Is there such thing as a happy marriage?


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firstly i do believe there are happy couples, but seems like most people have problems in their marriage. I have problems with mine and some days i wake up really depressed.

I feel stuck but im also wondering if its becos i didnt do enough.

im wondering out there how many ppl really have happy marriages. I know there is no perfect marriage but sometimes i wonder if its my own personal problems or if my wife and i are not compatible or what is happening to me is really common.

can anyone share the challenges u face in ur marriage?


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Bro. Your case no need think lah.

If from the start you don't have the honey moon , crazy in love feeling , sure is gone case if married.


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what problems do you have that makes you feel unhappy? every marriage has problems, i do believe that there are happy marriages. but happy marriage doesnt mean that their marriage has no problems, it just means that both put in effort to solve the problems together. if you have given up to try , then the marriage will fall apart. having said so, i do believe that everybody has to set a line too, a line where they think enough is enough. some problems are not solvable to certain people, for example like cheating, if things like that happens, some people are able to forgive and move on, while others feels that you have crossed the line for this relationship to work.


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There are a lot of pretendious front of others act happy and loving..behind close doors different issue


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This couple go around harming others just cos their marriage not stable...they act loving in front of others...this woman refuse to open legs for this this man go around using other gals and let the wife know that he is cheating outside cos he cannot get sex from her


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ot of pretendious front of others act happy and lovi
and be honest to each other is a must
Acceptance is pre requisite before honesty. You need to have a partner who has acceptance before they can deal with your honesty. ie, if my spouse cant accept that i have bad habit of smoking and kick up a 3 days fight each time it happened, how will i handle it? i will choose not be honest about it whenever i smoke. you start to lie and hide for the sake of peace and sanity and the vicious cycle goes on. Same for online shopping etc, when you spouse find fault in your lifestyle because they cant accept it and end up in a fight, naturally it will be the begin of the end.


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I agree that acceptance is a key ingredient, the other being compromise. Whether or not your partner demonstrates these traits, you can then sense whether it’s true love in due time.

A happy and blissful marriage results when the couple accepts each other and acknowledges each other’s faults and make up for each other’s deficiencies