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Discussion in 'Bridal Boutiques and Services' started by alicia, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. alicia

    alicia New Member

    Anyone tried Jawn happy.ever.after located at Orchard Meridien. I received very good reviews from a few of friend that have tried their services actually. I have seen their gowns on my friends' actual day and they look stunning.

    My husband and I have went down to visit them and were very please with their professionalism and services.

    However, we would love to get the opinion on any other brides that have signed up with them on their reviews before we commit ourselves.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. lina

    lina New Member


    I had only engaged them to do up an ROM dress for me. I do agree that they were very good and meticulous with their work, very nice finishing and workmanship. I guess they would be able to do up a good job for your wedding.

    I guess you and I both shared the same view that we are very impressed by her design (really designs that other bridal shops may not be able to offer ,must see it to believe it) and indeed my dress turned out very gorgeous exactly like the drawing at a very reasonable price.

    I may be booking them for my wedding too. However it won't be happening until end of 2003,so I guess I will still be taking my time now.
  3. humme

    humme Guest

    hi Lina,

    Good to hear your pleasant experience with them. May I just ask how much did the ROM dress cost you? And how long do they take?
  4. zzz

    zzz New Member

    is there a website to this bridal shop??
  5. blue_ocean

    blue_ocean Guest

    Hi Lina,

    I hv called up the shop and found that they have more than 1 designer. May i know who is the designer that you liase with ?

    I'm currently looking for a bridal package within within $3.5K. anyone has good recommemdation?
  6. qs

    qs Guest

    Hi blue ocean,
    I would like to recommend the bridal shop I have engaged, Fame Bridal at Tampines. You may want to look into their forum regarding their excellent service and comments from other Fame brides. You be surprised that all their comments are good ones. Initially, i also don't believe: how can no bad comments? Later when i experienced myself, i fully agree with the forum's comments. My bridal package cost less than $3K. If you're interested, please email me and i forward my package details to you. linda_loi@hotmail.com. Take note is linda_loi.
  7. blue_ocean

    blue_ocean Guest

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks [​IMG]

    Already sent you an email.
  8. qs

    qs Guest

    blue ocean,

    Already sent liao. Let me know if you didn't receive.
  9. lina

    lina New Member

    I don't think there is a website to this bridal shop as at now. I paid $280.00 for my tea dress and I should say it is really value for money. If you all could see the design, I guess you all will agree with me.

    Susan was the designer that served me and I heard that she had a number of years of teaching fashion experiences behind her.

    Call them at 7361178 to make an appointment for they only serve customers by appointment only.

    I think their MTM package cost only $3788.00.
  10. blue_ocean

    blue_ocean Guest

    Hi Lina,

    Thanks for ur info. I have already made an apptm to see them [​IMG]

    Do u have a pic of ur tea dress?

    U can email to me at wedding18@hotmail.com

  11. lisa

    lisa New Member

    Hi all

    After going to a few more boutiques,we went down to Jawn Happy ever after yesterday again. Was very pleased with the design she suggested which is a strappy ballroom gown with silver and light green floral embroidery on one side of the front. She also suggested using crystals and diamonte for additional shine. We had seen the embroidery sample which is quite nicely done. How do you all think of the design?

    My husband and I also fall in love with the accessories that they offered. Very different from others.

    HOwever which photographer would you all suggested? The have O studio,The Edge and Lynn

    Thanks for all the help.

    Thank you
  12. joy2003

    joy2003 Guest

    Hi gals,

    Did anyone of you go for the bridal show last Sunday at Mandarin Hotel?

    Anything to share? I missed the bridal show.
  13. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi all

    Recently I had start preparing for my wedding that will be held in dec 2003. I have had a very wonderful experience working with Jawn happy.ever.after for a tea dress during my ROM. I had went visiting a few Bridal Shop like Divine, Jazreel Low,Kevin Seah, Wedding Present and Ted Wu, Kai, Silhouette and had shortlisted to Jawn, Wedding Present and Kai.

    However, maybe due to my good experience with Jawn, I am very tempted to sign up with them for my wedding as their price range (MTM $3788.00)are very worthwhile and yet not compromising on design. I had seen my friend's gown which look gorgeous and different.

    Anybody had any opinions about my shortlisted boutiques or had work with them before especially Jawn.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.
  14. ukbride

    ukbride Guest

    Dear Lina,

    Someone recommended their service as well. I am quite keen to make an appointment to see what they have to offer.

    Can you tell me what their MTM package offers?

  15. lina

    lina New Member

    Dear UKBride

    Glad to hear that someone actually recommend you the boutique that I am shortlisting.

