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Hi Sahdeau, I booked Mr Yeo on Feb for my solemnization in May. Not that early.

Hi Bubb, theoretically, they should make some records but for safe case, probably you could give them a call again in two or three months b4 ur big day?


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Hi all

Actually i am going to ROM for this Sept but I have not planned anything yet.

I read this forum and i am confuse on how to book JP and why should we book JP.

Can anyone briefly advice me on what is the procedure? I mean whether should we book JP before or after e-filing?

Thanks all


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Hi all

me too. I'm totally cluless on how to book JP when we can only register 3 months beofore our chosen date. Mine is Oct. Still left with sometime. Hopefully someone could brief us as well on the procedure.


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I also get hold of Mr Chia to be my JP on 01/06/08. At first he couldn't make it for the timing I want, so I adjust my timing to suit him.. ha ha..
I agreed with the rest of them. He is a very friendly person. Respone very fast to our email and calls!
Dear fellow Christians, I need some help.

My fiance is a new believer. Hence, our church will not be marrying us as they require him to be water baptised before solemnization.

Can anyone recommend a good Christian JP? Someone who can solemnise in a 'Christian manner'? Any suggestions on what other alternatives do I have?

Thks so much.


Hi, does anyone have Mr. Chan Kai Yau's contacts?
And also other than Mr. Chan & Mr. Chia, any other JPs to recommend?


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Hi, does anyone solemnise in mandarin before? I'm planning to solemise at Registry in Oct, but not sure for solemnising in mandarin, do we just write our chinese name to the JP at time of verifying doc or on the day itself or what? Cos my IC only have my english name on it. And any JP to reccommend for mandarin or do I just let Registry to assign.


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Does anyone here knows the contact and have the pics of these JP?

Mr Chan Kai Yau
Prof Yu Shi Ming
Mrs Chia Swee Tin

Appreciate if you can send to me, thanks so much.
Or do you have any recommended ones?

I need it in Sept too.


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Hi thanks Christy,

Mine is going to be on the 26 Sept.
Can i know whether does Prof Yu require us to come out with our own vows or he will have a standard one? Have you book online already?

Do you intend to meet up with him? How you contact him, via email , sms or call him personally?

Actually, i feel a bit weird, btw, When is your good day?


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Cfay> Your Welcome.

Mine would be on 28th Sept, just 2 days after you. Prof Yu does not require you to come out with your own vows. Think he should have a set of standard vows for that day. Normally if JP dun ask you to make your own vows they should have a set of standard vows one. My efiling would be on 28th June and you would be on 26th June.

Prof Yu dun ask for meet up usually. Yap actually I have contacted him 3 times.

1st via email in Apr 08 and he say its too early and to come back to him abt 3mths b4 ROM date.

2nd via telephone call to his home as I cannot get him on his mobile. His wife pick up and say his away on holiday. Requested me to call on 9th June.

3rd via telephone call on Prof Yu's mobile and finally got him.

Personally I feel that dun sms him cause it feels that your not sincere. Call him better as you will know how he sounds like.


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Thanks very much of your help Christy, it will be very helpful to me. Yes, i will be doing the online register on the 26th June, but don't know whether should i do it on the 25th @ 12am a not, scare that the date is not available. :p

What do you think? Any suggestion?

So where will be your ROM held? Have you bought your dress and shoe yet?

I had some difficulty in looking out for dress as most of the shop i went is not suitable and because my figure is not that great therefore, most of the time i need althernation. And after althernation it might not be as nice as before and i ever thought of MTM my dress i do not have much idea of what i want, plus and don't know if it turn out to be nice a not? Also don't wish to spend too much, budget around $250.

Any recommendation or advise?


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Cfay> If you are having your ROM in the registry than you should sit in front of your computer 25th @ 12am. Cause my gf miss her date twice than the 3rd time she sit in front of the computer. If you are having your ROM outside the registry than no need to sit in front of the computer.

I will be doing my ROM outside. Location is at Marriott Hotel. Dress will be provided by my bridal shop. Shoes will be getting at CK Tangs.

Hmmm if you really cannot find a good dress at the end of the day… you can get normal dress from shopping centre. My sister-in-law she bought her dress at Topshop.


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Cool.. thanks so much Christy.

Yes i will be having outside and glad to know that i don't have to do that as that is something which i worried for quite sometime already.

It really cease my thoughts, oh.. in fact my bridal shop do provide me with the ROM dress but is very limited and not really that nice.

So i am thinking of whether should i get one outside.

So when will you AD be, this year as well?


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Cool, thanks Christy.

So have you selected your ROM dress and bought your shoe already?

I am still in the look out for my ROM dress. My BS did provide me with the dress, but somehow or rather i don't really like the design.

Do you have multiply account? If have, you can add me, my ID is bipit. Let me know once you had added me.


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Cfay> Nope not yet select my ROM dress... will do it in Mid-July till Mid Aug. Thats the time frame. Shoes will do it aft I have selected the ROM dress would want to match the dress.

Maybe you want to consider they offer quite a number of dress.

Btw are you in the Sept 08 ROM thread? Cause there is a lady's name Rach she will guide you one. How I know? Cause we share the same Bridal Shop.

Yes I do have multiply account but its not active as I have Facebook & my personal wedblog. I will add you still when I get home. Once done will leave a message to you.


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Hi Christy,

It's me again.
Can i check with you have you done your online registration yet?

Can i have the contact of Mr Prof Yu's mobile?
Have you send him to acknowledgment? Lots of questions, can we chat?

Do you have MSN?


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Cfay> Hi. I will be doing my efiling on this coming Sat. Prof Yu's HP no. 9736 6131

Yes I have MSN but not allow to access in office.

Prof Yu have mark my ROM date already. I will still need to reply to him after my efiling is done. If you have question just put up here.. I will come in always.