JAPAN F&E tips? AUG 2008


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hi there,
am planning to go Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. and maybe Hokkaido in AUG 2008.
wondering if anyone can share their experiences/tips on the accomodation and the places of interest to visit and travelling fares and/or itinerary!



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the hotels i know in japan are :

Novotel Sapporo
Mercure Hotel Ginza Tokyo
Novotel Koshien Osaka West


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i'm going jap for honeymoon in SEP. We are going free and easy for 8 days. Any tips on travelling around and hotel recommendation?

We'll arrive in Osaka..hopefully can make our way to Kyoto, Nagoya, Lake Kawaguchi then onto Tokyo.

Anyone know at which leg do we take the bullet train? What are the prefered transport between these cities? I'm a bit nervous planning our own trip esp when most Japanese can't speak English

Also please recommend the onsen if you have good experience with any.

Thanks in advance!

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hi cgyane,

this is the itinerary from Nam Ho..something i hope to achieve myself...a bit ambitious though on the transport part...

Day 1: Singapore / Japan (Osaka)
Day 2: Osaka / Universal Studios & Osaka Hard Rock Cafe/ Shinsaibashi
Upon arrival in Osaka, we proceed to the newly opened theme park – Universal Studio Japan! Brace yourself for the greatest ride in history at “Back To The Future". race across the moon and beyond the stars at “ET Adventureâ€, sink with The Great White Terror of Jaws etc. There are a number of delightful theme restaurants and unique boutiques offering souvenirs, gift, novelties, toys apparels, and movies memorabilia. With thrilling rides and more than 40 shop and restaurants to choose from, there's something to please everyone. Don't forget to shop at the Hard Rock Café (next to Universal Studio) before transferring to the next destination. Next, proceed to Shinsaibashi the largest shopping area In Osaka where many boutiques and specially shops are gathered. There are also many restaurants in Shinsaibashi, where you can enjoy Japanese food as well as wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. Overnight stay in Osaka. Hotel: Rihga Royal Hotel or similar.

Day 3: Nara / Kyoto/ Toyohashi (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)

After breakfast, we shall proceed to Nara Deer Park, where numerous deer freely roam the park. No matter the season, visitors will see the attractive beauty of the Park. Next is Todai-Ji Temple, a World Culture Heritage, Todai-Ji Temple was originally called the Geat Temple in the east of the capital city. Followed by Helan Shrine,built in 1895 to commemorate the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the capital. It is a replica of the first imperial palace in the ancient capital Heiankyo. We proceed on to the Kiyomizu Temple - World's Eighth Wonder. The approach slope leads to Nin-oh-mon Gate, Saimon Gate, and a three-stored pagoda erected at the foot of Higashiyama Mountains. The main hall has a platform which commands a panoramic view of Kyoto surrounded by cherry blossoms in spring, green foliage in summer, and crimson maples in autumn. Hotel: Toyohashi Hotel, Nikko Toyohashi or similar.

Day 4: Toyohashi / Bullet Train/ Oshino Hakkai/ Mt Fuji/ Lake Yamanaka (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)

In the morning, embark on the Bullet Train ride travellling from Toyohashi to Hamamatsu. Next, we drive past Lake Ashi to enjoy the scenery of the lake. Following that, we visit the Owakudani Boiling Valley, where sulphurous fumes rise from crevices in the rocks. In the afternoon we will visit the Mt Fuji 5th station (f weather permits). Next proceed to Oshino Hakkai Village, which is well known for the crystal water pond with colourful Koi and Rainbow fishes in it. The crystal clear water pond was formed only after many years of water collected from the melted snow from Mt.Fuji. In the evening, there are several stalls selling traditional snacks, pottery, etc. in the vicinity. On a fine day, you may see the stunning Mt Fuji from here. Lavender and Grape Green Tea ice-cream are popular snacks in this small town that must not miss. Followed by a short break at Peace Garden. A golden image of the Goddess of Mercy, and a beautiful white Pagoda as built to dedicate to orld peace. During the spring season, it is a popular site for viewing cherry blossomin this park. Hotel: Lake Kawaguchi Koryu hotel or similar.

