Japan (esp Tokyo) Free and Easy


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Dear All,

I'm planning a free & easy trip to tokyo later this month. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go for sightseeing, shopping, good food or things to do? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!


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I been to Tokyo in Nov last yr.
U can try shopping in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku. All high fashion areas.


best to learn some really basic japanese..especially asking for directions and toilet...

go to disneyland and sea..you will love it..


I have visited Tokyo twice in the last six months and you may like to try:

Lots of gardens in Tokyo - the Meiji Shrine and the National Botanic Gardens are must see

2) Kabuki Cho
Something like a red-light district. But not too sleazy. Quite interesting to walk and browse.

3) Ramen
Try the different ramen stalls for authentic ramen. The Singapore ones just doesn't compare.

4) Tokyo Metropolitian Goverment Building
This building has overtaken Tokyo Tower as the tallest building. What more needs to be said?

5) Asakusa
Very nice and quaint streets with lots of stores and shopping. There is a very old and nice temple.

6) Kamakura
Japan's largest Buddha statue is located here

7) Tsukiji fish market
Have you see thousand's of tuna, all at least 1 metre long, lying everywhere? This is a must see!

Suggest you buy a guide book. This will really help you!


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any recommendations for a trip originating from toyko? kyoto, mt fuji,...? we have 5 days in august for that and would like to sight-see, not so much shopping. thanks!


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Is anyone here who is familiar with Japan or Tokyo? I am planning a free and easy trip to Tokyo and maybe one other city (Kyoto?). I have no problem taking the Shinkansen within Tokyo, but not familiar with other things. Can anyone help me on the following or provide me with more other info?

1) Where to stay in Tokyo? (Cheap, clean, safe and not too far from city) Preferably the room should have a bathroom in it.

2) How to get to Hakone without a car?

3) Is it cheaper and better to go Kyoto via coach or domestic flight?

4) Any other city you want to suggest that is not too expensive to fly to from Tokyo?



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hi Vista,

here r some info to ur qns though i cant answer all of them.

2) this website give a guide on hakone n how to travel to hakone by train. http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/RTG/PTG/pdf/pg-307.pdf

3) if u intend to get JR railpass, it is cheapest to go kyoto by shinkansen. coach is ex n tiring due to the long journey. dun think got domestic flight fly to kyoto as there is no domestic airport at kyoto.

4) which period of time will u be visiting japan? one nice place to go is nikko. u can check the info at the below site. nikko will be v beautiful in april (due to cherry blossom) n end oct (due to red leaves). if not, can visit osaka, kobe, nara etc when u visit kyoto since these places are near to kyoto.

fyi, domestic flight is jap is v ex n the tix r only 1 way tix. hence have to spend double the cost to get return-tix.



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Hi Mini,

Thanks for your info!!!

Yes, I already intended to go Nikko to see either sunset or sunrise!
Glad that there's shinkansen to kyoto! Will check out the websites.

If anyone else has suggestions on accomodation, pls help! Planning to be in tokyo for 7 to 9 days and the rest Kyoto.


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Hi vista

I'm gng to Tokyo for 10D in early April to see cherry blossoms. Definitely must go to Nikko - went there the last time during winter and it was freezing cold. I'll also be gng to Hakone and Kamakura/Enoshima.

In Tokyo, I'm staying in Hotel Newstar Ikeburo - cost 8600 yen for a double room with attached bathroom. As for Tokyo, best is by shinkansen like what mini told u - u can buy the JR Pass from travel agents in Singapore. To make ur JR pass worth it, you may wish to also visit Nara and Kobe when in Kyoto. These 2 places are a short train ride away...go to Kobe at night and vist the Kobe Harbour. It's so beautiful!
I know of this place in Kyoto called Tour Club which is very cheap...the website is at http://www.kyotojp.com/


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Hi Sakurasan,

Thank you so much! I have been to Nikko before but I am going again this time. I asked so many question because the last time I went, I had a Japanese friend to drive me around and I put up at his house. Now that I have lost contact with him, I have no idea how to go places and where to stay since I didn't have to worry about transport and accomodation. The only thing I am familiar with is the subway which I used to go shopping!

Thanks for the hotel. I'll check it out. I found one Sakura Hotel, which has no attached bathroom at 8000 yen, but for a small price difference i would prefer one with an attached bathroom. I'll check out your hotel.

What is Kamakura / Enoshima? What's there to see?

By the way, were you formerly from YJC?


