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    That day, you waited eagerly at home anticipating his arrival.

    That morning, you donned a stunning wedding gown and bade tearful farewell to your parents.

    That instant, you fought back tears and utter the three most important words in your life, “Yes, I doâ€.

    That second, your life changed forever, as the two of you took the vow to age blissfully together.

    That minute, you walked hand in hand with him out of the Holy Church into a new chapter in your life and joyously accepted blessings from all and sundry.

    That hour, my camera never left you.

    Some day, you will open the album and relive the moments of unbridled joy and spontaneous happiness, sheer delight and undying love.

    Your memories, my works.

    Inoue Photography
    HP : 96375058


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    I would like to find out about the price and package for actual day VG and PG. My AD is 28 May. Please email me at

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    Can I have your quote for

    1. AD photography + videography + Express Highlights

    AD: 26 Nov 11
    Email address:

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    Hi Ivan,

    you have mail.

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    Can I have your quote for

    1. AD photography
    2. Videography
    3. Express Highlights

    AD: 23 Sept 2012
    Email address:
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    Hi MeiLe,

    you have mail.

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    Hi, can email me the rates & details of the AD videography and photography packages which you are offering on 14 Oct 2012?

    My email is:

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    Hi Sierra,

    you have mail.


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