    Their package for MTM includes:

    1 MTM Wedding Gown(Rental)
    1 MTM Evening Gown
    1 MTM Men Suit (to Keep)
    Bridal Bouquet and Corsages
    accessories (rent)
    trial/photo-taking/actual day and night makeup
    studio and outdoor photography by :
    - The Edge
    - Linn Creative
    - O Studio
    - Leonard Se

    Their MTM package is very simple and have no hidden cost at all. All these will also include the additional gowns that you may need for your photoshoot. Should go down and take a look at their work. The boutique may be one of the smallest that I have visited but you may be surprise at what they could offer.
  16. ukbride

    ukbride Guest

    Dear Lina,

    Thanks for sharing with me the package.

    I will call them to make an appointment this week or next.

    Have you visited X-zen? I went to take a look and quite like their designs too. But they are more expensive than Jawn.
  17. lina

    lina New Member

    HI UKBride

    I had visited X-zen at Centrepoint before they shifted. However, I was not very keen on them, maybe I would choose Kai over them for the price that they charge.

    So far what are your shortlisted boutiques?

    When is your wedding date?
  18. ukbride

    ukbride Guest

    Dear Lina,

    I am looking at next march. U?

    I have not visited many bridal - only Dang. Wedding Present, Graceful Image and X-zen. I like x-zen the best, because they have got their own photographer.

    R u saying that Kai's price is almost like x-zen?

    When is ur date?
  19. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi ukbride,

    My date would be in next year december.

    Kai price range would be closer to those of Ted Wu.

    On the contrary, I like bridal studio that do not have their own photography as I could choose from the range of photographer and the different styling according to what I like.
  20. ukbride

    ukbride Guest


    Have u book your banquet?

    Someone has also recommended me to try Flamingo.
  21. lina

    lina New Member


    I haven't book my banquet yet but is considering on using Orchid Country Club. My only worries is just that it is not at the heart of the city.

    Shirley at Flamingo is very friendly and nice.
  22. curious

    curious New Member

    Hi all, for those who have visited the shop, do they let you try out the gown? If so, are they very hard sell? I am quite scared of those bridal boutiques who are very pushy. pls advise.
  23. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi Curoius,

    No worries, They are really very friendly and helpful. They did not force me to sign up with them instead they encourage me to look around at what other places got to offer and confirm with them only when I'm very sure. They even tell me what are the preparations and little tips that I may need even when I have not confirm on signing up with them.

    I think they won't mind us trying on their gowns.

    Call them if you need any help.
  24. ukbride

    ukbride Guest

    Lina, what was the hidden cost in your package?
  25. lina

    lina New Member


    You may be surprise at the answer.

    There were no hidden cost at all .Actually I had just attended my friend's wedding that was being done by them yesterday only at . Her gown was heavenly
    and she look like a princess.

    I ask her about their opinion of them, she told me that they really came highly recommended and they didn't even top up a single dollar at all for her package at all.

    The best thing of all they were so nice that I realise that they were even at the dinner to help my friend dressed.
  26. ukbride

    ukbride Guest

    Really, that is very nice of them. I have already make an appt to see them tomw. Will tell you more after my visit.
  27. curious

    curious New Member

    but it is very difficult to get hold of Susan. I have tried to call her many times to make an appt but still unable to reach her
  28. ukbride

    ukbride Guest

    Really. Curious, i tried once and got her. I think she diverted the phone to her HP. Try again.
  29. ....

    .... Guest

    i have seen their gowns. very unusual and well made.
  30. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi all,

    My husband and I really like Jawn happy.ever.after gowns and was thinking of signing up with them. However we are at a dilema as to which photographer to choose

    I am looking currently at The Edge Photography and Linn. My husband and I don't mind their styling and couldn't decide on who is better. Anybody got any recommendations.

    Thank you in advance.
  31. ukbride

    ukbride Guest


    I am also considering Jawn's package. One comment about The Edge photography is that he always brings the couple to the same location. We have been visiting a few bridals and some of them do tied up the Edge as well. After a few times, we recognised his signatured photography - the same pose and location - i.e fullerton hotel, and millenia walk. As a result, we are alittle apprehensive using him. I am not sure about Linn Kong.
  32. mudpie

    mudpie New Member

    Hello ladies,

    After hearing so many good things about Jawn's gowns, I wonder if any of you have any scanned photos of the gowns that I can see. Please e-mail me at salutviv@yahoo.com.

    Are you aware of them having any pkg that dun need photography?

    Thank you!
  33. alexs

    alexs Guest

    Hi Mudpie,

    Yes they do have package w/o photography. If im not wrong, the price is abt $2288 or $2888. Do call Susan up, she is a very nice & friendly lady....
  34. mudpie

    mudpie New Member

    Thanks Alexs,

    I will try to make an appt with them. Thanks!!

  35. dawn

    dawn New Member

    What's their design like? Simple, Lacey, Beadings? Anybody know what's their signature style like?
  36. alexs

    alexs Guest

    Hi Dawn,

    Jawn does not have any signature style...which is good. They basically observe & talk to you to come out with a design that is "you"...which means a unique gown that only you can carry well [​IMG]

    Do go down and talk to them! You will be impressed with them.
  37. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi Alexs and Dawn,

    Agree with what Alexs comment and I should say that they are very professional, really good. Thumb up for their services.
    Should really make an appointment to view their work. Think you will not regret seeing them. They are very freindly and you will realise what are the difference they could offer in term of their gown design as compared to others.

