Jurong West: Condemned Housing Estate?

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by sillyporean, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Any comments, please feel free to contribute.

  2. otak

    otak New Member

    Mmm...how abt sharing wif me y is Jurong West a condemned estate in e 1st place??
  3. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Bad air quality.
  4. monkie

    monkie New Member

    i stay in jurong west...do you condemmed the residents as well?
  5. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Nope. Not the residents.
  6. mayng

    mayng New Member

    nt tt bad laz
  7. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    The majority of the unsold flats is concentrated in Jurong West.
  8. applescream

    applescream New Member

    actually most of the units are taken up. left the lower floors now.
    my friend had trouble looking for a new high floor unit. Most of the "unsold" flats have been taken.
    oh..and property prices have gone up in J.W. At least around my area..
  9. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    And which area is that?
  10. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Not to mentioned the acid rain coming from the sulphur dioxide produced by the nearby chemical complex.
  11. apple79

    apple79 New Member

    Been staying in JW for the past 20 years and i think I am in pink of health the "acid rain"
  12. mayng

    mayng New Member

    i have been staying in jurong since 15, and now already 31.. still strong n healthy. [​IMG]

    door: why u so unhappy? if JW so bad, why u buy at first plc? or isit becos u staying with parent's or Parents in law??
  13. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member


    From you posted, I gathered you pretty happy staying in JW.
  14. key_word07

    key_word07 New Member

    hi i wonder why you feel tat way. I dun think jw was condemned by the govt or investors or even the resident there lor....maybe alot of ppl just dun have good impression of JW tats all cos its near the industrial area.Just wanna add..if JW was condemned..then no more investors wanna develope there lei..so far i know is they are expanding the jurong pt...constructing the new bus interchange to something like TPY Hub,new condo also..and not to mention the new extention of mrt station and the just ready sport complex. If you are saying abt the air quality...i feel tat it is not as bad as you think lor like acid rain etc but i admit it seems to be a little dustier than other place i think...all we have to do is to be more "hardworking" to clean up the house only lor.Btw..my flat value have rise 100% profit cos i bought my flat at a super low price 2 yrs ago. Its somewhere near the new mrt station which will be up in yr 2009.
  15. queenie_30

    queenie_30 New Member

    In the 1st place,we live on a very tiny island.If JW rains,chances r Pasir Ris will rain too!The wind blows everywhere.If the smoke fr indonesia fires can come here.The whole of sg has acid rain then,isnt it?
  16. key_word07

    key_word07 New Member

    queenie..well said!
  17. giantemu

    giantemu New Member

    I think JW is so called condemmed in the sense that its far from city & central (CBD / Orchard) - as a result, ppl tend to shun from staying there. The time it takes to commute to work / play makes it a turn-off for ppl.

    it used to be worse where there is not much "attraction" at JW. After Jurong Point went up, it improve slightly, but certain districts of JW, like NTU side is still abit far from Boon Lay MRT - ie have to take shuttle service type.

    The "popularity" translates to housing prices & housing popularity - I mean, govt resort to verious measures to "jack up" the occupancy rates of those flats - eg: renting out to foreigners, converting to two/three room flats, etc. I mean, you don't see that happening in Redhill / Sengkang or Punngol.

    I think in a way, the government should have developed JW in the same format as Punggol / Sengkang...I still hear ppl moving out Sengkang after a few years because they cannot stand the long travelling distance.

    And of course, its not easy to rid people of the mentality that Jurong is an industrial area and Jurong West is like near Jurong Island and Tuas and what not. In fact, i still joke with my friend staying there - so how are you enjoying airplanes flying above you at regular hours 7 days a week ? (Tengah airbase)....
  18. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    "In the 1st place,we live on a very tiny island.If JW rains,chances r Pasir Ris will rain too!The wind blows everywhere.If the smoke fr indonesia fires can come here.The whole of sg has acid rain then,isnt it?"

    Of course the entire Singapore has acid rain. It's the concentration that varies.

