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I was at the PS outlet to get my eyebrow trimed. I had it done by the makeover people the first time, the lady is called Chris who is really good and doesn't hurt at all.

The next time I went, they put me in the facial department and this lady who served me kept pushing their package to me and insisted that the lumpy bits under my eyes are oil clogs and the only way to get rid of them is by laser which would cost me over $700 and if I don't get rid of them now, they're going to grow and spread all over the face. That was two years ago and the lumps still look the same as before. It was only till recently after visting Leonard Drake did I realise that those lumps aren't oil clogs at all.


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My bf signed up their $600+ hair treatment pkg last year for 6 session & it is transferable...

Went for my haircut with my bf last Sept while he had his hair treatment. Then this hair stylist called Amy at Tiong Bahru outlet approached us with a bright nice smile, convinced me to colour my hair as well...& I can use my bf 1 treatment service. Ok, since she was a friendly person I thought.

After everything was done we were lead to the cashier. This was the moment, Amy kept on using her hard sell tactics on us to sign a new pkg which she mentioned was on promotion $1200 plus then my bf told her the treament don't show any effect on him & he needed to consider 1st. But Amy replied tt he has to rtn every mth for improvement to be seen & promotion would not be given for the next visit only for today. My bf told her impossible as he needs to work really not free to go Jean Yip every mth. Next she suggested he can sign the $600+ pkg since my bf treatment going to end & she will ask her manager to acknowledge on the treatment card for him to go to other branch which is more convenient for him.

I had not choice but to help my bf who is not good at bargaining by telling her we do not hv tt much $ as we hv not get our salary yet but she still won't stop pestering, told my bf he is a regular customer can give him privilege to pay a deposit of $400+ 1st the rest can be pay during next visit.

I was getting more & more irritating as we could not leave the salon easily, at tt time I showed my impatient by telling her off, we mean no $ means don't have. Furthermore my bf extreme busy to go any of their branches for hair treatment.

Finally, her face & tone changed, stopped & signed off the treament card thrice, 1 for my bf treatment & twice for my colour & spa treatment beside tt I had to pay $45 for my highlight which she din even mentioned beforehand. I was so angry she nv ever told me in the 1st plc colour & spa treatment will be under 2 sessions, highlight & colour are both differ thing, as i don't hv much knowledge in this. If I know tt I wouldn't hv done it. Initially my bf left 4 session more after her unreasonable 3 deduction only hv 1 session left. (Fyi, til now my bf hv not finish his last session bcos phobia to go Jean Yip alone)

After everything had done she told me all kind of shit. This make me wonder juz bcos my bf nv signed up with her tt is y she insisted us to pay for whatever. This is really a scam. I refused to pay. I told her I wanted to complain to CASE for misleading consumer den she realised it was her fault but I still hv to pay her half of the colour price as told. In the end I stupid! I will blacklisted tt branch not others.

But later I find almost their salon staff in other branches hv bad attitude & very realistic too. Few mths after tt incident, I went to Tampines Telepark Jean Yip when I told the guy there I wanted just hair cut using the complimentary card he immediately asked his colleague to take over. I noticed at the same time there was a Caucasian finished his hair cut, the staff greeted him with a smile & goodbye. When it was my turn to go off they have very cold expression on their face...What kind of service they have man..? Jean Yip should give their staff a training on service quality which is very impt nowadays. Their service terribly suck...

Actually wanted to complain to their management so disappointed their webby only show addresses & number to their hair salons under contact us. Anyone hv their main headquarter number so in future we can call to voice our unhappiness? Finding compaining to the individual branch manager seem pointless as they too used hard sell tactics....they cared merely for commission.


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I experience this at Causeway Point aslo.. my hair was cut by Jason, that idiot.. Keep pushing me to get my hair rebond etc coz i have a natural curl..

As you say, they have no manners at all!


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had a fairly good rebonding experience at Jeap Yip @ Tampines. they tried to sell their treatment package but was ok when i say no. Like the conditioner and shampoo they've recommended too. Rebonded my hair three times at three different salons before, I must say Jean Yip's the best so far for me.

Anyone has any facial experience at Jeanyip to share? I need to start wearing contact lenses in prep for wed next year. But my dark eye rings make me terribly scary looking without specs!


