Indonesian Brides!!

Hi! I am a Singaporean but seconded in Jakarta for a next few months. I am trying to plan the wedding while I am here and wondering if it make sense to get my WG made in Jakarta.

Do anyone have good tailor or bridal shop to recommend? I'm looking for someone who can do modern WG. Please PM if you have any contacts or used them before and a satisfied customer. Thanks!


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Alo.. Alo... Ada yg bride to be di taon ini ga? Bole share info bridal ama venuenya? Gw sih ngincer La Belle Couture.. Keliatannya harga ama paket yg ditawarin cukup menarik ama consultant yg gw temuin ramah bgt..

Gw rencana ROM bln Mar'12, sekalian ama pre-wed photoshoot jg tp ampe skrg blm bs decide bridal apa yg bagus en murah..

Resepsi rencana bln Dec'12 tp sama msh blm dpt tmp soalnya msh nunggu PIL kapan tgl bgsnya.. Tp da rencana antara di restaurant yg deket hotel ato di restaurant dalam hotel.. Ada yg bs kasih idea ga ya kira2 dimana restaurant yg enak?


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Hello bluekoala,
Lu ada liat2 BS laen gak? Gue pny BS bluebay. Kl lu interested sama gue blg yah? Gue pny voucher additional 6 pics for new sign up. Normally BS ini kebanyakan foto di taiwan, tp wa ambil yang local PS pny.


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Alo loveforever,

Gw baru aja sign ama Venus Bridal, foto mrk bagus ga bs ambil PS jauh2 secara gw da set jadwal buat PS bln Mar.

Skrg lg cari MUA, AD photographer ama car rental..hehehe..ada yg bs direcommend? ^_^

Btw tmp resepsi elo dimana? gw masih cari2 nih..bingung jg dimana enaknya..


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hi bluekoala,

oh, rupanya lu udh sign yah. wa jg ambil ps di sg tapi bln 6. wa pny ad di indo neh, jadi no comment. gue udh register bln 10 lalu. kalo AD photographer maybe blh rekomend lu hendra photography deh. kalo lu mau contactnya, lu pm gue deh. dulu rom wa pake dia neh.


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hi loveforever,

gw da pm elo..kasi tau contact numbernya ya..
Gw jg rencana mo da resepsi kecil Restaurant in indo..Elo di jkt ya? resepsi bakal dimana? restaurant Angke enak ga ya? ato ada recomend yg laen?

Thank you ya


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