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(1) I'm staying at House Ikebukuro. They have a few double room with attached bathroom. http://www.housejp.com.tw You better book your accomodations early as Sakura season is peak.

(2) You can check out Odakyu website on how to get to hakone. http://www.odakyu-group.co.jp
You can check out http://www.ichinoyu.co.jp/english/ for reasonable price accomodation in Hakone.

(3) Travel to Kyoto - definitely better by Shinkansen (just 3 hrs). Check out http:www.jtb.co.jp/sunrisetour/
for valued "train+hotel" pacage to Kyoto. I booked one (return shinkansen ticket + 1N stay) at Yen 19000 per person, definitely cheaper than if you buy the tickets on their own. Bus would cost abt the same but would take much longer travelling time. Of course, you need to work around the train timing which is fixed.

Tons of practical info on travelling in Japan can be found in http://japan-guide.com


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Hi Vista

I travelled to Nikko myself the last time as a day trip from Tokyo. I went by JR and changed to another train since I had the JP pass that time. I took the bus ride and went up the mountain to see the waterfall, but it was too cold. I was sick by the time I got there!

Kamakura is the old capital of Japan. It's quite a pretty town with a famous Buddha there. Enoshima is sort of connected to Kamakura and I thot I'll juz visit it since I am oredi there.

Nope, I'm not from YJC...do you know me?

Hi Ivy

Thanks for your links...very useful!


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Hi Ivy

Thanks for the links! Oh, I love House Ikebukuro! It's nice and it's central enough! Thanks for all the links! It's great! Thanks for your help!

Hi Sakurasan,
I used to have a classmate from YJC whose name is Sakura, so I thought it's you.
In anycase, thanks for your help!


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Hi gals,

Just came back from Japan on Sunday. A wonderful trip though I prefer Kyoto than Tokyo.

Went too early yet for full bloom cheery blossom (but managed to catch plum blossom instead), but those going next week or end Mar should be just in time.

Tokyo is still quite cold when I came back, so bring along enough clothing.

F&E in Japan is much easier than I thought. Definitely the way to go!


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Hi ixwong

I'm gng to Tokyo in early April..hope the sakura hasn't withered yet
Me love Kyoto too...but not gng there this time round


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Hi Sakurasan,

do you have more info on Hotel Newstar Ikeburo? 8600 yen for a double room in Tokyo is cheap, may I know where is the hotel located?

I am trying to find cheap hotel accomodation in Tokyo.



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I would like to find out how to get fm airport to House Ikebukuro? My travel agent recommend Sunshine City Prince Hotel and the airport limo goes directly to the hotel.. but I find the rates at Hse Ikebukuro attractive and am thinking of making a switch.

Also, since I have only abt 2 days in tokyo and wld like to spend one day in disneyland, what other must see places can I go to. I prefer to see nature and cultural japan if possible

I will be going in July 04. Thanks for any advice anyone have to offer


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Hi Nemo,

I've not stayed at House Ikebukuro before so I'm not able to advise you.

If you've only one day and would like to see cultural Japan, you may like to visit:

a) Imperial Palace and Yasukuni Shrine
b) Sensoji Shrine at Asakusa, or
c) Meiji Shrine at Harajuku and Harajuku

There are more postings about travelling in Japan at Japan trip - where to go?. You may like to check out the messages there.

Chin Leng.


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Hi tigger88

Sorry for the late reply coz I didn't see your posting on this thread until now
Hope my reply is still in time.

Hotel Newstar is located in West Ikebukero (the opp side from Sunshine City) and is about a 5 minute walk to the train station. It's a nice quiet neighbourbood and has many nice affordable Japanese restaurants. I didn't like to stay in the East Ikebukero..coz I found it abit "sleazy".

But please make sure you book the DOUBLE room and not the SEMI-DOUBLE room. The double room is very very small..barely enough space for 2 persons to sit on the floor and store lugguage. But it's overall clean and convenient.


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Thanks Chin Leng,

I actually managed to get a booking with Hse Ikebukuro and they mentioned that they are abt 12 mins walking dis fm Hotel Metropolitan where I can alight fm the airport limo bus and walk.

I wld like to find out frm those of you who stayed there before..

1)they took a phone booking so is this considered as confirmed booking?
2) how is the service there? how is the common bath area?

hope someone can help before I cancel my booking with sunshine city prince.