Day 5: Lake Kawaguchi / Tokyo City Tour (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)

Take a glimpse into Tokyo's past at the Asakusa, a popular and the oldest landmark in Tokyo. Asakusa has many narrow back streets, lined with old building and shops that sell traditional items from kimono to hand-made combs. Don't miss the two big lanterns that are the symbols of Japan. Nakamise Shopping Arcade - the best place for getting unique, traditonal Japanese souvenirs. Then, we will procedd to Shinjuku for a great underground shopping experience. At Shinjuku, you may enjoy local Japanese food (at your own expense). Next, we will visit Tokyo Metropolitanm Government - you can get a bird's eye view from its Observatory on the 45th floor. After then, we proceed to the Imperial Palace (formerly Tokugawa residence), and the famous Nijubashi Bridge in front of the main entrance. In the evening, we will visit the Tokyo Odaiba, which offers an amazing selection of entertainment and exhibition facilities. The most striking landmark in this part of Tokyo is the Palace Town's massive ferries wheel, one of the largest in the world. Hotel: Sunshine CIty Prince or similar.

Day 6: Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea (BREAKFAST/DINNER)

A whole world of fun and excitement at Tokyo Disney Resort (one 'Passport' ticket included) awaits you. Enjoy the dreams and magic of Tokyo Disneyland, armed with your 'Passport' for unlimited rides. Explore Toontown, World Bazaar, Adventure Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Critter Country, or romance at Tokyo Disney Sea. Hotel: Narita Hotel: Narita Excel Tokyo similar.

Day 7: Narita / Singapore (BREAKFAST)

My day 7 will be Disneyland, my hubby wanna go both so Day 6 Disneysea, Day 7 Disneyland


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hi there,
heard that the some attractions like the temples/castles closed ard 5plus... so might b a big challenge...

u can buy the JR pass... for ur transport but do read the T&Cs carefully...


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hi life,

the hotels that i mentioned can get at S$144 per night with the use of Accor card that comes with 2 room vouchers that i think i very worth to get for japan where room can be easily S$200 and above


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the 3 hotels i mentioned are under the chain of Accor so with the Accor card, many hotel asia pacifc such as in NZ and australia can also be used


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"We'll arrive in Osaka..hopefully can make our way to Kyoto, Nagoya, Lake Kawaguchi then onto Tokyo."

joenbby, honestly, 8 days for so many cities is terribly rushed imo. if this is ur first trip to japan, and u think it's prob not gonna be the last, i would advise you to drop a couple of the cities listed.

it is after all ur honeymoon. i believe u will enjoy urself more taking in the gorgeous scenery, soaking in the japanese culture and enjoying great food leisurely than worrying abt catching the train to the next leg in ur itinerary. My friend wanted to do both Osaka and Tokyo on her 8-day honeymoon, but after coming back from her Tokyo trip, she agreed that 8 days alone is not even enough to cover, much less thoroughly enjoy the whole of the greater Tokyo area.

Some suggestions from me:
1) Base yourself in Tokyo, and then take day trips to Hakone and Lake Kawaguchi for the nature and onsen (!!), Tokyo Disney Land/Sea or Sanrio Puroland if theme parks are your cuppa tea, Nikko/Kamakura if you're into traditional culture, Yokohama if u like cityscapes, and of cos! within Tokyo itself, there is ENDLESS shopping you can do in Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza, on top of the famous places like the imperial palace, meiji shrine, asakusa temple, tsukiji fish market, odaiba...

Gosh. see what i mean? honestly, for a first-timer to Japan, Tokyo will be a great eye-opener already.

2) Base yourself in Osaka and focus on the Kansai area consisting of Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara etc which has a much richer traditional flavour. Enjoy a romantic stroll down the traditional shophouses and admire the architecture of ancient Japan against the sillhouettes of the magnificent temples and shrines in the setting sun. You can get your shopping fix in the major cities of Osaka and Kobe. Oh ya i forgot to mention Osaka castle.

