Is Speed Dating still popular?

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by lisayeo, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    The problem with singles is that, either they are too shy or too busy in work.

    However I would like to take the challenge, to organize a speed dating event. I wonder is Speed Dating still popular? Will there be active participants?

    However, do not think "dating" is where we must really find a soul mate. Speed Dating can be simply an activity to break out of normal life routine, relax and get to know some new friends. As simple as that, right?

  2. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    Be it popular or not, I am in the process of organizing one.

    So far, I have collected 3 males and 1 female participants.

    Construction Supervisor
    Material Planner
    IT Consultant


    If you know any single friend, feel free to notify them my Speed Dating event. I hope the participants are from far away and different background.
  3. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    Tentatively the date is 6 June, 09 (Saturday) afternoon around 2pm-5pm.

    I am yet to finalize the location.
  4. faith81

    faith81 New Member

    Hi Lisa, is the female clerk yourself? I have heard of it in radio and seen it online but nv been to one before.. but is it safe? i am quite interested..
  5. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    Yes, I am the female clerk.

    Me and 2 friends will be helping out and hosting the event. We'll do it in a tranditional and safe way. We'll prepare some games which are suitable for couple to overcome and give away small gifts.

    Meanwhile I am still in the middle of collecting 15 pairs of males and females. If you are interested, welcome to send me your name, gender, age, from where, phone, email, occupation, education and interest to
  6. faith81

    faith81 New Member

    Hi Lisa, it's alright i dont think i wanna join. Thanks. [​IMG]
  7. alexthegreat

    alexthegreat New Member

    Hello. I've just signed up because I can't help but wana join in this discussion. I've been to one.. hehe. I won't be joining this event though, but maybe you can let us know the format and let me know if you need any comments.
  8. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    After 1 whole month of advertising and working, all participants are almost in place. It is about time to close the event.

    The fee will be fixed at SGD28. Tonight I'll write email to individual participant to collect the amount. Only those who paid will be considered confirmed participant. Alright!!!
  9. kennyg7

    kennyg7 New Member

    Hello, is it that they must speak English during the introduction? I know some people when they communicate in Mandarin, they are confident but when comes to English, they speak like a small kid.
  10. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    The participants are Singaporean, Malaysian and China people. Most of them will be ok to communicate in both Mandarin and English.
  11. kennyg7

    kennyg7 New Member

    Oh China people.... oh yeah....good luck n all the best...
  12. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    Haha, don't be so prejudiced against people from certain country lah.

    So far, my statistics shows, Malaysian participants > Singapore > China. Not too bad loh. The participant age is mainly among 25~30 years old, which is very good sign.

    This is the final week of consolidation already. Interested to join?
  13. lisayeo

    lisayeo New Member

    After past 1 week of busy recruitment and arrangement, the 1st 25~30 years old version of Speed Dating event came to a good finale on 6 June 2009.

    The response to the event was overwhelming - we had a total of 30 pairs of participants. Even though it may have been a bit tedious for some participants to speak to so many warm new friends, everyone went home happy and full of new found friendships.

    I have uploaded the event photos into Facebook. You may add as friend to view the photos.
  14. mbran

    mbran New Member

    I think some people like speed dating and some don't. It's hard to say whether one person will like it or not. I tried it a few months ago through this website - Lovestruck Singapore dating, and I really enjoyed it. It's so different from normal dating, it's very fast paced action where you meet lots of different people in one evening. If that sounds like something you might like, you should give it a try but if you would prefer to have more time to get to know the other person, it might not be for you.
  15. marshyooshy

    marshyooshy New Member

    Speed dating is not for everyone..
  16. cococherry

    cococherry New Member

    It's quite popular among the early 30s ladies. Heard from a Friend who attended few sessions
  17. mirrorcelcius

    mirrorcelcius Member

    just wear sexy and sit in the bar and drink. the hunter will come to you. oh ya..make sure you look happy and smile. most Singaporean people are very lack of.
  18. michimichichan

    michimichichan New Member

    Only for those who can handle the idea of talking to 10 different people for 5minutes each.. i think it's tiring

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