Is He/She Married?


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Hi All,
Would appreciate if anyone could help me with "How to check if someone is already married?"
I read that it is possible to check through the ROM website? I logged on to the web and saw that there is only a marriage records section, whereby I need to provide my own IC number etc. And that they will send a duplicate copy of the marrigage cert to me. But i dont need the cert. Just want to know whether the person is married... is that the only way to check? Or I am on the wrong page.

Your advice greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Thank you Memories03.
Oh, is our identity kept confidential when we request the information? Because I wouldnt want the person I'm checking on to know that I'm checking on him. I was thinking of engaging a PI to do it instead.

What do you think?


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why need to check? just ask money.
u can tell if he is lying straight away when he reply u. ..uh..


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ark: u cant tell if a person is lying anot sometimes..

ashley: i think the person will not know.. if u wan , call up ROM centre and check if them... hiring a PI is quite exp ..


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Hi Ashley

If the person intends to lie, he will lie even if you probe. Yet there are some fellow who give excuses like 'You never ask if I was married.' Lame but it's true.

Hiring a PI is ex. In fact there are tell tale signs such as:
he never give you his residential tel no
he never brings you home or meet his parents/relatives
he never call at specific timing eg. night or weekends
he's always busy these timing

That was how I found out years ago. But if your bf works shift hours or he's a foreigner like Malaysian, it's pretty hard to track.