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    It was great having Jerome to shoot for our wedding! Where we were green in traditional customs and procedures, he quickly came in to direct and guide us into position while simultaneously taking great photos and videos of us! A small and nimble team that over-delivered a few times over :) Highly recommended to all who's planning to tie the knot! Jerome -- keep rocking! Michelle & Nicholas

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    Hi Jerome,

    Just to let you know that the album had been well received and we absolutely love it.

    From the color of the ablum cover, to our name engraving on the front, to the feel of the photo book printing and not to mention those fantastic photos that you took for us in Macau! Ruiwei and I basically look through the album multiple times.

    Thanks for accommodating to our requests for the album and we are soooooo looking forward to the canvas print now.

    Lastly, have a great week ahead!

    Thanks and regards,
    Yong Qiang and Ruiwei

    :) :) :) :) :) Happy that my couples are Happy :) :) :) :) :)

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    I took this photo in Singapore today. First person to tell me where it is will get a prize
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    Photographed my first Norwegian wedding in Singapore !
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    Dear Jerome
    Words cannot express how delighted, pleasantly surprised (that we looked great!), amazed, and absolutely happy we are with not just how the pictures turned out, but with the experience as well.
    The pictures would not have turned out the way they did, if not for your amazing skills, vast experience, professionalism and passion. We were not the easiest to shoot, I’m sure. My family is incredibly shy and awkward in front of the camera. However, your suggestions and direction to them and your approach had made them really comfortable to be themselves and be expressive with their emotions.
    With so many things going on all together simultaneously, we are in awe of how well and how beautifully you’ve captured all the grand moments, and more so, the subtle, understated yet meaningful ones. The pictures showcase the grand, majestic aspects of the wedding, and yet, also the intimate, quiet moments. From the wonderful ballroom, the big segments of the ceremony, to the tiny details, to a look or a smile. We are not good posers and we are not good at taking pretty pictures but all the emotions, all the happiness, were celebrated in the pictures and for that we are thankful.
    Thank you for keeping me calm, for reminding us what was important, to have fun and enjoy the experience. Thanks for giving us direction and most of all, for your passion and commitment in getting the best pictures every moment. Having you as our photographer took a lot of worry out of our heads because having met you once before the wedding, we knew you’d take care of everything.
    Thank you and we can only wish you more blessings, success, and a long and fruitful career!
    With thanks
    Genevie and Jonathan

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