"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz


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Can anyone please email me the songs?

I am trying to find as many weddings songs as possible to choose for my AD nex yr.



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hi fleur fleur and paradise, have sent the song to you


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no problem~ glad to help! it's one of my fave songs for weddings too....think it's quite a timeless song so dont think you get tired of it easily


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Hi, superfly! Just wondering whether you have the following songs too? Care to share with me?

can you feel the love tonight - Elton John
I Do cherish you - 98 Degress
Sway - Michael buble
"zhi zhao lang man" - Chen hui ling & zhen zhong qi
"Lian Ai Da Ren" - Alan Guo
"Wu Ding" - Landy & Jacky
"Chu Jia"
How deep is your love - Take that
"Xuan Ze"
I finally found someone - Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand
forever love - Gary Barlow

share with me at [email protected]
Many thanks....