Jurong West Ave 3


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ya, my hse get dusty & dirty easily too. especially the washrooms, even if u nvr open the window there will be dirt everywhere, dun know y is like tat.


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i guess we have no choice but to keep cleaning the house. Wonder if people living in other areas have the same problem?


My house near Pioneer Mall also gets very dusty every day. All windows except for service balcony and doors are closed but still the floors slightly "sandy" when we come home from work.

Need to sweep living hall area every evening as that's the place where we will be watching telly at night. Really a chore eh.


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Michelle, how come your frens have no similar prob even though they are living in our area? How come we so unlucky? My house needs constant cleaning...and even then also get dusty and mouldy easily.

Am thinking of changing my vacuum cleaner to something more powerful...


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haiz.. i always mop one.. vacuum cleaner no effect le... ya if i dun clean for 2 days.. its like mths u know.. sianz le.. so tiring...i think even got maid the maid will also be worn out..


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Did anyone of you hear the persistent barking of a dog last night? The barking went on for hours...even into the wee hours. Plus the alarm of a car or something went on for a long time. It's the 1st time I get worken up by the noise in the neighbourhood.


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last night? I'm back hm late abt 10 plus, nvr heard dog barking & alarm of car? maybe not my side carpark.


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is the dusty and mouldy condition still persist?
I;m might be selecting one of the vacant flat soon and would like to get to know more about the surrounding (is the coffee shop still there etc).
Also, most of the availalble flats are low level (below 5th floor), therefore, would like to check whether would there be a lot of insects flying around.