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we are planning to get married next year. both of us are young and dumb about how/where to start planning from.

can someone out here advise me how?
wedding planner needed??
how much time do i have to plan ahead of?
any recommendations or suggestions??

thanks thanks


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jeanette, no worries...there r many ppl here who can give gd advice...

i tik first and foremost, u both shd work out the total budget for both ROM and AD before anything. Also, do consider these 2 options

(1) do ROM and AD separately
(2) do ROM and AD on the same day

some ppl will suggest (1) and some will suggest (2)...if u r considering doing (1) for the sake of getting ur marriage certificate to submit to HDB, do tik twice...u need not do tat really...u can appeal to HDB to apply u both to submit ur marriage certificate after ur ROM and AD...

also, if u take (2), u can save time and $$ as well...for ROM, it's generally going frm S$700 to at least S$1200 depending on where u do it...

All in all, here's the general things that ppl usually get for their wedding....u may or may not get all or just get some...it's v up to individuals...

assuming tat u r doing ur ROM and ur AD on the same day, these would prob be the things u need:

- banquet venue (assuming u r tiking of doing wedding banquet dinner/lunch)

- bridal studio package
(u can get the following from here:

(a) ur ROM and ur AD wedding gown, evening gown as well as ur tea ceremony gown or kua
(b) PS bouquet and AD bouquet
(c) photos
(d) bridal car decor
(e) bridal corsages
(f) boutonneire for the bridegroom
(g) mum's dress
(h) dad's jacket


- AD VG (may not be necessary...up to u both)

- his shoes and her shoes

and many more...

to be honest, if u r able to organize everything, u may not need a wedding planner...afterall, it's ur wedding...planning for ur wedding would seem more meaningful n personal also...

if u need, i can email u the wedding budget...
thanks grace,

we actually decided to do ROM n AD on diff days. cuz i guess tings might b quite rush to do both on same days.

budget abt 20K. izzit enuf?

we dun reali have lotsa relatives+frens.
probably looking for a place for 10-20 tables.

we intend to go for e bridal fair in jan for a better idea. either getting a local shop or jb.

AD photographer shld b getting my fren.

thats all tat we actually decided on.
clueless abt e rest.

can u email me @ [email protected]
reali thanks alot


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I did my ROM and AD on 2 different days....

I ROM in 2007... (well not for the flat).... and my AD is Sept this yr...

This is what i did...


1) ROM at the registry.... (no extra expenses for venue booking)
2) After ROM, we treat the guests to Grand Plaza Park Royal hotel for a dinner buffet....

My ROM dress and makeup are all ala carte... all in all for my dress and makeup and bouquet i did not spend more then $300.... as my ROM is attended mostly by our close frds (there are abt 11 of them) the buffet came up to abt $400 after credit card discount.... though we did not really spend much but it was a memorable day as we really had alot of time to chat and gossip with our friends...

My AD :

- at Novotel Hotel ... we had 18 tables...
- attended mostly relatives as well as frds...
- took a bridal package and bargain till include photos montage(therefore save my time on photomontage..hehe)

A 20K budget might not be enuf if you are looking for hotels.... and not to mention abt bridal package... and also bear in mind of some nitty gitty stuff that u need to purchase.... for example Guo Da Li Stuff, An Chuan Stuff.... and some other misc wedding stuff...


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Hotels banquet are all fixed price... there is no harping on the prices for the table... the only thing u can bargain for is maybe more invitation cards or parking coupons...
If u r interested in Novotel wedding dinner, u could go to their website and see their 2009 menu and prices.... cos to tell u the price i paid this yr will be different from the price next yr....


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to be honest, jeanette...for 2009 onwards, with a budget of only $20k n u want to do ur ROM and AD on separate days with 10-20 tables in hotel, i dare to say...not possible...

say u take 15 tables for ur AD and considering Novotel's 2009 prices, it would be ard S$798 nett per table..tat would alrd come up to S$11970...$8k for the rest seriously not possible...also, for Novotel, they charge corkage for wine per bottle too...

oh ya, if u get JB BS, do remember to take into consideration the following stuff - MUA, AD bouquet, car decor, corsages...do check with the BS wat kind of prices they r charging u cos they would consider it as an overseas wedding...if not, u have to get these stuff ala carte in s'pore...

i emailed u a sample of the wedding budget


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Novotel provides a bottle of red wine per confirm table thus there is no need for u to bring in anymore red wine unless u want to bring in yr own premium red wine... In my opinion, the red wine that Novotel provides is good enough and my guests says its nice...

And for Novotel the least tables u can take is 18 tables... not 15....


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Hi, Jeanette

Personally, i wouldn't encourage for hiring a wedding planner especially if we're on tight budget. That will be an extra cost in which can be spent on other more necessary things.

Wedding is a big thing, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Just start with the very basic items, and slowly work out from there. You will find that it's not that hard to organize a wedding also lar.


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happiness&amp;bliss, i'm not saying tat Novotel's min. tables r 15, i'm just giving jeanette an eg on the total budget...just 15 tables alrd $11k+...total budget of $20k for everything is pretty much impossible, tat's all


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ya.. 20k dep on wat u budget for..if u mean the WHOLE wedding event.. if you mean 20K for just dinner will be enuff for less then 20 tables .. just make sure u get one hotel/restn tat include free wine &amp; beer at least, no corkage charge if nec.. i have done up alist of the price comparison of some hotels..since i am also looking for a venue tat don need so high mini table qty.. i have just signe don hotel rendenzvous during their weddin fair this mth..
others costs to budget for
- wedding bands
- Bridal shop (Sgp will be more exp rangin till even 5/6k with their top ups..i recomm JB BS the mostonly need 3/4k with top ups)
- PG
- VG
- Ting Qin, GDL expenses
- AP to be given for helpers etc
- Misc stuff etc (prep for qie xin niang AM session, maybe even preparing your hses for ppl to come ), buffet for AM sessions

if on budget..ROM in the ROM office itself is cheapest or doing it at home, add some simple/cheap buffet for guests to eat or maybe even very cusual ROM style ending w BBQ in chalet etc?? to me ROM is more impt then AD.. do something memorable if possible.. it don have to cost alot de.. and maybe your guest can give AP to cover some costs too..main thing is make it as memmorable as possible..