3) if you think you may not be going back a second time and really wanna maximise the number of places, i say drop USJ and nagoya. USJ, becos i've never really heard anyone said anything more exciting than 'ok lor'. Nagoya, becos if u'r going to osaka and tokyo already, there's nothing to see in nagoya at all that's worth one of ur precious days and the time and money spent getting there. the cities look the same, really. the major chainstores are in every big city anyway. You can arrive in Osaka, spend 2 days there and another 2 in Kyoto, and head towards Tokyo. Day trip to Hakone from which u can soak in the onsen and see Mt Fuji, and then 3 days in Tokyo itself. I recommend Hakone instead of Lake Kawaguchi becos Hakone is nearer from Tokyo and much more accessible and tourist friendly.

for more information, just go to www.japan-guide.com . it has all the information u need abt access to all the above places.

one more point to forewarn you. Japan is not like Singapore or HK where u can get out of ur hotel at 7am and go for breakfast or expect shops to be open till 10pm. Shops in Harajuku, the heart of downtown Tokyo, close at 8pm.


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life, how long is ur holiday? if it's only a week, it's not gonna be very worth the cost of ur domestic airfare between Honshu and Hokkaido. i guess u have to furnish more details like duration and budget in order for me to make more applicable suggestions.

saw ur posting in the other thread on air tix. if u'r flying direct to tokyo, u can check if NWA or United airlines have any promotions. Else you can also try JTB located on the 4th floor at Taka.

and just fyi, aug is very hot in japan. Tokyo hit 40deg last august.


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hi RaRa,

it's not my honeymoon and erm... not sure if it's the last...
but anw, i'm planning to fly thai airway to japan... cost abt 800 incl. taxes *wonder if there's any cheaper ones around?*

planning to go to the 16th aug fire festival...
visit the shrines, temples, castles and palaces in Kyoto.
Most probably will be based in kansai area and if i have the time i wld go tokyo.
really want to maximise my time there...
yupz, i almost missed out mt fuji...
was told i can visit at most 3 places of interest in a day...
m planning to go...
- Kyomizu temple
- Heian shrine
- Sanjusangendo
- Daimonji festival
- imperial palace
- Nara - todaiji
- Nara some other more well-known temples there.
- or back to kyoto for kinkakuji
- Himeji castle
- Fushimi inari temple.
- Osaka castle
- or stay in kyoto the whole day to visit nishiki market, ryono-ji and kinkakuji

wow, seems so little yet taking up so much time...



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wah seh life u very on! i guess you must really like traditional architecture and cultural stuff alot to jam-pack your itinerary with all the shrines, temples and castles. heh out of those u listed, i've only been to kiyomizu and fushimi inari and yes, i must agree that they are not called Best of the Best of Japan for nothing!

i was in kyoto for only a day (actually for less than 6 hours) and only managed to cover 20% of fushimi inari shrine and what, 5% of kiyomizu temple?. moreover it was in such great haste that i only had time to snap and go. i feel that you need about an hour or 2 at each place if you wanna really appreciate the history and architecture of the attraction.

there is a great deal of walking to do so train ur leg muscles up and wear comfortable shoes! for e.g., the whole compound of the fushimi inari shrine spans a vast area and you wouldn't wanna miss walking through the long trail under the famous torii gates. as for kiyomizu, it's located up on a hill and u've gotta climb up a pretty steep traditional street lined with souvenir shops from the bus stop to reach it.

and remember, aug is H.O.T. :p

have fun planning!


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Hi rara,

thanks for your recommendation...it's actually my first time to jap and i'm just following the typical tours from SIN. But as i'm going free and easy, it's pretty much up to ourselves to give a miss on 1 or 2 attractions. So that's quite cool...not gonna make ourselves like frantic chickens especially on our honeymoon...anyway i like your 2ns option. We've already booked our tickets to land in Osaka and back from Tokyo. What we can do is to eliminate the middle section and just concentrate on Osaka and Tokyo. In fact I'm not so keen with Tokyo, firstly we are not into shopping except for the 100yen shops..next i'm not interested to see the busy city lifestyles of Japanese just like any city like HK and Taiwan. More interested in culture and history..ahha

I'm just more worried with the hotels, dunno which one is good and not too ex, we gotta book in advance so must definitely plan the trip well ahead..can be quite a headache travelling F&E, isn't it? Thank god we have experts like u guys to share some great ideas.

