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Need some help here.

I am looking for a JP to soleminize
my rom for me.

Have called David Loh but he's fully booked on e date 18 Sep.

Can anyone recommend me any other JPs(can help
provide contact numbers...) who are good. Getting a but nervous cos think the date is pretty hot.....

Thanks in advance


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Hi Joycelyn

My ROM is also on 18 Sep. Had tried calling Mr David Loh, Mr Chan Kai Yau and Mr Gaudette Pierre Paul but they can't make it.

Mr Chan Kai Yau had got appt on 3pm and 4pm. If yours don't fall in this timing maybe you can try @ 62564298.

As recommended it the forum, maybe you can try those as below.

Mrs Bertha Neo @ 62840941
Dr Anamah Tan @ 62255822
Dr Seet Ai Mee @ 62564298


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anyone have Chris Chen contact number? can email it to me at [email protected]. Thanks.


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I'm currently looking for a JP, heard of Mr David Loh/Toh, but cant
find his name in the JP list from ROM. Anyone know him? Is he still a

Anyone got any JP to recommend? Hope to get one who can speak english
and mandrian.


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Hi ppl

I just had my rom last sat; 12 Jan..
My JP was PRof YU Shi ming..I strongly recommend him..
HE is a very humourous JP..Reali very very funny..ANd he can conducts the ceremony in both eng and chn..hehe..

He will guide us wad to do softly during the ceremony and create jokes..STrongly recommedn him.. HE made my ceremony very enjoyable..
anything can email me: [email protected]


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I am desperate in hunting for a JP.. Called Mr Yeo, Mr Chia, Mr Tang, Prof Yu, Mr Kok, Mr Chan.. All unable to make it..

My ROM date is a hot date (20 Sept).. Was advise to confirmed the venue than called the JP.. Now can't get them. anyone please advise any JP?


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I am also looking for a JP. Can anyone help to introduce some good JP other than those mentioned in the thread? I have tried Mr Yeo, Mr Chan and Mr Chia but they are booked for my date.


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Request made on 8 July 2009

Anyone can recommend a JP who is humourous, relaxed and a nice person who doesnt rush through the solemnisation?


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Anyone has any feedback on these JPs?

1)Mr Chia Ah Sah
2)Mr Yong Tai Tong
3)Mr Kan Teck San
4)Mr Wong Suen Kwong

Looking for a Nice, Humourous JP who doesnt rush the Solemnisation.


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Does anyone knows if JP Pro Yu is the patient type of person.
Is he willing to wait if your some of your guest is late?
I understand that we r not suppose to let the JP wait...but sometimes is hard to control..


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We just had our ROM yesterday with Dr Phua Tan Tee as our JP. He's a fantastic JP, spoke in mandarin & English.

He gave us some advice on marriage and life, and never failing to inject some humor during the process. Guests and relatives had a great time, even my picky grandparents (who are over 80) complimented on him.


Hi Irene,

ROM Solemnization is not just the signing of a certificate. The paperwork is relatively quick. However, marriage is a lifetime commitment.

Within the duration of the simple signing ceremony, a good JP will host and officiate the ROM Solemnization and explain the importance of the ROM Solemnization, ensuring that all the guests can understand and appreciate the solemn marriage vows that a couple will undertake.

If you get a JP who doesn't explain clearly what is going on, your guests will be left hanging, maybe feeling like you've wasted their time.


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Hi Shu Yen,

Do you have any good JP to recommend? I have tried asking Prof Yu, but he replied that his license expiry end of this year. Thanks


Hi Jamie,

One of the best I've come across so far is Dr Phua Tan Tee.
I've seen him officiate quite a number ROM Solemnizations as I take wedding photos part-time, very consistent and clear with his message.
He manages to keep the atmosphere light-hearted while keeping the ceremony meaningful.


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Hi Shu Yen,
Thanks for the infor..
I have asked Dr Phua, as mine is a wedding lunch, thus he is only available on either 10am or 1.30pm.
Haiz.. Any other JP to recommend?