Japan (esp Tokyo) Free and Easy


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Hi All

Whats there to see in Oct 08 in Tokyo and surrounding? In Hokkaido?

Wanna make a trip but Oct seem to miss all the flowers in Hokkaido. Anything else besides flower attraction in Hokkaido?



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hey Shannen,
Me also doing a F&E tour to Jap in Sept/Oct08. Have you sign up with any agency or you diy the package yourself?

The cost of my F&E package traveling from Osaka to Tokyo works up to be about $2.5k per pax for 7D6N (incld flight ticket,hotel only), isit reasonable??

Hi Any Kind Soul,
To travel from Osaka to Tokyo by bullet train, isit difficult esp with our luggage? Is it difficult to purchase the train ticket?
Is it diff


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Hi... my 2 cents worth... if u plan to travel far frm 1 place to another... pls get the JR pass.. u'll save lots more this way...


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you can still see flowers in mid-September, just not the usual blooms but still gorgeous endless fields of them. If you come mid- or late October, you'll be just in time to see the blazing mountains of autumn foliage.


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have to be in the mid oct.....

hubby cant take leave during that period....

BUT $2,500 per pax for 7D6N, is the rate that high for jap package....


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i be at tokyo from oct 2 to oct 7, free and easy. i just reserve the fukudaya hotel http://www.fukudaya.com at Meguro-ku, nearby shibuaya. .. not sure if its a easy accessible place, read like need to walk 10 min from station or take a cab..... any recommendation for accomodation, to be nearby the major stations..

im clueless abt japan.. could anyone share your iternary? my email is [email protected]

im more into eating jap food, scenery and seeing/ experiencing.. (not so muchh into shopping)


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hey Fanny, i will be in Jap during that period too...BUT will be in Kyoto.....and only be in Tokyo from 8th Oct to 10 Oct.


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Hey Fanny n Wong

I plan to go japan in early oct too. from 5-12oct
planning to go tokyo/hakone/kyoto.
is it too rushing to do in 7 days?

Have u gals booked your air tix??
i'm lookin at northwest..

i just booked couple of nites at grand mecure. Anyone heard about remm hibaya??


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Hi all

I will be in Tokyo from 25 Dec to 1 Jan 09. But have no idea what to plan yet. Any suggestion? Is it far to travel to Kyoto from Tokyo?

any good hotels recommendation?


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We took the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto and spent 2 nights there. Go to Singapore's JTB office (top floor of Takashimaya) to buy the 3D2N Kyoto package that includes accommodation and bullet train ticket. Quite worth it. The journey is a couple of hours and really quick and painless. We spent a total of 10 days in Tokyo and Kyoto, free and easy. Can't wait to go back!

For those asking for suggestions, it really depends on what you are looking for (shopping? culture? history?) as well as whether if it is your first time there.

I recommend getting a copy of Lonely Planet Tokyo or Japan and go explore!

Re hotels, it depends on budget as well as preference (location matters?). But be prepared that hotel rooms in Japan are generally expensive, about S$150 for a decent room.


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I took northwest airlines to Tokyo in June 08. Not bad, average service and cheap prices considering the high airfares nowadays. Stayed in Tokyo for 7 days 6 nights and spent less than $3,000 (including airfare, accomodation and shopping).

Stayed in one of the japanese inn in Ikebukuro which have direct train from Narita airport to Ikebukuro. Although, I need to walk about 10-15 mins from the station to the inn, it's worth the money (only SGD100 per night per room)

You may want to consider:


Both are run by Chinese so there is no problem communicating with them when you are there.


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My itinerary is as follows:
Wed, 24 Dec - Narita
Thurs, 25 Dec - Narita - Hakone
Fri, 26 Dec - Hakone - Kyoto
Sat, 27 Dec - Kyoto - Osaka
Sun, 28 Dec - Osaka
Mon, 29 Dec - Osaka - Tokyo
Tue, 30 Dec - Tokyo
Wed, 31 Dec - Tokyo (Disneysea) - Narita
Thur, 1 Jan - Narita - Singapore

You can consider staying additional nights at Kyoto and Hakone if u wan a slower pace trip...

Otherwise, u can stay more nights in Tokyo but explore nearby places during the day such as Kamakura, Yokohama...

If budget allows, do consider staying at the ski resorts which is abt 3 hrs fr Tokyo...

Before planning, u may wanna consider the pace of the trip, ur interests and most impt is ur $$...

For me, my pace is still acceptable... More focus on sightseeing, nature and Japan culture... If u r a shopaholic, then plan more nights in Osaka bah... Heard that the shopping are much better and cheaper than Tokyo...