I wanted lake kawaguchi cos i wanted to try the onsen thingy, any other recommendations?

also how's the weather like end of Sep? u reckon we need warm clothings? dun really wanna bring big luggages as we'll be on the move...

thanks for all your advices and sharing...


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since u have to depart from tokyo anyway, i would suggest a day trip to hakone from there if onsen is one of ur must-try (and i think it is!). i haven't been there myself but it's a place i'd REALLY wanna go. besides the magnificent views of Mt Fuji (provided u get clear weather) and the sulphuric onsen, there's a glass forest or sth? I'm not sure. some vast open attraction that has arty farty stuff which is apparently v romantic. my friend said she liked hakone best in her 8-day tokyo honeymoon.

since u like culture and history, concentrate on kyoto. just look at the list of places life listed in her last post! osaka is pretty much a city except maybe for the castle. maybe u can do sth like 2d osaka, 3d kyoto and 2d tokyo (incl. hakone)?

as for weather and hotels, i'll cont. later cos i gotta run for now. haha.


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weather in sept is still very warm but do bring a jacket or windbreaker in case of strong wind. also, the temps at hakone might be lower so it's good to have sth in case.

for accomodation, what are ur budgets? since it's a honeymoon, budget hotels and hostels are outta the question. ;)

if u have the budget to spare, u may want to spend a night at a traditional inn at hakone which usually comes with authentic traditional dinner and breakfast if u'r not doing so already at kyoto.


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I am looking for another 2persons who wish to go to OSaka from 25th Oct as SQ is offering 4 to travel at $600(exclu tax).

Pls kindly let me know, tks...


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miyuki, r u going f&e to osaka and then to tokyo with a partner? if so, me & my hb may be interested to join u... PM me, tks!


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hi, may i check with u guys, isit easy to take train from airport to shinjuku area? cos its a f&e trip, i wanna cut costs on bullet train, so i will be taking night buses to osaka and kyoto too... was just wondering if its easy to take any express bus or train to town area?

any hotels to reccomend too? i was looking at serviced apartments too, but they are quite ex in the sense of cleaning services and also security deposit thingy ...

my intention is spend less than 10,000yen per night for tokyo, osaka and kyoto ... im gg 12 days, minus off on flight, so its actually 10 days ...

any ideas to share? tks...


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for kyoto, you can try hearton hotel. Stay there in aug 08. room's alil small for 2 but the environment there not so bad. and it's near to the train station.

i took night train from tokyo to kyoto also.
the normal train from airport to shinjuku is abt an hour or 2 plus... if i didnt rem wrongly.

spent abt 2k for 8days.


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I'm planning to go to Tokyo and Kyoto F & E trip in end Mar, but have yet to plan the itinery, anyone can recommend me some website for me to do research? Any hotels to recommend also?


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lifE is bEautifUL, thanks for the info, i'll research there

Oh, can share ur experience when u go there last yr aug? like how many day? which airline, and some place that u think is good to go? u also go toyko and Kyoto?


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hi there,
i was there from 10th - 17th aug 08.
took the nwa, cos it's the cheapest flight but of cos, the drawback is, the flight timings is at 6am in the morning and the flight back is at6pm in the evening.
the most unforgetable experience was at the todaiji temple. it's a nice place. you can go to the deer park on the way. there's a lot of deers there.
inside the temple, there's a hole which you can attempt to crawl over and make a wish. but cos i was wearing the yukata for that day, i cldnt make the attempt. anw, not everyone can go thru the hole.
stayed at the ryokan and their kaiseki (traditional japanese multicourse dinner). can try the experience. different from staying in hotels.
i was in kyoto and tokyo.
in tokyo, its more of shopping at shinjuku those areas... in kyoto its more of temples-visiting~


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lifE is bEautifUL, thanks for sharing, We decided to only go Osaka, Kyoto at the moment and will plan more trip in iterinery if there's sufficient time

Tyoko may be too far, and after hearing that Osaka is a better shopping place, i decided not to go Toyko this time liao

Will u recommend how many night stay in Kyoto?


