Jurong West St.61 Blk 656


Still have alot of things not prepare yet. Coming sunday is my guo da li. we are thinking to go hokkeido..

Thanks CK. ya, my wedding is on xmas day. maybe u can see me on that day cos i am having my tea session at my lovenest.


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Hi oshgosh,

Xmas day wedding!!! Wow!!
I got yan fu liao
can see pretty bride on Xmas day =)

Hokkeido... so envious. I have been plannig to go since last year but got to postpone the plan cos all the money went to renovation... Enjoy yourselves k.



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Hi hi, i m also staying in blk 656B. That mini temple always burn tons of joss paper(stack them in a huge cage) which pollutes the resident homes. I complain many times. Esp the time the field almost got on fire.


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every morning around 5.50am, i can hear muslim prayers from my toilet..quite soft lar..but a bit irritating to me.
Hi neighbours,

So how's your life at 656X? Ever since we moved in, my hubby so homely.. always come home after work and relax.. feel so good to be at home


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hi oshgosh..
so far so good.. my hubby loves this home too..he spend lots of efford on it.

now i am trying to beautify the place by making my things arrange in a more orderly way.


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hey all
anyone of u guys got alot of cracks on your walls? mine is so bad that the plaster is coming off!! Very fed up cos it's a recurrent prob...wan to ignore also can't cos the cracks just become worse!! AND the cracks are all over!! u can see in living rooom to bedrooms!!


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hi lavender, i stay in 656D and yes, MANY CRACKS all over ! esp near to kitchen, sob

by the way, i saw from HDB website that in June'11 , sellers in 656 sold ard SGD 580-590k.(value+COV)

any idea whats the valuation like now?