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Haha ok that's good !!!

So I might ask for more perks then.. ; )
lol but I'm bad at negotiating.. Normally I'm e one who gives in..


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We just had our wedding @ IC last sat. Everything went smoothly. We would like to thanks our coordinator, Trina and event manager, Alvin Chua. Both of them are great help to us during that day. Trina is very nice n helpful to us. Whatever we have anything to ask her, she will respond fast to us and patiently explain to us. She will try her very best to fulfill whatever things we requested. We really appreciate on this. To us, a good coordinator is very important as you need to coordinate with her on your wedding stuffs. We are lucky and fortunate to have Trina as our coordinator. My hubby says that Alvin really coordinates the whole event well for us. Indeed he really did a good job. My guests commented the foods are good especially the shark’s fin as there are lots of fins in the soup. The bridal suite is very spacious.

We sign up with IC is because of the ballroom. Both of us love the ballroom to the max. All the staffs at IC are helpful and their services are good too.

Thanks to IC.


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Hi berry,

Congrats on ur wedding! May I check wif u wat theme did u use? Do u mind sending me ur package details cos I'm considering IC as well. Wat r e additions tt u manage to bargain for? Thanx a million!
xinhui1981@hotmail. com


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hi berry, do u mind sending me ur package as well? thanks!

[email protected]


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Hi berry, great to know ur wedding went well
btw, just like to ask if you used original cd for the background music or march-in? I'm wondering if we can use our selection of songs via mp3 format?

I understand that the person whom we signed up the package with may not / is going to be our co-ordinator. Thinking of we can request to pick our co-ordinator. Seems like Toreen and Trina are good choices


glitter_blossom, the person you sign the package with usually would be your co-ordinator. I think probably you can request to change your co-ordinator but then i think it would be subjected to the hotel approval.


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didn't book the malacca room but went to view it, it's a long L-shaped room, one table on each side but the L is beside the stage, so there will be a couple of tables 'hidden' there


Hi I'm a IC Btb ; )

Just sign up during their wedding show today.
Yeahhh very happy <3 one more thing settled.

Any other btb sign up with them too?


Hi houseoflove,

hehee mine is also a wedding lunch. Glad that e dates are not taken up. Their perks is good. What i wish for they already provided. so nth much to negotiate hahaaa..

Their desert station is soo pretty. And it taste vry good. Might have one for my wedding too ;)


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Yeah the dessert station is very pretty! But it's additional cost le..

I am already starting to be worried about making a sis's fren just had a wedding there and she made a loss of 6-7k...I just hope my loss won't be too big...

Which mth are you holding it in and what perks did you get? I am holding in May 2012..

And today my good fren told me that her colleague held the wedding at Intercon too..and they found something in the dishes..I feel sick after hearing it...


I'm having my wedding on March 2012 ; )

normally if you hold in a expensive hotel, you won't cover back but enjoy the process and e beautiful ballroom embience is the most important of this special event.


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Hi joyce, congrats !
I m int in IC hotel too . U mind to share ur wedding package details?

I hv PMed u my email add. Thanks !


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Hi, everyone! We are considering IC for our wedding next year too! But we missed the wedding show in March! Can someone please email me the package and perks IC offer during the wedding show? What other additional perks you BTBs manage to bargain for? Can let me know too? Thanks a lot! Our email address is [email protected]


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Hi all!
Have any one attended any wedding in intercon Recently? I am considering lunch wedding at IC but am very worried about the food quality there. Have not seen any feedback about the food is good so far, only the stunning ballroom.

Can anyone share their experience?


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Hi All.
Me too has missed the wedding show in Mar.

Can I have the wedding planner contacts and banquet packages?

Trying to reach the person-in-chargem but no answer nor reply to email.



Attended my friend wedding last wednesday. Hers is the grandballroom located at Level 2. Ballroom is elegantly nice and classic. The whole level is for her. The only minus point is the placement of the projector screen! We are just sitting below the screen and cant even make out the whole video playing! Imagine the 3 screen is attached at 1 side of the wall, at least 2 rows (~8 tables) cant see the screen clearly. Great disappointment!

Food wise so-so. The prawns comes in various sizes, not standard. And quite small also. Fish is big but flesh stiff. Veges, desserts sre nice.


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Hi, everyone! We are considering IC for our wedding next year too! But we missed the wedding show in March! Can someone please email me the package and perks IC offer during the wedding show? What other additional perks you BTBs manage to bargain for? Can let me know too? Thanks a lot! Our email address is [email protected]


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I just had a wedding dinner on a Monday and I find that the service is very good. There is 1 server to a table and for my table, she is very attentive. When our soft drinks or beer are left with a little bit, she will change a new glass (not refill), a bit wasteful but well I don't mind. The way she portion out the food is steady and fast with little mess. Food taste good but just that I find its not warm enough. Could be better in this aspect. The server even explained what the sauce provided is for which dish.
Sound system and lighting is very good. Friend said its very warm inside but I find it comfortable enough.
29 tables inside and its very spacious.
Overall very good experience.
Thank God (cos I am having my wedding lunch in 2012 May there haha)


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I'm just wondering if anyone will opt to use their foyer (outside the ballroom) for solemnisation or choose to do it in the ballroom itself?

If choose foyer, I'm afraid I'll roll down the stairs... Then if opt to do it in ballroom, I'm just afraid I'll freak out!



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JL: haha you are funny
well choose it in the foyer is a much better option, make sure your HTB holds you well!

Also, it provides more opportunity for photo taking instead of everything being in the ballroom. Just my 2 cents worth. Cheers! :D


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Anyone mind sharing with us your dinner wedding package for 2012 or the perks you managed to negogiate with IC? This is our 1st time negogiating and we don't know what to look out for..

my email is [email protected]

Tks !


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We chose Hotel Intercontinental for our wedding banquet on 12 Mar 2011 and definitely didn't regret it. We received a lot of compliments from guests for our choice.

Our wedding planner Stephanie was instrumental in making the arrangements for us, including giving us the ideas for making our wedding a special one.

Just prior to our wedding, our wedding planner left and Toreen, our new wedding planner was just as helpful, walking through with us all preparatory steps and rehearsals.

On the actual day, the Intercontinental team is very professional and we are truly grateful for them! They executed the night perfectly. Right from the start of the evening, arrangements of AV equipment, cocktail event, the informal entrance via the foyer staircase, to the start of the march-in, , cake-cutting, singing during 2nd march-in, tea-ceremony during the wedding banquet and finally the counting of bottles consumed, serving of our dinner in our rooms -- we were just impressed.

Kudos to the Intercontinental team!

For more information/ pictures:


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I'm new here. Could anyone please share with me their package price and perks they negotiated with Intercontinenal for 2012? Im looking to host a lunch there. Went to the Wedding show yesterday, but din see any much perks during the show. Thanks!!!!


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Dear IC Pretty BTB

Would appreciate if you could send me the perks that you got from IC wedding package.

Still looking ard which hotel to hold my wedding in 2013/2014, lol I very kiasu! ;p
Please email me at [email protected]