    Obviously the sulphur dioxide fumes within the 1km radius of a chemical complex in Jurong West , is many times more concentrated then a diffused plume over a 50km radius in Pasir Ris.
  19. monkie

    monkie New Member

    when i heard that my friends got their love nest is jurong, I was very suprised. All the while I feel that jurong is inaccessible to town area. places like st 42, ave 1 etc, we need to take federal bus which is 20 minutes. so I thought they will buy a house that is in central area.
    But their response was, jurong is convenient too. "we are self sufficient".
    i ponder over her words...which is true.
    most of the shopping centres that is found in town can be found in Jurong Point, IMM, etc. we have most banks in Jurong East central, there are 2 polys in west, ITEs, university etc.
    no doubt, staying in town area like redhill, tiong barhu, is very accessible to all parts of singapore. Jurong people travel a longer time than ppl who stay in town..maximum 30 minutes difference.
    untimately, a house is a place we stay, a home is where we live our lives. if everyone rush for those flats in town, then who is going to occupied jurong? that depends on your attitude. is it so important to save that 30 minutes than to pay double for the flat in "town"?
    those flats in town are quite old, do you wan to risk for en-block or upgrading?
    talking about acid rain? yes, people in the west are closer to those well known polluted areas, but, and ppl in west get to breadth in more "toxin" gases..so we die faster?
    pls don't use the word condemmed..its too strong word to use. jurong has the most population in singapore because it covers the widest area. in the different zones of singpoare, SW district covers the widest zone of singpaore? so what does it mean? majority of residendents are "westeners", they are located in west or south west area.
    please note that in the east, there are chances of noise pollution by air planes, in north, also have industrial estate.
    we, singpaore not like other countires...we stay in a densely populated area, so don't expect perfect cleen and green air...
  20. victoria_ching088

    victoria_ching088 New Member

    Sorry..pardon me to say what i feel.Even if the pollution is really so bad...concentration of acid rain is really so bad.....will it really affected us so badly????We are working in door....staying in door...and when raining we are carrying umbrella...is it really that bad?? OR maybe now we shld do a survey that is it will all JW resident die faster than other resident in other town?And why have to joke and make fun of ppl staying in the west which i find no sense and i dun find it funny!Go and compare to ppl who stay in a 3rd world country with not even a roof to cover their head and we shall see how fortunate to own a flat!Of cos everybody have their own choice and preference and we should not laugh or condemn at ppl's choice.Then those staying at punggol and sengkang have equal travelling distant from their place to town! Why ppl jus criticise and condemn JW? Mature estate have it own set of problems too. I dun find it fair for ppl to make such comments to the residents in JW.
  21. smurfying

    smurfying New Member

    The only thing tat i hate abt JW is the travelling time. I stayed somewhere near to City Harvest, taking the feeder bus is a chore and waiting time is simply irritating. Otherwise, taking cabs will usually end up more than $20 for midnite charges.

    Having said, I do enjoy the amenties fr City Harvest's nearby neighborhood, Pioneer Mall, Gek Poh and Jurong Pt. Sports & Swimming Complex, din get to enjoy the facilities as I left before it was opened (or it has not been opened?).

    Pollution, only dislike the coco smell near the interchange. Acid rain, good thing is my flat (my bro's actually) is fully sheltered fr the bus stop.

    On personal tone, I feel that those at Jalan Bahar are the worst lot. Close to JP are the hottest, followed by the new St 91 flats at Sports Complex.
  22. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Anyone saw the flaring from one of the nearby petrochemical plant this morning? The flame is about 10 meters high.
  23. monkie

    monkie New Member

    if you dun like the place ...just stay away that's simple!
  24. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    The issues raised in the thread are valid. It's not offensive in anyway.
  25. key_word07

    key_word07 New Member

    Hi door..do you work in that petrolchemical plant that you mention???Yes..i saw that.But is the flaring really cause hamful gases to be emitted??? Will NEA approved it by the way for that plant to give off toxic gases???Anyway...jurong west is one of the area that have the very rapid downpour percentage in singapore.It will definately wash away the whatever "toxic" lingering in the air ba?...haha..anyway..maybe as per victoria have said..maybe we shld conduct a medical check up & survey for all jurong resident that is it really true that resident here are of poor health because of the poor air quality?If is true maybe we can work hand in hand with NEA and MOH to do something about it??I just feel that this estate are only being condemned by people who don't like JW perhaps.Just like some people dun like geylang etc..it different preference of ppl when come to purchase a flat...and i agree that the word condemn is a too hash word to use. Maybe we shld use the word "unpopular"?!! Anyway...who cares?? if we resident of JW dun mind...
  26. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Nope I don't work in petrochemcial plant. Under the current regulation, for every 1 min the flare stack emits black soot, a fine of $10,000 will be imposed. There might be a major upset triggering the flaring. As to what is release, nobody can tell.