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Hi Sakurasan,

I would like to find out from you how did you manage to book your hotel stay at Hotel Newstar Ikebukuro? I tried to call the hotel but none of the staff speaks English and I have idea what they are trying to tell me. Also, do they accept visa payment? Will they give any confirmation fax?

I would also like to find out if how can I travel from the airport to the hotel. I will be there next month... for the time being, I seem to have secured a booking with House Ikebukuro (highly recommended fm Singapore Brides)... they only took a verbal phone confirmation. I am worried that I will have to end up spending time looking for hotel when I arrive. Hope you can help me on this.


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Hi Nemo

I went to Hotel Newstar's website and sent them an email to make reservations. They replied to confirm the booking. Before I left, I confirmed the reservation again and I printed out my email and brought it along. This hotel accepts visa.

I travelled from Narita Airport to Ikebukero by train. Takes approximately 2hrs and costs about 1000 yen per person. I took the Keisei Limited Express Line from Narita Airport to Nippori Station. From Nippori, I took the JR line to Ikebukero and walked to the hotel. You could take the Skyliner on the Keisei line but it's more expensive than the Limited Express. Check out this link for the various ways to get from airport to Tokyo city.



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Hi Sakurasan,

Thanks for your quick response. I sent the hotel an email via Japan City Hotel Association.. hope to get a response fm them by tomorrow. The rate was 8400Y for 1 nite semi dble room.. at least they do not practise curfews cos we wanted to see the place at nite esp the pubs. I took star plaza instead of new star..

I will check out your suggested travel to hotel fm airport. If I take the airport limo bus, it will cost 3000Y per pax.. yours is much cheaper.


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Hi Nemo

Yup, the train is much cheaper but the journey is quite long and tiring..esp after waiting a long time to clear Jap customs. We were dead beat by the end of the day.

I'm not too sure abt Star Plaza's rooms but I assume the sizes should be abt the same as Newstar. I do not recommend the semi-double room coz it is basically a single room. The Jap hotel rooms are very small when compared to those in Western hotels. I found my double room (which is bigger than a semi-double room) very tiny and squeezy. Either me or my hubby had to sit on the bed at any one time. It was way too squeezy for both of us to sit on the floor to watch TV. Can be very claustrophobic.


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That's what everyone advice me too but in order to save money no choice lah.. just have to bear with sleep at nite only. Is it easy to move around this area.. any thing to do at nite since I understand tt the shopping closes abt 7pm. I inthend to visit disney land, the fish market.. getting very excited abt this.


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Hi Nemo

Yup, that area is easy to get around...the action is actually in the East side and ard the train station. But the hotel area is nice and quiet.
You shldn't hv problems finding food coz there are quite a number of restaurants ard the train station.
The train station has got Seibu and Tobu - 2 massive shopping malls. I think these malls close quite late..ard 8pm or 9pm I think. Then there's Sunshine City (which I didn't visit). Coz you're directly on the Yamanote Line at Ikebukero, you can access the popular places very easily, ie Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya...they are all on the Yamanote line. I didn't go to the fish market - wanted to go but just couldn't wake up!!! You shld visit the temple at Asakusa - it's very nice. Disneyland is somewhere around Tokyo Station - I think you hv to change a train at Tokyo Station. Go to Odaiba..quite a nice place too.

How many days are you going to be there?


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I will be there only 3 days after a 6D tour at Hokkaido. my intention is to eat as much as possible there. I love Jap food. BTW, hotel has confirmed my booking. so happy no need to think abt accomodation anymore. now have to call hse ikebukuro to cancel my bookings w them.


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Hi sakurasan,

Is it confusing to get the train ticket from the Narita Airport as there are many trains such as skyliner ltd express, ltd express and local??


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Hi Celine

Nope, it isn't confusing at Narita Airport. The minute you come out of customs, you'll see the Skyliner counter quite prominently. Tell the counter staff that you're interested in the ltd express. After buying the tickets, you take the escalator down to the train platform. Very easy! What's confusing is at Nippori when you switch from Skyliner to Yamanote Line. Coz Nippori is super packed! As I was taking the Yamanote line to Ikebukero, I had to buy tickets for the Yamanote Line. I went to the ticket counter and told the staff my destination. He took my Skyliner tickets and gave me Yamanote tickets which I had to pay additional. All in all, it wasn't too difficult BUT the journey from Narita to Tokyo is quite long.

Enjoy yourself!


