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Long time nv chat lo, hw r all of u?

Cho, sorry to reply late, was busy las mth so no time to really come in.

My vouchers r frm Safe Travel, value at $1800, hb said dun wanna travel, cos he wanna save $$ for some other reasons. Then we r thinking of selling them away for $1.5k. Can b used to offset for anything & everything done thru them.

If u r interested, u may PM me.

Pauline, you mean we can buy their card? Then upon dept, can we rtn the card for the balance amt inside? Hw r the ppl in taiwan? Friendly? I heard those gals were only friendly to Singapore guys. Ha ha ha.........

Hw r the things tare? Cheap? Was there any sale? Or u guys just went for EATING?


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hi ah ger,
You want to know more Taiwan, do check out the taiwan thread.. lots of info there..too many things to repeat her lah


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I have 2 $100 round-trip travel vouchers, which I forgot to utilise when I made the flight booking.

If there is any kind souls who would like to buy Jetstar Asia tickets, can you pls let me know so that I can make redemption of the vouchers?

The travel period is 4 Jan to 31 May 2006.

For more details, pls pm me. Thanks.


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Any destination Jetstar Asia has, subject to seats availability and travel dates restriction (Valid for travel on Mon to Thurs, except PH and school hols / travel period: 4 Jan till 31 May 06).


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Hi Ladies

Got a quote at 495 including taxes by jetstar to HKG to July (issue by tomorrow)

Need some feedback on this airline. How's

1. Food
2. Space
3. pple
4. Website rate izit cheaper than book thru agent or izit?


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hi conair,

1) gotta pay.. price like delifrance food like delifrance.. small portion but ok...prices available online.

2) i am a tall gal so its juusst nice for me. no extra room to stretch further...

3) pple? ok lor.. nice stewards & strwardess.... quite ok ah.... attentive etc... the basic level of customer service is still there...

4) yes & no. agents have better rates if you go thru them but they being agents will need to earn too... if yours is a basic trip, just DIY...


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If you want the biggest space in budget airline. It will be the emergency doors rows. Plenty of legroom.


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My Best fren works onboard JSa. its relatively a good deal for short haul flts. their pilots are mainly from QF( Qantas) all safety training done in AU, who happens to hold the world's best safety Records. so.... yeah...


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hi olivegal,

no water is allowed at all.. exceptions made for medication reasons and babies of cos.. its for all airlines and not just jetstar.. even if you bring, it will be confiscated..


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anyone using Jetstar to fly from SG to KL? How much did u pay and how is the review?