    The thread title, says "JW a condemned housing estate?". It doesn't say "JW is a condemned housing estate." There is a very big difference between the 2 statements.
  27. smurfying

    smurfying New Member

    Sounds like a GP topic here. Well, i think sillyporean is giving his views and oso gathering others' views. So read all comments openly n dun take it as tho he is condeming the residents in JW...

    As to answerin to the title, to each his own...it could b a condemned housing estate fr those who hate JW, or it could b an unpopular estate, to those who find it too out of the way. But even if it is so unpopular, the price is dirt cheap, i think i would seriously consider buying. I almost bot a 5rm flat cos its only $160k!!! (near the upcoming MRT).
  28. cys

    cys New Member

    i've lived in JW for a yr now, at the exec flats near JP. i have to agree that its really a self sufficient town where there's all the ammenities. but there's one thing that i cannot tahan... the amount of dust that gets into my home!! not exagerating - when i sweep the floor every other day (just 2 bedrooms), the whole piece of magic clean floor wipe becomes black. my old Bedok flat don't get so dirty even if i don't sweep the floor for 3 days. i dun understand... coz my windows are open only at night when back from work.
  29. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    You should shut the windows at night. As soot blowing is done at night.
  30. lovetea

    lovetea New Member

    If given a choice between pasir ris and jurong west, what would most ppl choose?

    For me, as a practical person, i would chooose a place within my budget because l am not rich. However if i have more cash, i would still choose JW because i want to keep the cash in my bank and for rainy days.
  31. key_word07

    key_word07 New Member

    I think most ppl buy flat in JW because it is cheap? Why it is cheap??..because ppl feel that JW is inconvience..polluted etc etc. Thanks to these actually..haha if not i won't be able to get a flat at such a attractive price.I agree dust is one prob here..but to me is not a prob cos i do housework daily.To me is..i buy jur west flat because i like this place and to me it is very convienence and within our budget. We shouldn't see what other feel abt this place and most impt is how we benefit from the place we stay..isn't it?
    The reason why i bought my flat @ Jurong West:
    1) Yes...CHEAP!170K for 5room High floor.You ask me where else you can get this price in s'pore? And I can still see there are alot of future development in this area. Like an investment~buy cheap & sell high.
    2) Near my parent place
    3) Near my work place
    4) All amenities within reach..JP (15min walk),Pioneer Mall(10mins walk),24hrs coffee shop & mama shop 1 blk away, future MRT stn right at door step.
    To me..this is not a condemn estate..it is a wonderful place
  32. cys

    cys New Member

    ya, i bought my pl at a bargain too (hope can sell high price when 5 yrs up). but right now...its so tiring cleaning the floor daily ... weekends are spent just cleaning the floor and wiping down every bit of furniture at home ... i had underestimated the extent of cleaning needed b4 buy the pl...
  33. rubberducky

    rubberducky New Member

    I lived in Jurong for about 7 years and hated it every single day. The reasons are so many and varied lor. Distance from town (cab fare SURE cross $15!), bad air quality (asthmatic, so more sensitive), uninteresting neighbourhood and the whole industrial feel of the place.

    Also, for some strange reason, (dunno suay or what) I also kena more than a few dog haters in my ex-neighbourhood when I walked my dogs!

    The one thing that I miss about Jurong - the fish head curry stall at the old Taman Jurong market! Wahahaha!

    But really, during the time I was living there (parent's place), many flats near my neighbourhood (along Corporation rd) stayed empty for a long time. Practically entire blocks were left empty - machiam like ghost town. Not sure if it's still like that today?
  34. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    The views in the thread is getting more balanced, as thread posters explain in detail what they like and dislike about Jurong West.

    Twinkle star feels that Jurong West is a wonderful place, she is very happy staying in Jurong West.

    Quack hated the stay in Jurong West. As an asthmatic, the air quality in Jurong posed a problem to health.

    Headache is happy getting a place in Jurong West at a bargain. But hates the cleaning due to air pollution levels in the neighbourhood.

    Irene would choose Jurong West anyday, as cost and savings is a major factor to her.

    Tansy was generally happy staying in Jurong West, but finds taking the feeder service is a chore.

    poshbb is happy staying in Jurong West.