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<font size="+2">hi hi..anyone have Japan travel book to let go?
Lonely planet / eyewitness / others?
if yes pls pm yeaaa ..coz i am keen

tks alot


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Hi anyone going tokyo, I have few accor voucher to let go expire 30 Sep 09. Selling at $120 per voucher. Can be use for Mercure Ginza Tokyo, Sofitel The Cypress Nagoya, Novotel Koshien Osaka West, Novotel Sapporo, Mercure Hotel Sapporo, Mercure Hotel Narita. My voucher are fully transferrable. Voucher is for room only no bf included.

It's a good deal given the high exchange rate now.


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all> Hi, im planning for my honeymoon to go japan in Oct for 10days. intend to F&amp;E. wanan to visit Tokyo and the one more city.

Any suggestions?
Any cheap n nice hotels to recommend?
Any itinerary to share?

FYI: this is our first time to japan. im more into food, scenery and seeing/ experiencing e culture.


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hi all,
anyone can share their itinerary for tokyo F&amp;E for honeymoon? im intending to go in Jan 2010.

it is very ex to travel in tokyo as compared to other cities?


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Hi all,

Sorry to borrow this thread, i have a pair of the Tokyo Metro Pass bought in Jun 09 willing to let go cheap. Its useful if you travel ard Tokyo. pls pm me for fast deal, thank you.


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HI i am interested.. as going to JP in Nov..
pls sent the details to my emial]
[email protected] (you din on yourPM)

BTW, If anyone thinking of F&amp;E to Jp, Pls look at
MASP Romotion. I bought the ticket SIN-KL-TKY KL SIN @ $398 only.


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Hi Emily,

I tried to PM you, but your PM is disabled. You going to JP in Nov? What's your travel date? We are attracted by the MAS promotion too, but not sure if we can manage F&amp;E. Thinking if you date suits us, maybe we can travel along...???
PM me. Tks.


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Hi emily and blue sky,

I am planning a trip to tokyo, f&amp;e for end nov also...am sourcing for cheap air tickets and doign up my itinerarie...prehaps we can email each other to share on our findings? tks.. =D.

Wats MAS promotion?


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hi melody

nope i have not. went natas recently and probably are thinking to get a package and then extend 3 days F&amp;E on our own. then saves us from planning.. how abt u?


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hey girls! i'm going japan to celebrate my anni (1 jan) hehe..am planning my itinerary now too..but not venturing very far coz we cant speak much jap...

where u all planning to go? =) let's share!


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Hi all

Japan is very very easy to go F&amp;E. I am planning my Anniversary trip to Kansai (Osaka &amp; Kyoto) in end Nov. Feel free to email me if you need help in planning.

Kansai areas are much cheaper and less hectic as compared to Tokyo areas. =)


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Hi pin&amp;jie,
i am interested.. as going to JP in 8 Dec to 15 Dec 09..
pls sent the details to my emial]

My itinerary is as follows: (Not plan yet).
8 Dec - SIN - KL -Narita
9 Dec - Narita - Toyko
10Dec - Disney
11Dec - Karuizawa
12Dec - Toyko
13Dec - Tokyo
14Dec - Tokyo
15Dec - Narita to KL - SIN

[email protected]


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Hi pin &amp; jie,

i will be giong Tokyo on 25th Nov-2nd Dec on f&amp;e so need some plannings here....Hv pmed u for help...tks =)


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hi meandmythrills, thanks so much for sharing ur blog. wondering if u can share ur itinery with me? am going in jun. thanks so much!


I survived 16 nights in Japan with lots of pointing and "hand-signs".. language is definitely not a problem..
- 5 nights in Osaka (1 day trip to Kyoto)
- 2 nights in Nagoya
- 2 nights in Hakone
- 7 nights in Tokyo (2 days for Disney)

the most useful sentence i learnt was "ni-hongo wa-ka-ri-ma-sen" meaning "japanese i don't know"..


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Hi gals, below is a draft itinerary, any ideas to improve and beef up my itinerary? Please comment thanks! Anything i missed?

Saturday 4th Dec
Touchdown @ NRT Airport @ 07.30am

Check in ard 3pm at sunroute shinjuku

Shop around hotel area

Tour Tokyo Metropolitan Govt
Odakyu dept store
Keio dept store

Sunday 5th Dec

- Department stores
- Tokyo and Seibu
- Uniqlo

- Meiji Shrine
- Daiso Harajuku
- Yoyogi Park

Monday 6th Dec

- Sensoji temple



Tuesday 7th Dec

Hakone mt Fuji day tour

Wednesday 8th Dec

Disney land or Disney Sea

Thursday 9th Dec

Ghibli Mueseum


Friday 10th Dec

Tsukijj Fish Market

- Rainbow bridge
- Decks Tokyo Beach
- Venus Fort (Shopping)
- Odaiba Seaside Park

Saturday 11th Dec

7pm flight back from Narita