JP Dr Ho Nai Kiong - Anyone?

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by amethystc, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. amethystc

    amethystc New Member

    hi there i just booked Dr Ho as my JP for my solemnisation in march. One of the JPs gave me 3 contacts (he's one of them) as she cant make it to be my solemniser so I guess he shld be ok (he is a pediatric). anybody out there has invited him to be their solemniser? Any comments?

  2. agneo2254

    agneo2254 New Member

    Hi grape07,

    Dr Ho is one of the nicest JP you will ever meet. He is very patient, and he also creates lots of opportunities for your PG to take photographs. He also makes it an effort to give words of wisdom to the couple for the day. Really good JP. Trust me, as I was a PG for the couple that day.
  3. kalmen22

    kalmen22 New Member

    anyone has the contact of Dr Ho? Can't seem to find him on the ROM website
  4. pighead

    pighead New Member


    Anyone has the contact of Dr Ho?

  5. amethystc

    amethystc New Member

    hi kalmen and cherry,

    u may go to the following link for Dr Ho's email contact.

    his name is on pg 3 of 7 top right corner. sorry that i'm unable to give his contact no. as it is not listed in the pdf and i have to respect his privacy.

    no problem in emailing him he'll reply to ur email whether or not he can be ur solemniser. Good Luck!
  6. missy_ariel

    missy_ariel New Member

    Hi <agneo2254>

    Do u have a pic of Dr Ho that we can see? Am also looking for a JP..
  7. lusciousash

    lusciousash New Member

    Any more ppl use Dr Ho? =)
  8. jerly

    jerly New Member

    Hi all,

    Dr Ho has just agreed to be my wedding solemniser. Is there any pic or more review of him?
  9. wen2

    wen2 New Member

    May I know how long did Dr Ho take to reply to email?
  10. jerly

    jerly New Member

    Hi Yuewen,

    I emailed him in the afternoon and he replied by night time. Very fast.
  11. momoleong

    momoleong New Member

    can dr Ho do the solemnisation in chinese?
  12. kevinclaire

    kevinclaire New Member

    Hi Ladies!

    i just managed to get Dr Ho for my solemnization but in the ROM website, his name is Dr Ho Lai Yun. Is this the same Dr Ho as the one on this thread?
  13. Hi can anybody provide me the contact no. of Dr Ho Nai Kiong? Emailed him but he didn't reply.
  14. shawnnkalyn

    shawnnkalyn New Member


    Anyone has invited Dr Ho as their JP recently? Can help to verify the email address of Dr Ho. Is it ''?
    I emailed him on Fri and til now he has not reply. My wedding is in Dec and now I'm not sure whether to wait for his reply or find another JP. A bit anxious now cos I have already asked 5 JP and all cannot make it.
  15. gardenia

    gardenia New Member

    that's dr ho email. i also just confirm him as my JP. my wedding is also in Dec. i email him and he reply 2 days later.
  16. shawnnkalyn

    shawnnkalyn New Member

    Oh.. Dr Ho finally replied.. Too bad.. He can't make it for our JP as he will be overseas during our wedding.. Sigh.. need to find another JP..
  17. homama

    homama New Member

    can he solemnise in chinese? :p
  18. lesssweet

    lesssweet New Member

    Dear all,
    Has anyone invited Dr Ho as their JP recently?
  19. ah_ber84

    ah_ber84 New Member

    any comments on Dr Ho?
  20. mydestinee

    mydestinee New Member

  21. whitebox

    whitebox New Member

  22. naramoon

    naramoon New Member

    Hi, any more review on Dr Ho? I plan to invite him as JP. Is he humorous?

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