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hi sakurasan, thot you bought ltd express but how come you are holding the skyliner tickets??

the cost of ltd express tix per pax is 1000yen right??

thnx for your help.


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I am intending to extend my stay in Tokyo for a few days.
Just want to check if there is any hotel that is reasonable priced with breakfast...

For the few days in Tokyo, I was pending on the idea of taking up the local guided tour.
Please advise.


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Dear all:

Mi & FH planning for Honeymoon next June and are considering Japan. Basically for the main sights, not shopping... We're clueless abt travelling!

Please help answer a few questions, yah?
1) Estimated length of stay
2) Estimated Cost
3) Must-go sights
4) Free & Easy / Agency cheaper
5) Free & Easy / Agency better
6) Recommendations for agency (If any)
7) Other advice/comments.

Thanks so much!!!


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hi all,

I have a few questions to ask, hope someone can ans.. Thanks in advance..

I want to find cheap accomodations in tokyo preferbly near shinjuku station and also near hakone station. Please advise.. Thanks


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Hi Shasamama,

June will be quite a hot month. I was there in July and it was really hot esp if you spend a day quening for rides at Disneyland.

I went with Hong Thai travel to Hokkaido and then a F&E in Tokyo 3 days. I managed to cover
1) Disney Land (1 full day)
2) Day trip to Mt Fuji and Hakone (1 full day) est cost S$350 per pax cos I opt to experience the bullet train. I think this is really a nice place to go cos rather scenic
3) Tsujiki Fish Market for Sashimi. For 2 pax abt S$50. very worth and very fresh sashimi. I miss it still. Have to be there before 7am to see the auction which I missed.
4) Asakusa Temple - just abt 1-2 hr here is more then enough. Check out the tempura here. Really good but very costly. Abt S$35 for 3 tempura prawn and 1 small slice of fish + tea for 2
5) Shibuya - just to experience the crowd at the junction and stop for coffee.
6) Shinjuku - walk around sight seeing

If you did some planning ahead, it will save you much time. Also, while we were at airport, we went to the Japan Tourist Bureau to ask and get brochures. They speak really good english and if you are able to tell them where you stay and where you want to go, they can print out subway directions (shortest route) for you with fares on them. very convenient cos if you change trains are some stations, you need to walk a long way compared to others. I find this really useful.

Cost is really up to your budget. for 2 we used up abt S$1500 cash for food and travel (excl 3N stay which cost abt S$130 each nite)for 9 days of which 6 days with tour. Pay everything in cash so must be prepared to carry cash.

I think just identify key places you must visit then go there instead of trying to see everything and stress yourselves up. My plan was to visit so many places and rush around in 3 days in Tokyo but by husband rather choose certain places and have a relaxing trip which I think was a wiser choice.

Based on the earlier recommendations in this forum, I chosed to stay at Hotel Newstar Ikebukuro at S$130 per nite. Must be prepared for a really small room. Also, I think it is right smacked in the red light district (safe) cos there are lots of bars and girls standing around. abt 5 mins walk to subway Ikebukuro. Really tiny "hotel" just a 10 storey block. Had a hard time finding it.

I think outskirts of japan (hokkaido), hakone is beautiful. I plan to visit Kyoto and Kyushu in future.


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Dear Nemo:

Thanks so much for ur advice and recommendations!
May i ask how much did u spend in all for the whole trip including all the accomodation, tours, air tix, food and travel?

Me & FH on a tight budget, may have to give up on the japan idea lo.. Sob sob..

And i realized u din go with agency! Thot that might have been cheaper, u think?

You must have done a lotta research for this trip!



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Dear Gals:

Just to share my experience of being CONNED, and for your benefit¡­

1) You are approached by a teenager along Orchard Road and are asked to do a survey. You¡¯d be approached especially if you look like foreigners. In the survey, if you indicate that you and your partner are above 25, have combined salary of $5000, and own credit card/s, you¡¯d be entitled to a scratch-and-win lucky draw.

2) For the lucky draw, the top prize is a free 7N accomodation, and other prizes are dining/shopping vouchers from $10-$60 thereabouts. The teenager would jump in joy saying how lucky you are, as he¡¯d be able to get commission of up to $150 if you go and collect your prize.

3) He brings you to his manager, who congratulates you, then asks that you go to a travel exhibition-fair-talk-thingy down Orchard Rd (Faber House near OG, or anywhere else). If you stay for at least 60-80mins, you¡¯d get your gifts and the teenager would get his commission.

