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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by treegirl, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. treegirl

    treegirl New Member

    Did anyone hang a "jus married" sign before on yr bridal car?

  2. brillantstar

    brillantstar New Member

    Hi treegirl

    I hung a personalized fun plate at the back of our bridal car.
  3. maha

    maha New Member

    brilliantstar ware did u do the sign from and how much is it?
  4. brillantstar

    brillantstar New Member

    Hello Maha

    I cant remember the exact price but you may like to check it out at their website www.mbossed.com
  5. whites

    whites New Member


    I have choosen one place for my reception next month(www.loswillos.com) but i m tensed that my family member will be agree to this..

    friends, please reply me what should i do.

    i do not have spoken this to my family member about the place.

  6. fluffyfanfan

    fluffyfanfan New Member

    hi maha

    i got mine done at fareast plaza. i think it's on the 3rd level right at the back - they sell wedding decor n other items.

    get to choose your own design n colors for bout S$50 per plate - think it's a little xpensive though.

    remember to check n confirm $ before paying cos they charge for additional colors.

  7. mixue79

    mixue79 New Member

    Hi brillantstar,

    Wow, ur "Just Married" fun plate must have created a special effect on ur wedding car.

    What is the material of the fun plate? Plastic? Metal? Waterproof?

    Any tips on how to hang it on the wedding car?

    Hope u can email us a photo of your fun plate on the wedding car cos we are very interested to make one too.....

    Thanks =)
  8. kaeko

    kaeko New Member

    Hi Jeannie,

    Can share where is the location of the funny plates at far east plaza as I and my hubby went to far east plaza and we can't find the shop.

  9. netfinity25

    netfinity25 New Member

    hi christina,

    u may try www.ebossed.com
    her price is reasonable and she is very helpful
  10. kaeko

    kaeko New Member

    ok thankz netfinity but any other places can do funny plates?

  11. sweetheavens

    sweetheavens New Member

  12. netfinity25

    netfinity25 New Member

    christina> not too sure of others.. i saw one shop at golden shoe. its pricey leh and cant add icons.

    For ebossed is different, Jeana is very helpful. like her service. u may call her for more advise
  13. kaeko

    kaeko New Member

    Thankzz netfinity.
  14. netfinity25

    netfinity25 New Member

    christina> no worries...happy searching
  15. lateforeverything

    lateforeverything New Member

    haha... thanks for the info.. my AD next year but ordered the car plate liao... all my friends thinks i'm crazy to get it done so soon...
  16. sweetheavens

    sweetheavens New Member

    my AD's next year too... but rushed the plates for our photoshoot... keke~
  17. treegirl

    treegirl New Member

    hehe...so nice...i didnt manage to get 1 for photoshoot..bt tink will get for wedding day...eh, actually, anyone knws if there's any rental of such signs available? or maybe we can share amg ourself? like use once then keep there, not much pt..
  18. xinlili

    xinlili New Member

    Hi treegirl,

    I interest too hang the funny plate too but I did not manage to find.You have any reference? me to not mind second hand[​IMG]....
  19. mich55

    mich55 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just curious, the plate is for photos only or can be hang when on the road on AD? [​IMG]
  20. kazooie

    kazooie New Member

    I bought this from The Wedding Gift Shop, at Delfi Orchard. Priced around $50. They have many different "Just Married" car plates in different colours as well as sparkling reflective ones. I believe they also do custom made plates which you will need to allow enough time before your wedding to order.

  21. kai9

    kai9 New Member

    Very Nice. I went to that shop B4. Lotsa varieties
  22. weijit

    weijit New Member

    Wow!! very Goooood! idea!
    Anyone know where can I make it? Thanks!
  23. mixue79

    mixue79 New Member

    Hi does anybody has a JUST MARRIED Car Plate sign to sell? Need it for photoshoot next week.

