Japan - Anyone gg or in Japan? Can help?


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Hi anyone gg to japan or is in japan? I need to buy the burberry blue label bag. Willing to pay a small fee for helping me to buy the bag


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Hi all....
Can i trouble someone to get me the famous Shiroi Koibito biscuit if you gals are going any time this month? I am willing to pay abit more for the trouble....thanks lots! Really wanna get a few boxes.... have been missing them lots.


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sunflower, when was the day that you saw selling?

another person in another thread said it was sold out on the 1st day


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err..can i ask what are the things that are worth buying in Japan (Tokyo)? I am going there week after....I noe burberry blue - anything else? Thanks.


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hi all
im going to tokyo on 28jap for 6D5N, pls advise whether i should go for tokyo-osaka or tokyo-kyoto? thanks


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Hi All

I am planning to go to Japan this sept/oct .

Anyone interested to join ? Im intend to go by
F & E , but the air fare & hotel are quite expensive for 2 persons . so I try to get another 2 persons to go together , so that can save some money . Besides this , atleast we can share some info / advice during the trip.


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Hi dotz dotz,,,,
i just recieve ur pm.
anyway i am flying off tonight.
how many box of biscuits do u need?
choc or original flavour.


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Hi there, was reading all the posts about Hokkaido and Tokyo but realised very few ppl go Hokkaido? Any comments? Im planning to F&E for Tokyo and Hokkaido. Do Hokkaido first, then Tokyo, wondering whether its good to have JR pass or drive in Hokkaido. [email protected]


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comfirm u need JR pass if u gg frpm tokyo to hokkaido
driving in winter not advisable in hokkaido although many have done it


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Hi anyone going to japan or is in japan now? I need to buy something there... Willing to pay a small fee for helping me to buy the bag


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Dear brides to be,

I have a 2 person Chan Brothers holiday package East Hokkiado Romance for 2008 6th Feb to 12th Feb travelling by ANA morning flight.

It has been paid with deposit of 1.6k Each pax is paying $2425, inclusive of airport taxes, package & flight. No other costs to be added. Anyone interested in this package, please do drop me a msg here and I will get bk to u on the details. As my bf & I had some communication breakdown, I cannot bear to see the deposit forfeited for nothing.

So, anyone considering your honey moon in Hokkaido 2008, it will be snowing. Pls do consider.

Thank you

Celine Tan