    Miss Cynthia, and Victoria are obviously offeneded by the thread title.
  35. smurfying

    smurfying New Member

    To add, I've grew up in Jurong. 1st at JE Central, then shifted to Ave 1 when i was 8, then to JW (near city harvest) when i was 19. So it's getting further and further...yes more n more frustrated with the travelling time (n feeder service) n high cab costs. My parents stay in JW and my HB's family oso near JW (boon lay). So well, it's like by default we've to find a flat near JW next time! [​IMG]

    But if i've been staying in the east or north or central, chances that i'll buy JW flat will b slim unless like i've mentioned, can't resist the cheap price.
  36. victoria_ching088

    victoria_ching088 New Member

    Well thedoors..i am not offended..and i am sorry that i make you feel so. I just find it sorry for the residents in JW on using the word "condemn" to describe their neighbourhood even tho you just wanna gather some feedback.Tansy..I think there are flats in JW tat is within walking distant to MRT.I guess maybe that your parents jus happen to be rather unlucky to got get those blocks that is so far off from the MRT/Bus interchange where you find it so inconv?
  37. monkie

    monkie New Member

    well condemned is too strong word to use,
    but i am never offended by anyone's comment.
  38. smurfying

    smurfying New Member

    Victoria, it's my bro's flat (near to City Harvest). He bot it before the new flats near JP were up. In any case, I feel SG is still a convenient place to live in. I'm currently residing in shanghai, haywire traffic, massive jam everywhere in the morning, and yes, 10 times more dusty than JW.
  39. applescream

    applescream New Member

    hi twinkle star,

    my flat's value gone up by 100% too! very happy with my investment.

    my views:
    Re acid rain issue, i really think it's not tat big a problem in JW cos Singapore's really small, u'll be wrg to think the problem is so much wose in JW. If u r thinking that, then wat abt west coast area? Very near too plus there's also industrial area there and ship yards nearby.
    Property prices also not dirt cheap there.

    Friends staying in CCK/Yew Tee also near Industrial area in admiratly, so also more acid rain?
    Airplanes also not a big prob cos they dun fly everyday (each exercise is very costly noe..)and definitly not so low..only a few times each mth..I can't even rem the last time i heard the plane noise. maybe 2-3 weeks ago..?? the rest can vouch for that.
    and if u are toking abt noise pollution frm fighter jets, what abt areas in changi or pasir ris...worse rite..so near changi airport..dunno how many hundred more times manz..plus there are also industrial area in the east. of cos not as heavy as J.Island since we have the petrochemical plants but then again, rem singapore's small. if Indo's haze can "fly" all the way across the sea and affect us, think how u can escape from J. Island polluted air in this tiny island.
    the thing which bothers me sometimes is the cocoa smell thou, but at least it helps to kill my cravings for chocolates and keeps me silm, so also not too bad..ha..

    Punggol also has its' shares of problem. My gf complained her area is so dusty and she has to clean like mad each week too. Her unit faces the Msia port. nearby no amenities unlike JW which is more establised. to eat, she only has one coffee shop within walking distance..in the end she bought a car.

    and tansy brought up a good pt, think places like shanghai or bangkok, our air quality thruout the island is considered so much better when compared to these cities. U read the S.times today rite, see page 3, so is now hk a condemmed city? no rite...but Merrill Lynch is recommending investors to come to Singapore, and that includes our Jurong Island and JW too..so that must prove jurong still have value too..

    Pros and Cons everywhere lah ya..but the problem here cld be the harsh word used - "condemmed". Even thou phrase as a question ?, it will still offend some pple..cos it doesn't sound nice..maybe a better title would be "Your views on JW Estate"?
  40. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member


    "Pros and Cons everywhere lah ya..but the problem here cld be the harsh word used - "condemmed". Even thou phrase as a question ?, it will still offend some pple..cos it doesn't sound nice..maybe a better title would be "Your views on JW Estate"?"

    If the thread title is too tame. I doubt anyone would be interested in the thread. It's mean to attract attention.

    "Friends staying in CCK/Yew Tee also near Industrial area in admiratly, so also more acid rain?"

    I am sure there isn't any petrochemical plant in CCK/ Yew Tee area. But the one and only petrochemical plant on mainland is in Tuas.

    "Airplanes also not a big prob cos they dun fly everyday (each exercise is very costly noe..)and definitly not so low..only a few times each mth..I can't even rem the last time i heard the plane noise. maybe 2-3 weeks ago..?? the rest can vouch for that.
    and if u are toking abt noise pollution frm fighter jets, what abt areas in changi or pasir ris...worse rite..so near changi airport..dunno how many hundred more times manz.."

    Well during the months of July and August, the RSAF need to practise for national day parade. It can be just as bad.

