Is $6000 able to buy 0.8C diamond ring???

Discussion in 'Anything Under The Sun' started by heppyman, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. heppyman

    heppyman New Member

    Could any bros and sis here pla advise whether with this $6000.. can i buy a 0.8C diamong ring???

    If yes... any recommendation... deeply appreciate

  2. baby_eng

    baby_eng New Member

    Hi Roger,

    I recommend Josi Gems in Park Mall. A few years ago, I bought a 0.9C diamond for $5,500. Of course prices have since gone up, but it is still better for you to buy at Josi than at shops like Lee Hwa or Goldheart because the latter spend lots of money on advertising and pass the cost to the consumer. Hope this helps you!
  3. boobootan

    boobootan New Member

    Hi Andrew,

    I’m a diamond lover myself.
    My company deal with many businessmen and trader.
    Few years back, I got to know a wholesales for loose diamond through work connection,
    They specialize in custom made diamond jewellery as per client requirements and budget, and of course loose diamond.
    All diamond come with GIA certification.
    I was surprise by the handicraft and especially the price of the art piece that they “tailor” for me.
    I will say, their diamonds are beautiful, you got to see it yourself.
    If you or any friends are keen in diamond like me :p
    Maybe I can help you get a good price.
    Just let me know the what you want, ring, earring, necklace etc..
    Carat, Grade and Budget.
    I will try to help you get the best quote from him.

    email me your spec :
  4. phuayling

    phuayling New Member

    hihi... i have a celestial diamond ring and a celestial pendant from GoldHeart for sale for those who want to purchase from their celestial range! Comes with certificate as well.

    Total value: $1866
    Trade in Value: $1511
    Selling at: $1300

    By buying from me, you can directly get $211 off when you trade them in for the item you wanted! The full value trade in will be until Aug 2010 so there's plenty of time for u to wait for good promos or jewellery before making your purchase.

    Please contact me at 9791 0115 for more details..I can go down to the shop together with you to verify the trade in value before we close the deal.

    Thanks alot! [​IMG]
  5. joistar

    joistar New Member

    Hi roger,

    im sure u can get a very good quality diamond and good size for 6k. my husband got mine this jeweller too. diamonds come with GIA cert. so no worries.

    please PM me for details.
  6. shingirl

    shingirl New Member

    lol.... u can get but depends on your colours, clarity and cut.

    but at 6K, 0.8 carat.... colour n clarity might not be veryvery good.
  7. terr

    terr New Member

    Hi all,

    I need some help here.
    Recently, I have been hunting around for engagement ring and need some advice.
    I have been to SK, Goldheart, Lee Hwa, Sookee.
    At this point of time I'm interested in a 0.9 carat, G color, SI2 clarity, round cut and GIA certified diamond ring from Sookee. They are charging me $5508 after discount (I think it's a 50% discount).
    Is it a good buy?

    I have not been to eClarity and Josi yet. Should I go this 2 places to take a look?
  8. fat_ger

    fat_ger New Member

    Hi Terr,

    Too expensive with that pricing.U can get a better quality.
  9. bluez_chicken03

    bluez_chicken03 New Member

    Try Meyson at Marine Parade. I think their diamonds more value for money.
  10. jessie_c

    jessie_c Member

    Dear all,

    I have a pair diamond earrings from SK Jewellery and a diamond pendant from Tianpo for SALE!

    Both have trade-in value.

    Certificate attached. Pls PM me for fast deal!
  11. snowbell_05

    snowbell_05 New Member

    Hi! I am interested in the diamond pendent. Pls sms me 97485417.

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