Jade Spring @ Yishun


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I'm from blk 446. I think 2 blks in Phase 2 have collected keys cos I went to the site and was approached by a contractor who told me that.


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Have u all received the letter from HTB regarding on the loan eligibility? I did and I heard from my friend that we should be able to receive another letter on the collection of keys in due course...


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Hi All, FYI I have already collected my keys 3 weeks ago. Did my fengshui review and going to start renovation soon. Cheers! Im from Blk 452.


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Am new here...
Any idea 3rm at JS is furnished w flooring and toilets?
Any good ID or contractors to recommend? Need basic reno..



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Hi everyone, I realise I am a latecomer to this thread..
Our new flat is at Yishun Jade Spring P1-Blk 443. We got our keys in May 2011 but still living with my parents.
However, I bring our Pekingese dog to our new place end of every month, stay there about a week or so..
H's office is nearby..he cycles to work. He stays at Jade Spring whenever he needs to work late.

Every morning, I will bring our dog for a walk at Yishun Park & Pond.
Our house has only completed Phase 1 of renovations-flooring, kitchen granite counter & painting.
We chose textured ceramic tiles that look like wood. Our contractor is a tile specialist with 30 years experience in flooring.
We hope to start Phase 2 of our renovations this year-carpentry for living, master bedroom & kitchen cabinets.

I realise that all my neighbours at Jade Spring since mid 2011..while we are still renovating ours! Lol
Good thing is that we can take our time to source for our house stuff. I spent a lot of time reading renotalk forums before I found good & reliable contacts for our house renvo, electrical appliances, lighting etc.
I insist on good quality, follow-up service and reasonable prices..I'm very hard to please!

I was very fortunate to find such an honest and reliable contractor. After we signed the quotation, we met him once to confirm the layout of our floor tiles. The second time we went there was to pay our remaining deposit. The flooring works were beautifully completed by that time. Great workmanship. Best of all, I had complete faith in my contractor, did not have to do additional site visits to spot check his progress..

Most likely, we will be engaging him again for our carpentry works. Looking at modern French Country theme.
Our flooring is light wood colour, walls are painted light greys & neutrals. So bookshelves, wardrobes & cabinets will be all in white. Anyone who needs contacts for their house needs can pm me..

Hope to meet our fellow neighbours sometime!