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I had the same bad experience too. I went for a hair cut with my hubby @ Causeway pt. Is our 1st time there as we had very bad experience too @ Bishan. As we stepped in, the stupid stylist Kelly 1st bombarded us with their products, i rejected all of them, then she cut our hair anyhow, when i request her to shorten my hair length by showing her how long i want, she started to use a shaver and move her hair striaght across, my goodness, using a shaving to cut hair for a lady. I didn't notice how bad it is till she's done, i almost die on spot, I look like wearing a wig. My hubby hair looks tuk also.

The next day, I wrote to Jean Yip customer service to complain and also talked to a guy name Steven, he is also very very rude, I was wondering how come Jean Yip put such a rude person to handle Customer complaint.

I swear to god that I not going to any of Jean Yip anymore!!


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I am lucky i went to Koven branch for my hair cut they nice pple there n i have stick to them for 5 yrs but not the facial (Yishun branch) very pushy and if u don't buy anything fr them they any how do yr face.


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The Jean Yip ard people park the building beside OG has the quality service at the cashier counter leh...dunnoe how they got it?


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hi there

Juz wondering if u gals can advice me on the package?
Will there be any breakout or redness?


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Hi Ivy and BTBs,

I have just signed up a facial package with Jean Yip at Tampines Branch.. hmm i do find that the sales manager was a bit pushy and at first she quoted mi a $4875 for a package consisting of blemish control facial, eye bag and dark circle treatment.. tat was totally out of my budget... eventually she cut and cut until she says itz $2000 for dark circles and blemish control facial.. 11 sessions in total... hmm... ok when i was beginning my facial while the beautician was putting some gel on my face, she came in and start pushing the underarm hair removal was quite a good deal i tot... 10 sessions for $1290.. but still very ex for mi..but she was quite pushy somemore... kip asking mi to take out my card to sign off.. arghz... cant stand it... i tink most salons need sales managers like this to push sales.. when u are uncomfortable, dun feel paiseh to say no...

Service wise, i say they are quite professional and good... but the products dun really suit mi...they gave mi a $800 worth product voucher.. but my total product costs more and i ended up topping $221.40 ex... itz kinda oily so i will go back to ask them to change my product...


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I've completed my IPL underarm hair removal with a clinic. It costs me only $500 in total.

Clinic price is so much cheaper than a beauty salon. In addition, clinic uses a higher grade IPL machine so only 5 to 6 sessions will do the job.


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Hi Yiting,

yah i have heard of people getting it at a much cheaper rates than i do...however, i have already signed up with Jean Yip so nothing much i can do now but to hope that if they can charge me so ex, then they better make sure they do a good job of removing all that hair... i see the power of forums here and itz formidable!! =)


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hey Yiting - which clinic is that? i went for IPL at this spa for underarm hair removal too.. doesn't seem that effective even tho i went for abt 5 time already.


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10x Facial Package + 10 eye treatment with Jeanyip for transfer at $2400. Original package was $2800. Package at northpoint branch with brand new store at new building extension. Interested ladies, please email to [email protected].


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personally i think jean yip sucks i use to have their pkg too but use finish liao..also keep pestering people to sign their pkg and i agree the tiong bahru branch sucks.even the shampoo gal oso hard sell.stopid.when you doing rebond will ask u want to get a better rebond and etc.


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Hi, I'm thinking of looking for suitable facials at Jean Yip at IMM Jurong East. Can anyone comment on the service at that branch and whether they get pushy? I won't mind signing up packages if I think they are suitable, but can get easily pissed off if pushy tactics.


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Hi cwlok, I am Yuwen and changed my username just now. I'm not sure what you mean in your post, I didn't mention I have skin problems. I see their advertisement outside the salon for basic facials 10 sessions for $288+++, always get skeptical at "good deals" like that. I mean, how good is the basic facial? Anyone can comment?


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Hi Yuwen,yes I agree with you..Me too,very skeptical see the advertistment offer us trial sessions in cheap price..Then later will ask you sign this & that turn out many $$$$$ for the package...
I may say that it just normal basic facial,but they will ask you to sign more treatment after few basic facial...


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Never take up any good buy for Jean Yip services. They will hard sell their add-on services and additional package. If you insisted for not going for extra. They will just cancel your appointment with excuses. Really disappointed.