know if there is anyone here who have chosen "country style" for the kitchen cabinet?



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hi gon, although i did not choose "country style" kitchen cabinets, but i do have my contact for kitchen specialist, if u need it, u can know me know


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hi gals

like to check w u it more ex to engage a kitchen specialist or shld we let our contractor do the kitchen stuff?



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Hi moo,
you can do some market survey on the my pt of view, engage a kitchen specialist directly is less expensive. reason being that by gg thru the third party(in this case- the contractor), they will charge you extra $$ as they might source out the task by 'helping' you to engage a cabinets specialist.
but the case is different if the contractor themself got its own industry and own ppls to make kitchen cabinets then they won't charge you more expensive.(that's what my wet work contractor and carpentary ID mentioned as my carpentary ID has it own industry to manufacture those wood and glass so they will charge you cheaper.)


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Am thinking to have an open concept kitchen, considering whether to use glass panel or just leave the kitchen open. Can anyone advice??

Thanks all!!


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Hi Girls

What do u think is really necessary for me to get for the kitchen if I dont cook much ( eg. twice a month)?? And what brand would be good for me to get?


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i think the contractor charge the hood area, regardless of how big or small the boxup/cover up of wall tiles/etc, cos they say they also install the hood for you. unless u don't have box-up, don't have a pcs of wood backing, install the hood yourself, then they cannot charge you lor.


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kitchen specialist sell kitchen in modular unit, something like ikea. mix and match kind of thing. they also supposingly used better materials and better finishings, better hinges. and have different series in their catalog to select from. so they are relatively more expensive.


i don't believe a contractor with his own team of carpenter is any cheaper or workmanship is any better than one who don't have. cos who don't want to earn more?? in fact i believe contractor who sub out can assure the quality & workmanship more because, re-doing will not be under his/her cost. and his price can still remains low because he/she has to keep himself competitive. but he definitely will earn less too,no doubts.

and from what i know, carpenter only do joinery works, they don't mixed with glass and metal.
you don't see machine use for cutting wood, side by side with machine use for cutting glass or metal, anywhere in the industry. they have to be specialist to excel, esp, in quality.

imagine while cutting metal or glass, which need water to keep the temperature down, then the water mixed with the wood, and wood get rot????

or while weilding the metal together, the sparks from the weilding get caught up by the wood saw dust???

i think your ID had taken you for a ride, by telling you he do everything is done in his own industry. have you actually gone to his factory???


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not quite sure. but be warn that kitchen specialist (of good quality & standard) are mostly imported sets.

some example of kitchen (& wardrobe) specialist are;

- kitchen culture (near redhill mrt)mainly imported set, cheapest goes for 30-50k

- design studio ( near shenton house) have local and imported set. 20k & above for local, 50k above for imported set. but the quality is very good. the cabinet door got vacumn seal one. manchiam like opening the fridge.

-classic kitchen, (don't know move until where now) local brand, being around for many years. score points from older generation. design also for older generation. cheapest among all. less than 10k can get a decent kitchen.


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Hi Adeline Kueh,
I did a comparision of quotation with my wet work contractor and carpentary contractor. the carpentary contractor offered me the same type of design of items l wanted and quote the pricing slightly lower.reason being they have their own industrial. while my wet work contractor did told me why they quote higher bec they needed to order fr third party as they do not have their own industrial.

my carpentary did have machine to cut glass, almunimium and wood. I did go to their industrial before.if you join the Hbay tour, they will take you to the industrial park.

my kitchen material are imported from germany.


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pardon me, that must be a very big industrial you contractor have. is he from Design Studio? l really doubt local carpentry's material are imported from germany, unless they are designed in germany. hinges, i believe can be imported from germany, but not material unless they are the modular unit themselve that we are talking about.
Can u tell us which contractor company is that? maybe we can check it out for ourselves?
and its interesting that your wet work contractor actually do carpentry.


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Hi Adeline,
yes, the co is a interior design co under Hbay member. their product are design in germany and being imported so when one order them, it will take abt min 1 - 2 week. they will order the standard size all in bulk to ship into their industry park. As for the glass and alumin, they instant made in bulk too. they can custom-made to the size one requested too.

yes, the items are all modular unit. I did the modular kitchen cabinet with them but requested them to alter a bit as my kitchen is not so big to cater so such a size that they have.

my wet work contractor did carpentary work but I did not ask him to do that. instead, I asked the other co to do that. for info, I engage 2 contractors- one doing wet work and another doing carpentary work. you can PM me for the co contact.


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Hi JM9,
not sure how true is it, ppls said can place charcoal and charcoal will absorb the smell.

haa...what's abt placing refresher there....


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Hi afcai

Tks for your advice. I may try the charcoal method. I think it will be more effective if the charcoal is broken into pieces.


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Hi astro girl,
it depends on the material of the cabinet and the workmanship.
normally, the quote is between $70 to $100 per foot run.
Beware of those advertising in the papers for $55 per foot run, you will realised that there are some catches.

