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hi anyone can share with me about honeymoon trip to japan?
which month is the best month to visit japan?
free and easy or guided tour?
which part of japan is the best place to visit for honeymoon?

Thank You


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hokkaido will be good

if u r advantageous...go for self drive trip

see sakura in early May or lavender in July/august

there are many hokkaido / japan threads...do a search and go thru them


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hi, I dont mind share with you my recent photos from Japan! we jus came bac from honeymoon

We love Japan so much, after 2 weeks there still feel like extending our stay hahaha ..

Do u have multiply?
my ID is hamgu77



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hi Angtan,, I've seen your video and pics..
its very nice.. so can i which tour agency you went with? thank you


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We went free and easy .
So that we can cover alot of places but of cos have to plan well and book ur own hotel/ryokan.

Our 1st 9 days were all on our own, and last 4days was with our japanese friend who homestayed us in Fukuoka


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i just extend my stay in japan, F&E at hotel fukudaya located at Meguro-ku. any other more accessible accomodation to recommend? this place sounds a bit far from station.. budget is 12,000 yen per night or lower.. jap style ensuite with bath wanted.

not sure what we're going to do n tokyo thou. any recommendation


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hi, i have been reading alot on Japan threads here, in regards to Yokohama and Hakone, could both be a day trip? Do I need to buy JR pass? Can subway pass bring me to both location without a JR pass? Really confuse.


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Hi Angeline

Both can be done as a day trip but a bit rush...
Subway cannot reach these places...

Yokohama very direct JR line but for hakone, after taking the JR line, u have to transfer train at Odawara...

Quite complicated... but if u dun intend to venture further to places like Kyoto, Osaka, then I think is okie to buy 1 way tickets...

Otherwise, consider signing up the day tour with JTB Singapore or Sunrise. Their day tour price quite reasonable...



i intend to go Japan during Sakura season around end Mar 2009.. anyone else going which travel agent is better and has good pricing...?

intend to go a 7 to 8days japan package tour and 3 to 4days F&E.

will be going to the coming Natas 2009 Feb fair?


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intend to do F&E trip to tokyo in this coming may. any kind soul willing to share their itinerary?

How to get fm shinkuju to disneyland and hakone? i understand can go to hakone by bullet train but pls advice where to buy the train tickets.

Appreciate all advise!


just asking is it really easy to F&E and way ourselves in Japan?

i thought package tour is good for first timer to Japan.


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Steven&Huijuan, i heard it's better to F & E for Japan, as group tour usually have pack schedule and u only have like half to 1 hour at one place, can really see much things, it depends on what u r looking for

Which part of Japan are you going? We may be able to share some tips, i'm going to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Yoshino on end Mar also, I'm also a first timer too


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Just come back from Tokyo yesterday,ist time going there F&E with my wife.It is not difficult at all as long u planned on the places that u want to go_On top of that, both of us have no knowledge of Japanese, but as i'm a chinese i have no problem of figure out the meaning when the languages in the kanji

We only stick to Tokyo as we had just 6/5 night there.Places that we went are kamakura,Disneysea and as for the rest of the places like shibuya, ikebukuro,akihabara are well connected by the JR yamamote line.My advise is for travel on the subway(worked both for JR and tokyo metro),go get the passo card which worked like a ez-link card.Like dat,no need to worry about underpay fare or need to use fare adjustment tikcet vending machine.

For food, it may be problem if u don;t take beef as i seen quite a lot of dishes are in beef.But u still can eat other like pork , tempura (prawn) or sushi.Food is very nice over there but generally quite expensive.


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hi winningeleven

u never visit places like Mt. Fuji or the out-skirts of tokyo etc? btw by visiting places like u mention is real easy...just take the JR and everything is solve..from what u have mention of the places u went, looks like there is nothing to plan only for the places that u wan to go as places u go are all connected by JR.

Dun mislead 1st timers who have never been to japan before.

If u guys really wan to go for F&E, i suggest u really do a detailed homework on places u wan to go and how do u get there from point A to point B. Also not forgetting Plan B (i.e how to go from point A to point G) if something crops up in the mist of ur planned itineary. If u are bad in ur geography..the subway will be a little headache for u.


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Hi dreamer
Why said i mislead other?? u also agreed that my tokyo F&E is very easy, So what wrong with that when i mentioned that going to tokyo F&E is not difficult?

Going to anywhere is up to individual preferences, why u concern other on whether going to mount Fuji or anywhere on the outskirt of tokyo?

I not an expert ,that why i plan even my itinerary is very easy to u. I went there for 5 dyas only,that why i stick to tokyo,rather than those tourgroup where it packed their 7 days trip....

u r the one who mislead other as u feel that there is no need for planning on those places that i visit.


