JB Bridal Shop - Isadora (Awesome Reviews)


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An online comparison of the packages and reviews on Singapore Bridal Shops versus JB ones made our decision for us (snappy time). Getting married in Singapore is crazy expensive and one of the biggest expense will be gown rental (after makan of course, most of the time).

Of course, we had our worries.

Firstly I am a plus-size bride. From my experience of shopping in JB, Malaysian girls are really petite. Will I be able to find something that can suit my size?

Secondly, the fashion in JB is somewhat conservative compared to Singapore (Muslim country and all), will I be able to find something that's really my style? Later, very Or-Biang.. how?

Thirdly, will the travelling and arrangements to pick up the gowns, return them, try them, adjust etc be too much of a hassle? (Not so much a problem since we live there!)

Lastly, can we trust those shops? What if they run away with our money?? Not like I can go to CASE and lodge a complain.. they probably say OR-BI-QUAK for trusting a Malaysian Bridal Shop for your big day!

So after consulting the Singaporebrides.com forum.. I found a few bridal shops and put up a list of 14 possibilities. Was very lucky that we chose to walk to Isadora first.. because we just went with them after the 'feeling' was really good. Luckily, it turns out that their service was awesome in that ONE YEAR I was with them.

The price of my package is around $4200 Ringgit. That's just $1400! Cant get the range of things that we got from them from Singapore.. NO WAY. probably cant even get it for $4200 SGD.

1. ROM gown + suit

2. Actual Day gown (x2) + suit

3. Pre-Wedding Photography (DVD with your chosen music, album (40 poses), 4 gowns - eventually she gave me 5 because I couldn't decide between the 2) - Indoor and Outdoor

4. Wedding photo frame x 2 - one of which is Star Wars themed at no additional charge and we only requested the day of photography.

*She also loaned me a jacket for my dad who is giving me away.

What I love about them

1. LOADS of patience. We have visited 2 bridal shops in Singapore before deciding to try JB. Their service was definitely sub-par compared to Isadora! Isadora allows you to try AS MANY GOWNS AS YOU WANT. That's a big thing to me (and to most Brides-to-be I think) because you really don't know which color, cut, etc looks best.. and you do want to look your best so you want to try as many of the stuff as you can! The bridal shops that I visited or called up in SG limits you to try like 2 gowns before you have to sign a package with them.. and they have different grades of gowns in some places - Isadora doesn't have that.. any gown you want, they let you try.

2. They are bringing in new gowns every 3-4 months and they let you try them. Because our ROM was 9 months ahead of our AD so essentially the whole process took about a year. I have personally seen 3 different periods where new gowns were bought and hung up. They will also tell you when new gowns are coming in and reserve those that they think will look good for you to try. That's how I had a different gown for my ROM, Wedding shoot and AD.

3. Awesome service. They are always smiling and making you feel at ease. The try out room is spacious and the person who serves you (ours is Ah Rou) usually serves you from Day 1 to AD, so I felt really comfortable (imagine taking off everything to different servers everytime =S) The photographers also are professional and tries their best to accommodate our requests. 2 things that made us felt touched.

a) Being divers and beach bum-lovers... we wanted a photoshoot at the seaside. We saw a few couples that day at Desaru.. and many of the bridal shops did not allow the couple to actually go too near the sea. (scared their gowns yellow, need to clean etc) Our photographers (with our request) allowed us to step into the shallow part of the water which is VERY VERY SANDY. They just bagged up the clothes after that in a trash bag which they took from a mamashop there and told us not to worry.

b) We requested for a Star-Wars themed photo (to be put in our study/play room). They have never really done it before but they were very gamed to try. Brought fishing lines etc and spent about 30 mins trying to get it right so that they can edit it into the photo. It was not perfect but we are comfortable with the results.

4. They collect nominal sums of deposit from you. Bulk of it is only when you collect your photos and checked that everything is to your liking. They definitely put our mind at ease.

Isadora rocks! and They can be contacted via Facebook or just drive down (10 mins away from causeway)



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Hi, I am looking at jb bridal shops as well. Find ur thread very useful. Are you able to share your pre wedding shoots with me? Their facebook portfolio looks limited