    "plus there are also industrial area in the east. of cos not as heavy as J.Island since we have the petrochemical plants but then again, rem singapore's small. if Indo's haze can "fly" all the way across the sea and affect us, think how u can escape from J. Island polluted air in this tiny island."

    I am very sure the haze condition in Indonesia at ground zero near the flash point is very much worst that we experienced in Singapore. You beg to differ?

    Point to ponder

    The other estates have ONE of the above mention "PROBLEM".

    JW has a FEW of the above mentioned "PROBLEMS".
  41. applescream

    applescream New Member


    one question. what did jurong west "do" to you?
    u sound so aggrieved....
  42. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member

    Nothing much. I am rebutting what you said point by point.
  43. applescream

    applescream New Member

    each area in singapore has their own problems..u want me to list them all out and u rebut them all ?? JW has a few of the problems but some areas have their own loads of problems then how?

    tell us what happened to u lah..then we'll understand why u are so against JW.
    maybe u made a huge loss when u sell ur JW house? or say becos of the "problems" u cannot rid urself or ur house? what happened? or ur ex-lover stays in JW? share wif us then we can see where u r coming frm mah..ya..(no offense ya..i'm just making my guess)
  44. sillyporean

    sillyporean New Member


    Now you are speculating. [​IMG]

    Honestly, I have nothing against JW.

    It's just what you presented doesn't hold water.

    Besides, you were the one who bring up the "problems" in other estate, not me.

    It's one thing be happy staying in JW despite all the problems.

    It's quite another saying that it doesn't exsist or inconseqential.
  45. queenie_30

    queenie_30 New Member

    JW is really something diff to me caz now it's my very own place.When i 1st move in here abt 4yrs ago,only the fighter jets bothered me caz I got irregular working hrs.For the rest who works the regular 9-5.When they r flying,u all arent at JW right?How does it really bother u?It doesnt bother me at all now

    As i mentioned earlier,Spore is a very tiny island.Frankly,wat is 30mins to get to the city?R we not spoilt enough already?Do we really need a mrt stn at our very door step?Feeder bus aint gd enough now?Everybody cant be staying in the center can we?Think we r lucky tt we live on a tiny island & not have to commute to work on a bus or subway for 3hrs 1 way like some ppl overseas do in eg,New York City.Not everyone lives in the city.It's overcrowded, expensive & filthy.Yet,it's a lovely city!
    Oh well,to each his/her own.For me,i like it here.
  46. applescream

    applescream New Member


    wrg lah..i didn't bring up the problems..read all posts above. i was addressing the issues brought up by you and others...ya..
    eg. acid rain - u,
    airplane/punggol/distance/transport - beluga
    petrochemical industry - u
    and then used the issues with other estates to highlight the point that no area is perfect, then how u wanna start a discussion re each estate or city? no rite..
    We shld just give thanks for what we have, not complain. makes life easier and happier..and there are so many places worse off..
  47. jhoo

    jhoo New Member

    Can i know what's the main reason of starting this thread???? twinkle star and queenie30, we are all happy staying there, no regrets (SWEAR!) and more important, with our partner happily there, building up our lovenest. I admit there are still people who say how bad JW is, mouth is their, let them be, i also can't be bother, haha..Don't be so angry over some comments, in our heart, we are together ya [​IMG]
  48. applescream

    applescream New Member

    i'm wif u guys, jhoo..=)
    not angry wif sillyporean..just wanna know what hurt him so bad..hee..
  49. elias29

    elias29 New Member

    Hi, just came across this thread...Jurong West..
    coz im a resident there since 5 years ago. Other than the noisy aeroplanes flying in noon, cocoa smell at nite, alot of bangadesh workers hanging at nite & weekends and inconvenience to city like orchard, bugis, etc, i find the area overall not bad lah. Anyway have already lived there for years liao...somehow got used to it liao.

    But indeed the occupancy rates in JW area is low lor. I think most of the flats esp near the 24hrs coffeeshops are not even 60% occupied and yet HDB are still building new flats further up! dun understand why...
  50. jhoo

    jhoo New Member

    haha, yah, not sure too..Nvm lar...anyway, we know that each and every place have it's pro and con. No way to find a perfect place in this world. The few things im looking forward to are the mrt and clearing the housing loan, which most likely will be 15 years after i re-finance and not 30 years!....why slot so hard just to find a place that is expensive and yet just benefit abit? and i don't think the pollution can harm our health so bad that we will die young lar..we will go one day as long as not staying at JW we will go in 1-2 years time..

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