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dreamer, you are up to your tricks again, stirring up unnecessray problem and accussing other members in this forum for sharing their experience.

Winning11, this dreamer had been doing this in other tread as well, he accuss people who just want to share their holiday experience and stir up bad fire, you just happened to be one of his past time victim like me and some other members, check out "Bali" you'll know


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haha, i frequent this thread as i going Japan soon, wow, first time i come across this kind of ppl lei, so ridiculous lor, anyway, none of our business, we just continue to chat ba, haha


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Hi there,

I just comeback from Japan.Will like to share my itinenary here with all... I was there for 14 days and i enjoyed so much.

Arrived in Tokyo on the first day and took JR to Osaka straight. Day trip to Tarumi, Kyoto, Himeji, Arashimaya.

Then took JR back to Tokyo. From there i made a side trip to Hakone for 2 days.

JR can bring you to everywhere but is abit of confusing on when and where to take the train. But you will find it easy after few days.

Pls buy JR pass if you intend to travel few plc like i did. WORTH IT...

Shame that i didn't explore much in Osaka itself.
I only been to few stations around NAmba area.
I stayed Osaka and i find it cheaper and is easy to travel to the places that i wanted to go.
Note for those ppl who love jap love for souvenieer like me... Some of them only sell in Osaka or Kansai area only no else where. so pls ask the sales person. You can get almost everything in Shin osaka st.

Marine Pia Kobe, the outlet mall at Tarumi. I got pretty good deal for Coach bag. My hubby go so many things from addidas.. think he bought 3 pairs of shoes... and bla bla bla..
From the main exit, look for the sushi shop at the right hand side top corner. THEY SELL FRESH SUSHI.. was recommended by my japanese fren.

usual stuff, the golden and silver pav. Gion, if you lucky enough you will meet one or more gesha on the street.

From kyoto, change to sagano line for arashimaya..
Beautiful scenery. But pls choose the right season because there is this Romantic train which go along the river operate on certain seasons only. Street food are super nice too.
i bought a box of their local kuih kuih.. and i already regretted to get only 1.. SO nice but could only keep for 3days.

Himeji Castle.
if not mistaken, the shinkansen will go to himeji with fewer stops.. pls chk to save your time on travelling.

I stayed in Ueno so go to Ameyoko lot. Visited sensoji temple.. lots of stall they selling souvenier and food. Try their hot and sweet sake think only available during cold season.. smell abit weird but taste good..

Dineyland... I love it..
we reached around 9.30am and left at clossing time but only manage to go for 4 attractions with the " fast pass". If you intend to stay till that late, pls look out for the time for firworks.. Seems like the plc is pack with ppl EVERYDAY. I went on a wednesday and is FULL OF PPL EVERYWHERE..Bring a mat so you can chup a plc for the parade in the day time well,however u r not allow to do that for the nite time parade.
I que 2 hours just for Mickey mouse house.. be aware of the waiting time.

I stayed in a Guest house called, Fuji-Hakone Guest house. Nice ppl, clean plc and they ve a open air onsen, well not big but is good enuf for just 2 person. Good experience.. MUST TRY..
I Highly recommend "Hakone Free pass" for those who like to be they 2 to 3 days. Cost 5000 yen for for 2 days and 5500 yen for 3 days, 1 person.
Buy from SHinjuku stations. There is a Tourist information counter on lvl 2 if remember clearly.
I took a normal train from shinjuku to Odawara then to yumoto st. If you r taking Romance car or train.. you will stop at Yumoto st straight.
From there you can take whichever bus tat will take you to your hotel.
i When to Gotemba, hee hee for Outlet mall again.. IT will be nearer to go that outlet mall from there. And i saw Mt fuji there. There is this few storries CARPARK right on the left side of the Gotemba st. Go from the FUJI exit. Go to the top of the carpark lots.. u will have a NICE view from there. SOLID.. After taking tons of pic of her.. we bought coffee and sat there to just have a good look of her. amazing.

There are lots of attractions there, like lil prince mussuem, open air mussuem. You can also go to Togendai for lake ashi...Don forget the boat rides too. We did alots of things just to see Mt fuji.. like took a ride of their cable car.. then boad ride but she was nice covered and not even a single trace... But luckily we are manage to see her when we were about to give up hope.

Goood shopping plc,
I personally love Ameyoko str.. so many things to eat and shop. We tried those local restaurants under the train rail.. Daitonya is the shop selling beers and yakitori kind of food. Noisy but is really different atmosphere and we love it. Had our dinner or supper there most.is Shibuya, I could spent whole day there.

Cheers and hope everyone to enjoy as much as possible like me..