Insurance for wedding


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Does anyone know if there is insurance company in Singapore who covers wedding insurance? For example, if there is unlikely event of say, earth quake in Singapore, but the entire banquet costs has already been paid. Or if there is heavy rain, or hotel collapse, etc?? Or in an unfortunate event of demise of close family members, etc, where wedding needs to be postponed, etc.

I have seen such insurance in other western countries, but wondering if there is such insurance in Singapore? Any comment?


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I think the company no longer provide wedding insurance. I email the company and was told that they are removing it due to poor response


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i think wedding insurance is impt!! my fren went ahead with his wedding even though his mother passed away because the vendors wanted to forfeit his deposit!!! such things always happened at the wrong time...

which other company has wedding insurance?


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Hi can email me the link too?


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sounds goond.. but yeah wedding is kind of like a big risk cos we pay for so many things in advance but something might happened.. thanks for sharing!


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Please help ... I have contacted NTUC and they do not have this type of insurance. Hotel is refusing to budge on their terms and conditions with regards to absolving them of all liabilities ...