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for the 7 days, i spent the 1st day and night in tokyo before i go mt fuji and spent a night on mt fuji. the rest of the days are in kyoto and the last day then i came back to tokyo...

Actually, it was my sis who brought me around cos she's there in Japan but there's quite a few places of interest around kyoto so 3 or 4 days shld be enuff (unless you are into temples and heritage).

As for Osaka, i cant comment much cos i've only been to Osaka castle. hehez.


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lifE is bEautifUL, wow, sounds like Kyoto is a nice place, so good that u have ur sis to bring you around

u stay in which hotel / Ryokan?


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for the ryokan, i stay one night at yachiyo, not the cheapest neither have the spring bath but at least the surrounding's not bad.
if you want an authentic one, you will have to travel to those ulu places, faraway from the cities...i think.
dont know why we got automatically upgraded to a room with bath room attached when we booked one without.
Stayed at Hearton hotel when in kyoto. a little small for 2 but the room's cleabky kept and facilities are goOd. cos they have a coin-operated washing machine on almost every floor so it's convenient for those who needs to do laundry.and it's near to the subway so quite convenient. on the streets near/adjacent to the hotel, there's this restuarant that operates 24 hours and the food is cheap and decent.
also have 7-11 around...


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I will be going to Tokyo F&E 3 weeks later for my honeynoon trip, very lucky to get a very cheap deal from SIA for $698.Of course, the condition is a mininium of 2 person to travel and return together.

Although both of my wife and me can't speak any japanese, we stilll prefer to go our own way rather than travel with the tour group as what a lot of travellers had done.If they can do it, why not us? I feel that tour group package can be very rush which i worried that more time is spend on traveling.No doubt the tour package do help u and hotel stay and food ,and also bring you to those "must see" places in Japan like those historial temples and shrine, universal studios and Disney resort.I will rather plan to go the place that i want to go.

We will be there for 6D/5N which i think it is not really enough cause my itinerary is really packed and may not be able to cover all.But no choice lah...if not we have to pay more for hotel stay which cost about 9500 yens per night for a double room.Especially the yen is so high now!!! (SG169 = 10000 yen)

Our hotel is located at Ueno area as this is very convenient location for a first timer like us to vist tokyo.There is a direct keisei train from narita airport to the JR ueno station.From there,it is a walking distance to our hotel and it is very easy to travel any part of tokyo through the JR and subway metro.

My honeynoon itinerary(Planned)

Day1-Arrive at Narita airport 7am -> Ueno / Asakusa Sensoji temple / Akihabara

Day2-Tokyo DisneySea , Ginza

Day3-Tokyo imperial palace , Odaiba (Toyota megaweb and Onsen themepark

Day4-Kamakura(Great Buddha),Shopping at Shibuya/Shinjuku/Harajuku(Meiji Shrine )

Day5-Shopping at Shibuya/Shinjuku/Harajuku/Ikebukuro/Akihabara.

Day6- going back


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Wow , look quite nice =) and update me abt ur experience once u back. when is ur trip?

u not going to Mt Fuji and Hakone?


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Yah..no going to hakone and Mt Fuji this time...dunno why, me and my wife decided to give this a miss. Our concern is travelling time in such a short trip for us.My wife and me prefer window shopping.

Actually we feel that we will definitely be going to Japan next time again and then we will plan to go mt fuji, disneyland and other part of Japan like osaka and kyoto.



i intend to go Japan during Sakura season around end Mar 2009.. anyone else going which travel agent is better and has good pricing...?

intend to go a 7 to 8days japan package tour and 3 to 4days F&E.

will be going to the coming Natas 2009 Feb fair?


Hi HI..

Anybody went to Nikko and Kamakura before?
Any idea which one is better?
I think they look vert similiar rite? So was thinking of going one of them only..

Pls tell me your opinion..

Thks =)