Joy Garden Restaurant - Jurong Safra


Anyone held their wedding there?


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My fren juz had her wedding there in May 2009 when it just opened. I understand Joy Garden have 2 locations (restaurant or ballroom) at da Safra Club from their coordinator. My fren had her weddinhg at da big ballroom on 2nd floor. The ballroom is spacious and squarish. Very simple decor, like a typical convention hall. I didn't like it. Food was quite good.

I was thinking of holding my wedding at Hilltop Garden but was fully booked and they offered me Joy Garden instead, which I rejected.

I think it boils down to personal preference. You should go down and take a look yourself. At least this is a new outlet, all equipments are in good conditions ^^


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For those who are considering Qian Xi for your wedding banquet,

I have to say that suzanna (managing director of Qian Xi) has the worst attitude a boss can ever have. My HTB and i signed up with her on 22nd Aug 2009 for the outlet at singapore expo..then we got to change date as our parents prefer to have the banquet on sat, actually just one day earlier, which is from 21st march 2010 (sun) to 20th march 2010 (sat)...she told us that the date is not available at referred us to farrer park...we dun really like the lightings and deco at farrer park so we were quite reluctant to change the venue...the date cant be changed...we then called suzanna to ask her whether we can cancel the banquet...u know what she said? She said we have to forfeit the deposit we paid and on top of 40% of the whole banquet bcos we r only abt 6 months away from the AD! Faintz...that means we have to pay her $8576 including the deposit for NOTHING!!! Can anyone of u believe she is soooo unreasonable?! So HTB and i have decided to stay on with the banquet package...and change the location to farrer park which we dun like...quite dampening for a wedding preparation where the banquet should be something BTBs look forward to...but now we just want to get it over and done with...

for those who are attracted to the FREE FLOW of hard liquor, wine, drinks etc....and do not hold more than 35 tables...i strongly recommend u to get FU LIN MEN at royal @ queens hotel...not that i'm advertising for them...just that i saw they have all the things Qian Xi give 1 month plus after i booked with Qian Xi...i really regretted signing with Qian Xi...but there is nothing i can do...just hope that u guys dun get cheated by the "free flow of wine, hard liquor etc" of Qian Xi cos Fu Lin Men provides them too! Trust me...u will not like working with suzanna...even my HTB who is super even-tempered (i have not quarelled with him since the first day we date) cannot stand her... You can check the website out...

they have "all in" wedding banquet is really ALL you need in a package...and catered for any 'kiasu' mentality...good price...good food...all perks u need...and most importantly...good coordinators for ur wedding that would not make u vomit blood! Btw...u can opt to hold ur wedding at the hotel ballroom (no pillars) instead of the restaurant (which has pillars) with no extra charge~ one more plus thing to note: Qian Xi's menu starts from $498 (Farrer Park and Paya Lebar), Fu Lin Men's package also starts from $498. So Qian Xi does not have any edge over Fu Lin Men, except that they can hold more tables...whereas Fu Lin Men can only hold 35 tables at most...hope these are useful information to you..

No offence here...for those who are happy with your Qian Xi wedding package...i guess you have talked to their manager instead of the managing director suzanna...anw hope u can voice out too if ur encounter with her is good... ;)

Wish all BTBs who have not booked your banquet package have a wonderful time searching and are able to get your ideal deal! ;)


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Wow, that was too bad experience. I heard same story from my friend. They wanted to cancelled off the banquet, but the lady boss was so unresonable.
I believe personal touch is really important. I always recommand friends to held their event at Pioneer Spring Restaurant @SAFRA Mount Faber. Joyce(Marketing Director) is the best person to in touch with. She will lead you for your happy journy for your most important event.


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I have attend the wedding dinner there. last sat,
the food is not bad and the rest. is cramp abit.. over all not bad but the car park is small and need to be there early if not your guest have to park quite far away...