4) So off you go, out of pity for the boy and curiosity to check out the fair, esp when you know you¡¯d have travel plans in the coming years, and of course, to get your prizes. You¡¯re escorted to the office and wait at the recep.

5) You¡¯d be asked to show ur ICs to verify ur ages, ur details would be taken down. Interestingly, there¡¯s a lucky draw. There¡¯d be a few sets of 4 digits at the counter, and if your credit card¡¯s last 4 digits match, you¡¯d win shopping vouchers. This is when you¡¯d take out all your credit cards, and they can take the chance to verify that you do have credit cards.

6) Then, another attractive consultant would take over from the teenager and bring you into another room. Before you step in, you¡¯d be asked to switch off your hps, not even to silent modes. You enter quite a big room with many small round tables and chairs. You sit at one with your consultant, who sits you through a survey to see ur travel preferences and spending power so they¡¯d take note and offer you a package you¡¯d find affordable and attractive.

7) They¡¯d show you some cut-out pictures and floor plans of suites you¡¯d be getting if you purchase their membership package. There won¡¯t be concrete black & white info on the profile of their company. There¡¯d be a manager who¡¯d drop by every now and then especially when the consultant has difficulty convincing you. As the consultant and manager talk, they¡¯d write the info down on paper, explaining to you the supposed savings if you sign up their travel packages.

8) Their packages are at least $10k. They also offer trial membership at $3k or so, with a Phuket trip or other freebies. They would sell the system to you and talk for hours. When you feel that the deal is good and you sign, a bell will ring and everyone there would clap and welcome you into the club. You are then asked to pay. They¡¯d even offer great discounts and 0% interest free instalments. You even get a free welcome gift like a dvd player.

9) (a) You leave thinking you got a good deal, then try to book your holidays. Only to realise that you can¡¯t get your holidays booked even if you¡¯re 6-8months early. Or your accomodation is only 3 star, not 4/5 star. You want to cancel your membership as you don¡¯t really have a chance to use it and do not have that much leave to clear, but they do not allow as you¡¯re bound by the contract. They threaten to sue you if you breach the contract. You¡¯re trapped and go on paying the membership, as well as yearly maintenance fees of a few hundred sing dollars at least. Though they promise to be able to buy the package over from you and sell it, they¡¯d be unable to as there¡¯re too many conned people who wanna sell, but no one who wanna buy.

(b) You leave having doubts, and surf the net for more information. And realise you¡¯re conned by a timeshare company. Luckily, if you terminate within 3 working days, as stipulated by Singapore laws, you will be refunded. Get ready to be firm as they try to talk you out of a cancellation. Or they try to drag past the 3 days.


I have been conned to this stage and after surfing the net for more information, realised that I¡¯ve fallen for a scam by timeshare companies. I¡¯m lucky that I find out about this within 3 days of signing, so I can get a full refund. I¡¯d be going down tomorrow and expect a showdown. Heard that they¡¯d sit you through hours, trying to find excuses like the person in charge is not around, or offer other packages, to make you stay in the programme. Mi & fiance will remain firm tomorrow and create a big hoo-ha if necessary.

I am really very upset to go through this. But I¡¯m concerned that we, Singaporeans, be united and warn one another against this. Let¡¯s put an end to this and protect our fellowmen and tourists. I intend to go up to those taking surveys on Orchard road, to warn them on the spot. Touting is illegal in Singapore anyway! We need to boost our tourism too! How can we allow these people with ill-intentions spoil our clean and lawful image? Tourists who are conned can get a refund from Singapore Tourism Board (STB) though.

I hope that more people would be forewarned against these scams. This message is prepared to bring more awareness to as many people as poss. With such an awareness, you would not be curious to find out more about their travel talks, neither would you and your loved ones go through losing thousands and tens of thousands paying for nothing but heartache and constant disturbing calls. (They¡¯d keep calling to ask you to upgrade your package, etc.)

Have attached related websites for those who¡¯d like to find out more, and are looking for avenues for the possibility to get a refund or take legal action. Please refer if you have a few minutes.
i) http://www.geocities.com/hcspore03/
ii) http://www.voy.com/161450/
iii) http://www.petitiononline.com/hcspore3/

May we enjoy affordable holidays within our own means, without headaches and heartaches.
DO NOT be conned anymore.
Let¡¯s boycott these surveyors and cold-callers and some who got your numbers through asking their current members.

All the best!

