JP Ong Ying Ying


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Hi all, I would really like to leave a nice review for our solemniser Ong Ying Ying (9773 2346). She was very professional from the start, replying questions with information in full paragraphs. We don't have to ask much, her briefing (via WhatsApp and also 30 mins video call) includes things to look out for, what to prepare for verification of documents at ROM and what to bring on the day itself.

What I felt made her really special was that she had a clear loud voice that everyone could hear, she understood the couple's needs and would give friendly suggestions while we were still feeling our way around, and would work hard to achieve the best circumstances for us. In these times of COVID-19, she was also an important contact point between ROM and us regarding the rules. It was a pleasure to work with her and I strongly recommend this experienced JP as your solemniser.


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Yes, Agree, It is very important to have a good JP for wedding. I had also done my solemnization 2 weeks ago. I am also indeed very blessed to have been able to engaged JP Mr Lim Chee Siong (9003 7483) for our wedding.

He was very patient during our first meeting and explained the procedures clearly to my wife and me. He was also able to interact with my relatives and friends while waiting for us to start (We started abit late due to our MUA was late. lol). The whole process was smooth and pleasant with Mr Lim and wish all couples will have a smooth solemnizing experience.