I'm not attracted to my gf..


My girlfriend and I have been dating for close to one year now. We are both 28.

When we met, we connected right away. We always have fun, we are always laughing when we are together. She is the sweetest girl a guy could ask for, a real girl next door type. When I think of a great mom and a wonderful wife, I think of someone like her.

But, I am not that attracted to her. And I haven't been since we started dating. I always thought looks are one of the least important parts of a relationship, and I guess that is why I've been with her till now.

I hate to even say it, but her breasts are really small. I mean literally, she just has nipples. I know that I am no super model, and I have flaws. But, I can't help but feel like I could do a lot better. I guess I feel that way because I have in the past dated girls who have better bodies. I feel like I have a lot of opportunity to meet someone that I'm really sexually attracted to, and I feel like I have a lot to offer a girl.

I feel horrible that I could be wasting her time. She deserves someone who is completely in love with her, not someone who is constantly thinking about her breasts when they're with her. If she knew what I was thinking when we hung out, she would be devastated. I feel disappointed in myself for not going for someone that turns me on more and I feel horribly guilty because I feel this way about someone I love so much.

She comes from a great family, she's religious, and she's always there for me. So, I feel like I am ungrateful and I need to ignore these stupid superficial feelings. I have been wanting to break up with her because of this. I didn't tell her that was the reason, but that is why. I did it for both of us, I didn't want her to stay with me if I wasn't into it. But yet i know i may live to regret it because she is really a wonderful gf.

And now, everyone is asking when we are getting married. And the worst part? Every time someone asks me that, all I can think about is her in her wedding dress with no breasts to fill it out. And I feel awful just even thinking about that.

I've dated girls who I thought are really hot, but they are always really mean. I'm not saying all beautiful girls are that way, but I am saying that I have this awesome girl who would do anything for me, and the reason why I don't want to marry her is because of small boobs. I wish I could really just get over it, and move on and that when she wears super tight shirts, and all you can see is nipples, that it wouldn't bother me one bit. But it's driving me CRAZY.

And it's not like she has B cups and I'm upset because they're not double D's.. and she does tells me it is her concern too because it's so obvious she doesn't have any. But i have always reassured her that she doesn't have to change one bit because she is great the way she is and i would also say no to fake ones.

The reason why I'm typing this long message here... is that I have no one to talk to about this. I can't talk to my guy friends as it will really disrespect her. And I don't feel comfortable talking about this with my family... ! I feel silly spilling my guts like this, but i really hope someone can advise me on this.. Please don't beat me up for being so superficial! I'm usually not like that, I don't judge friends or family members or anyone really.

I just am so worried because I'm not that attracted, and it's really hurting our sex life. I just fell in love with her really hard, and the thought of not being with her makes me so scared. But being with her is draining, because my mind is completely focused on her chest. Please help me somebody...


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If you are concerned about it, why did you go and tell her she doesn't have to change one bit?

IMO, you should tell her about this. Whether it breaks the r/s or not, that is secondary. Because it is obvious you cannot live with this for the rest of your life. So that is more important and lengthy than any time you have spent with her so far.

As for surgery to increase the size, I don't think you should think of it as taboo. If both of you think that you want it, then just go do it. Don't say one thing and think another; It will eat you for the rest of your life.


I don't think that there is anything wrong with your thinking...but the hard truth is that physical appearance do plays a very big role in a relationship especially for guys....if her "A" cup is affecting you...just find someone else....

But u should have voice it out right from the start and not drag on the relationship...and surgery wun really help...coz fake breast are hard like stone.....


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