  24. karho80

    karho80 New Member

    i bought from dealer from mbossed, less than 1 week it is ready for collection. Price less than $40 with 2 both names. You may refer to the website www.mbossed.com
  25. mixue79

    mixue79 New Member

    Hi, thks for the info -p

    I just bought one from mbossed too.....without the names (Just a simple JUST MARRIED in hot pink letterings and white background carplate).
  26. bbstrawberry

    bbstrawberry New Member

    Hi mixue

    Can i have a look of your 'just married' sign?
    My email is lingz@live.com

    thank you!
  27. mixue79

    mixue79 New Member

    Hi Crystal Lee,
    Can I MMS to u.......what's ur hp no?
  28. waipeng

    waipeng New Member

    Just customised this for a friend's wedding:


    It is meant to hang on the wedding car. Measures 40cm by 31cm, made of quality PVC and vinyl. If interested, can contact waipeng@foto-u.com, or call 96935299.
  29. kawaii13

    kawaii13 New Member

    Highly recommended mbossed too.. I bought a sky blue with white letterings & with names on it.. Less than $50 with delivery. It's truly reasonable & delivery was fast. Pleasant seller too..
  30. waipeng

    waipeng New Member

  31. smokeyeyes

    smokeyeyes New Member

    MRSignages at goldenshoe carpark have custom-made carplates which u can have your name and your partner's name or just put in the Just Married words.
  32. mystiobes

    mystiobes New Member


    Same as Kawaii, strongly recommend mbossed. Jeana is so friendly and accomodates to my busy schedule. Just received my fun plate in nice shape. =)
  33. smokeyeyes

    smokeyeyes New Member

    the wedding gift shop no longer at delfi.. i went there last thurs but was disappointed the shop wasn't there.. so I called up mbossed instead. [​IMG]
  34. joanne__huanghui

    joanne__huanghui New Member


    I'm intending to purchase one for my big day too! ahhh! so excited!
  35. smokeyeyes

    smokeyeyes New Member

  36. fidaeve

    fidaeve New Member

    Hi There, anyone keen to share their "Just Married" Carplates? Pls email me at fidaeve@gmail.com. Thanks.
  37. blissfultunes

    blissfultunes New Member

    i saw this when looking for a gift for a friend for their photoshoot... pix was taken at the bazaar at youth park last last weekend... think they are newly set up... if i'm not mistaken, their pricing is only about $15 per piece.. i've ordered one for my friend.. keeping my fingers crossed!! [​IMG]

  38. kancheongbridetobe

    kancheongbridetobe New Member

    hi hi blissfultunes,

    Can you forward me the link to the site? can it be customised?? looks nice!

  39. blissfultunes

    blissfultunes New Member

  40. strikingreality

    strikingreality New Member

    How long does Mbossed need to do the car plates?

    How about oneplusonesg??
  41. vennice

    vennice Member

    I hung the "Just Married" fun plate on my wedding car on my wedding day too.. it was fun! I got mine from www.weddingcars.sg u can try.. And its exactly the size of a normal car plate. Cheers!
  42. vennice

    vennice Member

    You may also try http://www.mbossed.com/. For this you have to self collect at Jurong East, if I recall correctly.. Cheers!
  43. lslyn

    lslyn New Member

    I'm thinking of DIY myself. Any BTB also Diy? Appreciate if you can share yours. TIA
  44. paulox

    paulox New Member

    We sell personalized wedding license plates for wedding car or limousine. On our website Personalized Wedding Car Plates you can design and simulate the plate to make sure it will look like as you desire. Actually the price is only EUR 5 for one plate. We ship worldwide.
    Remember this address: www.TopStickerShop.com - you will find there only personalized stickers and decorations that are designed by customer online before buying.
    If any questions please use a contact form on our website.
  45. waipeng

    waipeng New Member

    Just delivered this plate to a lovely couple. Email waipeng@foto-u.com or call 96935299 for more details.[​IMG]
  46. waipeng

    waipeng New Member

  47. jayce1818

    jayce1818 New Member

    I'm going to order from oneplusone for my photoshoot and for my jie meis for AD photoshoot.. Am in the midst of negotiation with them... recommendation from my friend who is one of their previous customer.. very good service so far. could look for Jo... [​IMG]

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