(P/S: Feel free to copy my message and forward as emails to your friends! Argh! We gotta unite and put a stop to this!)


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Hmm... pretty old stuff for you to be "conned". My condolence. These surveyors actually appear by season. Now is the peak period for their presence. Dun ask me why but I guess becoz they feel the christmas spirit is in the air? haha.

Surveyors are the poor youngsters. No idea of what they're doing usually. If got time, I'll patronise them. Then tell them u're in a rush and can only go during other days. After that, probably some other guy will follow-up. Usually i'll just waste their time by suggesting really tough alternatives, like meet outside, or meet sunday etc. You'll be amazed at how hard these pple try to get u down to their talk.


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Dear Idono:

I managed to cancel it today and wld be getting back my $1k deposit within 7 days.

In the end, we left with $25 CK Tangs voucher & a 7N free accomodation somewhere. hehe.. This thingy has been goin ard for a decade already! And i recently got credit card this june, so i guess i'm a recently eligible victim lo! And when i was there, there were at least 10 other tables of victims. And today at orchard, i saw abt 3 other pairs of victims taking the survey.. I think there's still more to be done to create awareness lo!



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Just came back from Japan for Honeymoon a few weeks ago.

1) 10 Days
2) $1800 per person (excluding airfare)
3) Kyoto, Nara, Yuzawa
4,5,6) JTB (taka 4th floor)

For Accomodations we mainly used
booked for us by JTB
On the average $130 for a double room.
The hotels were very near to the train stations. (Very important if you are doing F&E)

Stayed at a ryokan (quite ex $200 per person per night, but very worth it) for a night

Did not really have to budget(no need to have cup noodles ect). Just did not buy a lot of stuff. Just bought lots of food stuff.

Be sure to buy the JR pass. Saves a lot of money.

Try visiting some less traditional tourist areas like kyoto and osaka, perhaps areas like echigo-yuzawa, kurashiki.

Missing the food already!
Most of their ramen stalls are good, 555 bao also nice. The area besides tsukiji Fish Market has lots of interesting food stalls.
Osaka Dontonbori Street also good place for food.


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Hi chaps.. Any budget lodging to reccommend in NIKKO ? for a double. convenient too! planning to stay only one night in NIKKO! hear frm you!


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hi hi,
i am planning a trip to club med in sahoro sometime early next year, prob betwn feb-apr. wil prob wana extend and stay a couple of days in tokyo. hubby wants to bring me to sanrio puroland! anywayz, just wondering if anyone has idea of good time to go for snowboarding..(i.e plenty of snow)..thanks!


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New hotel added to this Accor hotel membership in Tokyo, Ginza Japan : Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier (Novotel Associate)

However, cannot use complimentary voucher to stay but can use the membership to stay at member price. of abt S$200 or 15,000 yen onwards.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier is your gateway to Japan’s financial centre.

Leisure and business travelers can indulge in the suave shopping of Chuo dori, Namiki-dori’s art galleries and the Tsukiji Fish Market.

Acclaimed for its sophistication and comfort, the 361 rooms hotel offers amazing skyrise accommodation.

Address is Ginza Chuo-ku, , Tokyo, Japan.


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seems like its not that difficult to do free and easy in japan. I was intending to do free n easy but my hb said should follow tour , easier and safer.

What do u gals think ?


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i find it is more fun to do f&e coz u can customise to ur needs and it is so flexible. tour is a simplest way and don need to think, but japan is a v safe place so i don think safety is an issue. me n hubby often walk around alleys as well as walk back to hotel late at night..no prob at all. if u don feel so comfy just skip the kabukicho area at night.

we had alot of fun doin f&e in tokyo, hakone, osaka, ise and toba and plan to rent a car to drive ourselves around to the country side for our next trip! ;)


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Usually japan is very safe...

i drove in hokkaido and with the "map code", is very easy plus car got GPS to show where to turn..


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Anyone went to both Tokoyo & hokkaido? Me & my Husband wanna go free & easy (cheaper) for our Honeymoon but i have no idea how to start planning. I tot of going in Jul 08. We wanna go places like DisneyLand / Disneysea and Mount Fuji.

Can any kind soul send me their itinerary at [email protected]? Thanks...


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Anyone can guide me... just wanna check with those who been to japan before...i wanted to go this building...
VOYAGE Omotesando 6-3-10 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku
From Shnjuko to Shibuya is it near? where is Shibuya located near? Ginza?