    Unique and unusual are the words.

    So Alexs,

    Are you a jawn bride or jawn bride to be too. :p
  38. alexs

    alexs Guest

    HI Lina,

    I like Jawn but they are over my budget.

    Are you Jawn bride? I think i might talk to Susan again and see what is the best package that she can offer and is within my budget. I must say that they are really good!

    I hope i can take up their package.
  39. alexs

    alexs Guest

    Hi Lina,

    Are you the one that got a ROM dress from them & the design that you got has a long train that can be "hook" on your waist?
  40. fifi

    fifi New Member

    I love their gowns too....however, have not confirmed my date so dare not to commit now..[​IMG]
    have u all seen that wedding gown on display? the one in beige color..soooo sweet and romantic
  41. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi Alexs and Fifi,

    Yah I have to agree that the gown is really very sweet and romantic,and on top of that it is very unique and different. Look at the amount of work that they actually put into just that piece of gown, I guess by looking at it alone the bride already have pride in her own gown.Hee! Hee!

    No, Alexs that is not my tea dress, but i have to say that was a pretty ingenious idea. right. Mine was a silk organza double coloured dress with beads and crystals. I should say that it was very pretty and it look so much more as compared to some evening gowns that I saw somewhere else. Anyway Alexs dont't be discouraged, talk to them and let them know how far you can stretch, I believe they will try and work out something for you.

    Fifi, approximately what are the dates that you are looking into. Better book your dinner venue earlier.
  42. alexs

    alexs Guest

    HI Lina,

    Wow, your tea dress sound so elegant...got beads & crystals...WOw...so you have a picture that i can see?

    I really hope that they can work out something for me. How do you find Susan and Euzart?
  43. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi Alexs,

    Susan and Euzart are really very friendly and creative. They are so helpful that they even lend me a full set of their elaborate accessories that I believe would easily cost a couple of hundreds if I were to purchase them for my ROM at no extra cost at all. During then, I only engaged them to make a tea dress for me.

    I like their dedictaion to their work to work out the best for the couple. That was why I believe they will do something for you. They are those that will really go the extra miles for the bride.

    I guess you all would agree with what I say.
  44. alexs

    alexs Guest

    Hi Lina,

    I going down tomorrow, hopefully Susan can help me to work out something that meets my budget.

    Thks Lina [​IMG]

    Have a nice weekend!
  45. curious

    curious New Member

    Hi all,
    Can I know how much is their Off the rack package?
  46. alexs

    alexs Guest

    HI Curious,

    Im not so sure about their OTR package but if im not wrong the price difference is not much as Susan & Euzart always encourage their brides to take MTM.
  47. curl

    curl New Member


    I visited Jawn yesterday & spent a good 4 hours there, discussing abt what I would like to have.

    I must say that they are really great! I tried some sample gowns & they look stunning though its not my size & fit. Its the cut.

    Being a pretty particular bride, I have not been able to find someone that i feel totally comfy with & know what I really wanted.. but I feel Susan & her partner are trully good.

    I din shop a lot but have been to Margarets, Ted Wu, Jazreel, Blush Blush a few hard sell shops.. so far i still vote Jawn as the best.

    I have decided to stop shopping after visiting Jawn & would be bringing my hubby down. I have more or less decided to use them though I have not pay up yet.

    Go & see them, i really agree that they are just so different from the rest I have visited.


  48. lina

    lina New Member

    Hi all brides that were interested in Jawn, I just went down to Jawn to confirm my packages recently.

    Susan mentioned to me that there will be a slight price adjustments of $100.00 more for Andrew Tay from The Edge Photography after the month of August.

    So I guess all brides that were interested in Andrew' package with Jawn better make an appointment with them and confirm by this month if possible in order to save that $100.00 extra.

    Good Luck to all and happy bridal hunting!!!


    Have to agree with you. After going to jawn, don't feel like going anywhere else. But I still did move around a few shops and realise that they were really different as compared to them.

    I am really glad that I have decided and sign up with them [​IMG]

    Now is homework time......
  49. curl

    curl New Member

    Hi Lina,

    Great that you have signed up with them, I did it last Saturday & I am using Andrew for my actual day photography as well, for both the journalistic & normal shots!

    Small world, really like them, my hubby feels comfy with them as well.. guess we will see each other soon ...

    Me too, time for homework & weight losing ...)))

  50. alexs

    alexs Guest

    Hi Curl & Lina,

    I went down to Jawn too. I must agree that after visiting them, one don't feel like looking around anywhere[​IMG]

    I should be signing up with them too before month end[​IMG]

    By the way, why do you prefer Andrew more than Linn Kong?
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