Example of these catches:

You can only select the laminates from this range(and believe me, the laminates are too ugly and i guarantee will look like your Ah ma kitchen if you do that)

Designers handles are not included, you would get those cheap knobs which had been around for years. (want designer handles must top up)

hinges are of cheaper quality and the number of planks in the cabinets are very minimum.( max 1 plank per cabinet...looks very awkward if you have a tall cabinet and inside only 1 plank)

Disk rack and other might not be included.

One thing is you must look at the workmanship of the cabinet before you engage them...very important...

One of my friends had a cabinet fallen off after a year of usage.

Oh, there is a company charging $120 per foot run and the workmanship is very good. the thing special about this company is that it even covers the interior of the cabinet with laminates,
Which means you would not see white planks but all laminates inside and outside...


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Quality of kitchen cabinets.
1) check for the way they do the laminates. are the strips on the laminate done properly. if you have 2 doors both with the same laminate. quite obvious if they have not been aligned properly.
2) Check to see if the doors all cabinets are properly fixed and aligned properly.
3) check to see if the laminate have covered the plywood properly. sometimes, you can still see some little parts of the brown plywood if not covered properly.
4) Whether the hinges they supply you are of good quality.

Personally i have seem some very lousy workmanship and some good ones so it is easy to tell the difference


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Think is rest and relax...
they charge $120 per foot run, but they cover the interior of the cabinets with laminate as well.


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Does anyone have kitchen drawers with metal shelves attached, such that when u open the drawer, u pull out the shelves as well?
I saw it in a relative's house, but doesnt seem to see it elsewhere...


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Hm...the metal shelves seemed same, but is it possible to pull out the drawer & the shelves at the same time?
The one i saw was a full-length drawer with a roller. Just pull out like a filing cabinet (instead of open the door 90 degrees)


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i took up classic design when i bought my mansionette couple of years ago,(now sold). I din use them at first but my first contractor screw up my kitchen. I end up tearing them down and engage classic design. I was very very surprised that they get whole kitchen installed within a day (two weeks after my confirmation). hassle free, clean and nice. it was still in prefect condition when i sold my flat. too bad, my new place is a condo, and the kitchen looked ok, if not i think i will enaged them again


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Thanks Ding Ding, I should have thought so.

The quotations I got were so blur ..
20ft cabinet one price, then solid surface another price, when I asked if it's top and bottom. The ID said it's for the bottom only, how can it be 20ft (almost 6m) for a kitchen cabinet..


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u're welcome.. i'm also very new to reno as its my first one.. usually they provide 20ft cabinet as a package, but most kitchens will need more than that.. then they will charge the additional length per foot run..

if i'm not wrong, the standard bottom cabinet comes with postform tops (unless stated otherwise).. we'll need to add in approx $60-$130 for other alternatives like 100% acrylic solid surface top or granite type..


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Hi there,

Any idea what is the average cost per metre/ft for kitchen solid surface and kitchen cabinet (av quality)?


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Hi, anyone has suspended kitchen cabinets? I am considering but have some queries. How high is it usually suspended from the floor? Is 6 inches sufficient? Also, can it take heavy weight?? I am not concern so much on storage space here.. but just the above 2 issues.

Also, my parents recommend me to cement up the 2 sides supporting the sink. Is it still a norm?


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Hi kitchen cabinets are suspended and I have them for 5 years is pretty strong if ur carpenter's workmanship is good...we had our sink, hob, microwave and oven all sitting on the laminate table of all the suspended look makes the kitchen look bigger!


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You're welcome Lemony! Glad you like the final feel! I will be doing suspended cabinets again for my new place...goes to show how much I like it...hohoho...=)


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i happen to stumble upon this thread...

do remember to ask contractor to give separate quote for box-up. if they r in carpentry work, they should be able to provide a separate cost from the kitchen cabinets.

secondly, if they quoted 13ft and do only 10ft, provided in the contract both you and contractor agree before hand, better with black and white coz scare that contractor may go back on his word (you never know how desperate they can be when they are not earning enough...), that they will only charge you how much they do, den you can ask them to give you back the extras. similarly, if they do more, you must pay them back.

but if in your contract, both agree and sign that the contractor is to bao ka liao, den you cannot claim back from them and neither can they claim from you the extras been done.

and its normal for contractor to hv a small fty nowdays. they will segregate their place for doing different things. eg. cutting of wood at one side, welding at another side, cutting of glass at one side. btw, glass cutting is easy job with the right tools. i don't think they want to risk burning up their fty with messy setups. and nowadays fty hv alot of safety requirements to meet from local authorities, if not its hefty fines and jail sentence for owners/tenants even!!!

and also dun forget to ask your contractor, how thick the cabinet will be, and not juz see if workmanship is good coz i learn from my carpentry contractor that some black sheeps tend to cut corners by giving thinner wood coz quoted at cheap rates for renovation and in days to come, you will find that the cabinet will start to warp, ie. having problems to close the cabinet doors etc.

hope the above helps.