JP - Mr Chia Ti Yu


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hi all,

i had sent an emal to Mr Chia but there is no reply from him. any idea how to contact him other than email?


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Hi cheekrene,
Understand from Mr Chia that he got too many mails to read.... he is busy man... kekee..
you may wish to call him at his mobile 96545465


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Hi cheekrene,
It would be better if you call him directly as he is a really busy man. met him 2 weeks back and saw his list of appt for solemnisation stretch all the way to june next year with at least 4-5 appt every sat and sun.


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thanks piggy steph and calvin..

finally got his mail and he is available for my wedding. i am very pleased to invite him. a very nice and detailed guy...


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hi all! i've just gotten a confirmation from Mr Chia as my JP. I must say he's very responsive to emails. Very patient with my enquiries on phone oso.

for those had their solemnisation done by Mr Chia, did the whole ceremony take 15mins? cos my fiance and i are a bit concerned cos ours will be an outdoor. & many r elderly.


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Hi all, intending to engage Mr Chia as my JP. Can you pls advise me his photo and contact info to [email protected] ? can some1 advise if mr chia is able to take ceremony at ard 8.30pm? any experience or anyone done their sol after the 1st march in of the banquet?


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can anyone share his photo with me? With regards to the buddhist speech he will be making, will it be sensitive to non-buddhist guests? I will have friends who are Christians attending the ceremony....

also afraid might be too draggy... any expereince to share?

thanks so much


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hi starwee,

Do provide me with your email add if you require his photo.... I am sure he will ask whether are both of u buddhism? If so, he will talk a little during your solemnisation. You can request not if you are not or you dun wish and see what he say.....

I would like to say sorry first..... As for your friends, you have invited them to witness your solemnisation whether they belong to other religion,errrr.... I believe that they have to respect you and each other religion even though there is a religion speech...

Try talking to Mr Chia, he is a very nice person to talk to....


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Shall Post his pic here.. so that you gers don hav to keep asking for emails.. i just finsihed my solemnisation done by Chia this Month...


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actually his speech is not really religion speech.. he touched on two topics tat day.. how to manage finances as a married couple and something abt how to maintain marriage /conflict and to love each other parents.. i din really listen as the speech can get quite dry.. and you have to keep loving at him .. smile while the PG is flashing away.. and the two witnesses are trying hard to prevent themselves from yawning by smiling widely .. overall still nice to have a speech .. not just a "1/2 min solemnisation" he made us say loudly to each other "I luv you" at the end of the ceremony..


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Hi all BTB,

My wedding just ended around late Dec 2008.
Would like to input my feedback regarding this JP.

In fact we did not have a good experience with him.
My solemnization was delayed for around 10 mins because one of the witness was late.

And halfway thru the solemnization , he told me and my husband that he is not able to continue with the preaching portion as he needs to rush off.

Seriously speaking, i felt that he did not handle the event in a professional manner.

He should have buffer sometime in between to cater for any unforeseen circumstances.

Even my makeup artist buffers at least 30 mins in between before she rush off to the other wedding assignment on my wedding day.


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i spoke to Mr Chia yesterday and he told me that his priority will be given to those we want his buddhism briefing.And i told him we are free-thinker so he ask me to call him back 2-3months before my ROM day to check with him if he is still available.

Personally i dun feel confortable with this arrangement.I will go to other JP instead.


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My ROM will be in Sept... But he agreed and sign the consent form le... as we are okay with his buddhism briefing... :)


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actually his buddhism teaching doesn't really require you to do something religious. his "briefing" is more of a marriage counselling session where he share what are the ways to maintain and have a successful relation with your spouse after marriage and living together. i find his sharing very useful and it really give me an insight on how to have a successful married life.


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we had Mr Chia as our JP on last sat.. and yes, he made us said loudly 'i love u' at the end of the ceremony.... hahahahaha
overall, i would say he's a pretty nice JP.. he even told us where our parents shld stand while taking photos with him...


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Hi draaaloon,
Could you email me Mr Chia's contact please? I tried to PM you but ur PM not active leh.. My ROM will be this coming 26th Sept and I'm reli interested in engaging him to be our solemnizer..
My email: [email protected]


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hi Shenry Zhan,
Mr Chia email is [email protected]
his hp i need to check with HTB cos he contact Mr Chia wan...
Cos he is my Solemnizer also. You need to email him your prefer time but he will try his best to help u.
cos initially i am to solemnise at 1230pm but he have another one earlier so he ask me to take 1315 instead.

Any thing welcome to pm me...


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if my rom is in oct, do you think its possible to invite him now?

and about the buddism briefing, how long will it take during the solemnisation process and wat isit all about?

can any one advise?


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Hi Momo's girl,
my ROM is on my AD. I got Mr. Chia as my solemnizer. I just contacted him yesterday over email, he replied very promptly and after a phone call today, he agreed to be our solemnizer! So i guess yours in oct not too late to invite him now!
He says the solemnization is approximately 15minutes.
I think he considerate enough to ensure each solemniation is spaced 1-hr apart. Someone already got the slot that i was aiming for, so we got to push an hour earlier. Now wondering what can my guest do while waiting for the dinner to start. we have a cocktail reception, but still limited on what can be done. but i guess not too many of my guests will appear for rom either. Haha!


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Hi Jasmyne,

Can I check with you if your AD is on 090909?
Coz i am trying to swap my 7:30pm slot to 6:30pm slot with Mr Chia but he say its in Orchard. I booked Mr Chia like last Oct....

If so, please contact me via pm! thanks!


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Hi momo gal,

Do book Mr Chia quick if u want him as ur solemniser. Mine is a hot date 031009 and I asked him in late April. At that time, he already had like 7 confirmed appointments throughout the day!


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hey all...this buddhist preaching by Mr Chia is done as a separate meeting with him or is he going to do it as part of the soleminsation ceremony?


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Hi All,

I've asked Mr chia to be my JP and he agreed.. so happy... veri nice n informative and prompt reply too....

anyone haf pics of him to share pls email to me @ [email protected] as i'd b meeting him in person...



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Will Mr. Chia mingle around with guest and bring some humours when he conducting the event ? Cos I don't want the overall event look over formal and tense..
Usually will he join for the dinner once the solemnisation done ?


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Mr Chia is our solemniser as well. We just met him on Sat,he is having 11 ceremony to attend on our big date. Wah...Shocked us leh


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Vernice, when is your ROM? so shocked to hear that he got so many appt on the same day when he is also working as a Finance director. Hehe..
Guess he is really popular.

Mr Chia is my solemniser as well... Most prob will be meeting him in Nov/Dec.


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Hi all,

For the solemnisation consent form, do any one meet up with Mr Chia for signing or via email /fax? Do he share any marriage information with us?

hi all,

when we mentioned that we prefer not to have the buddhsim briefing, he said ok and will conduct solely the statutory portion without the sharings and the statutory portion would be about 2 mins.

what does this mean? the solemnisation will be over in 2 mins?


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Hi Vanillasky,

Yes. it will only be ard 2-3mins
that's what he told me when i say that i wan to exclude the the sharing.
But after much dicussion + researching around, i understand that his sharing is basically on how to maintain a blissful marriage not totally "buddhism" as we thot.
So i've decided to go ahead with it to make it more meaningful.

Hope it helps =)