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i emailed mr yeo yesterday. does anyone knows how long he takes to reply the mail? I just called him too but he did not picked up.

abit kancheong cuz rom in may and haven efile yet.


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Hi Hui hui,

My ROM is also on May too. When is urs? I have also invited Mr Yeo and will be meeting him tonight to have a pre-ROM discussion. So did he reply u? He usually reply quite fast, abt 1-2 days..


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Hi ladies,

Am considering Mr Yeo to be our soleminizer. However, will anyone brides who had him advise if he requires the couple to recite the vows? Because my htb and i only wana say "I Do". that's all...



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Joy; its optional but Mr Yeo highly encourage couples to recite & my hub oso jus said "I Do", Mr Yeo still sort of whisper to my hub u have nothing to say to her? haha..


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I've emailed and SMS Mr Yeo on 8 June, he didn't reply at all.. should i call him directly?

zhiwei, did u call him directly after your emails?


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Hi, I am just being curious about Mr Yeo's attitude... Before he decides to agree the solemnisation, he will ask about questions like "how long together", "citizenship,"etc... Although he agreed to solemnise for me, but he mentions in his email that it is not necessary to contact him during this period of time "unless there is a change of plan in either of us"?? what does this last sentence mean? meaning he will play us out? I am so so worried, man!


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staybeautiful: i was solemnisated by Mr Yeo, i tink he s friendly n good. he wil hav a meet-up session wif e couple where he wil go through e whole ROM procedure wif u and share some stuff about marriage life.. mayb tt's y he need some of e details...

he told us that he only accept 2 couples a day, i in e pm n e other at nite.. in case e couple has changes to e timin n he cant make it on time for e other couple (which s wat i like)...

so actually dun hav to contact him till nearer e date n unless u got change in venue, timin, etc...


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Hi all, does Mr Yeo conduct solemnisation in both English and Mandarin at the same time? My parents speak mandarin but my in laws speak english! So have to have someone who can do both english and mandarin!


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Hi all, Mr Yeo just agreed to conduct our solemnization in Jan 2011. However, before we proceed further, he requested that we attend a 1-day course organised by a non-profit organization aiming to solve abortion and other marriage problems. He made it seemed very compulsory ler...

Initially he said it was FOC but after which he also stated that upon booking, we need to pay $20 deposit.

Has anyone attended the course? Is it beneficial? Is it FOC?

I don't mind paying if the course is truly beneficial to us but I need to know if it's worthy.


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i had my rom with mr jude yeo 2 yrs ago but back then he didnt ask us to go for the 1day course. but he did gave us some advise on marriage.he was very responsible even gave us all other contacts number in case actual day he is uncontactable.


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Hi All, can I have Mr Yeo's contact and email address?

[email protected]



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Mr. Jude Yeo Woon Soo - 9117 8697
[email protected]

Emailed and called him multiple times since 1 month ago. No replies and no answers, would love to have him marry us but we simply can't wait with no response at all. Is he still licensed even? Or interested at all?