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Hi Jeanette,

U can actually bargain for ROM dress and use the trial make up in your bridal studio package. then u can save the money too. In addition, before u sign on the dot, do get the BS to agree to swop the ROM dress for additional photos. In that case, if u decide to get your own ROM dress, at least u can get more photos in ur album.


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Hi Grace,

Please do not misunderstand me.... I am just citing Jeanette to the nearest accuracy so that she could gauge her budget better....
I did explain to her in my 1st post that 20K budget is really not enuf... and my AD is in 2008... if 2008 with a budget of 20K is not enuf, 2009 would even be worst... cos as we knw, prices in banquet are increasing...


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Sorry I miss yr qns... No i did not engage a planner... We plan everything ourselves.... and i really see no need for a planner...
>> grace lourdes
reali thanks alot.

i've got ya sample alr.
you reali had a super detailed plannin.

now after much consideration... we've decided to do both ROM + AD together.
with my lil budget, we are thinkin not to do it in a hotel anymore. more likely a country club.

dun mind me askin. where did u do ur bridals shoots. my fren recommended me whitelink.

>> happiness&amp;bliss
thanks for ur opinion

18 min tables. nt budget. but maybe we dun even have that many relatives

since some of e forum-ers are helpin me.. i think i can happily no need planner liao

>> kervin tan
hahax. ya. whole wedding.
i know its very super impossible.
hopefully i can make it possible =x
btw THANKS for e xcel file

dun mind me askin. where did u do ur bridals shoots.

>>love is in the air.....
actually... im confused with what u said.
sorry sorry.


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hi jeanette, just to share with you my experience - we got married on 6 Dec this month and have opted to do our ROM and customary on the same day. We had a simple wedding from GDL to reception. We do not like banquet style and sitting through the 8 courses dishes. So being nature lovers, we opted for an outdoor wedding. We done our ROM in Japanese Garden and treated 320 guests to a buffet lunch! Tea ceremony was done in the morning with only our family. Relatives like uncle and aunties were done durin the lunch reception. It was a simple and casual weddding. Guests come in jeans


$20k budget is enough to pull a wedding in style

1) Instead of hotel, consider holding your banquet in a restuarant. Banquet will take up a big chunk of your expenses. I would highly recommend Peony Jade Restaurent. Max capacity of 22 tables. A hotel room is also provided in their package. My sister held her wedding there and guests love the food! For e.g. the scallop dish was cooked in 2 methods - steamed &amp; fried with mango sauce.

2) Sign up a bridal package during a fair and bargain for a package with 40 photos. Dun go for the 20 photos package coz you might love your photos so much that you want to top up and this will add cost.

3) Skip the VG and ask your friend to video it using their camera
4) Have a simple GDL
5) Monitor the gold price. Buy your jewellery during sale.

I wish I can write more since I've been down the budget and DIY path...PM me if you would like more details


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jeanette...i think if need to go for restn u can try to get one from tat is restn located in hotel de.. so tat u can include hotel accomodation for that day.. more convenient ba..else if u don hhave a whole package with hotel then u cant get cheaper rates for hotel room..normally "walk in" rates are more expensive if u book by yourself without weddin package. else u really budget can get resort for accomdation for tat nite..(but v mafan esp driunk or wat..need get ppl to drive u to antoher acoomdation tat is different from your dinnnign venue..) try http://hotels.online.com.sg/ or wotif.com.sg to check for special rates tat is within your budget
note that country club is not cheap at all lor.. it may even be more exp then those higher end restnt.. based on my list that i given you..some hotel's restn package also cheap tat u can consider eg Excelsior Hotel, Hotel Miramar @ Havelock Road, RELC Hotel (do ask for lesser qty of table to cut cost.. bear in mind such cheaper package might be their accomodation might not be bridal Suite instead) go racky the site n email/talk to the coordinator to see how they can customise your package to your budget/requirements

for my rom i hold it at Labrador Nature Reserve (inside the Glasshouse)..maybe u can try to hold your weddin dinner there?? their weddin dinner rate from 300++ to 600++ got 4/5 packages to choose from...can get its Chinese set at their seafood restn or if u /famiyl don mind..go for a westernized wedding dinner.. there has a italian restnt tat provide buffet /set meal for wedding too..

my BS is at JB.. "Venus BS" go check the forum link..another strongly recommended BS in JB is "SG Bridal","Inspiration" all at Tamah SEntosa. if wan more convenient for travelling go to CIty sq ..there have PRimtemps, Dawn, Monolisa tat singaporeans got frequented too .. main adv of JB BS of course is cost... bS staff attitude i observe is more "sincere" compare to Singapore BS tat really treat u like carrot heads n got attitude prob if u keep asking for cheaper or nego too much..they iwll just "look u down..say u not willing to pay for a "ONCE A LIFE TIME EVENT" too insulting to me le... pay more don mean good svc lor..i rather pay lesser..(but in JB your lesser is their ALOT le) so normally they treat u Very very good courteous n always let u racee all BS don mind u come back to their BS another time to make decisions de.. unlike Sgp BS (got the "if u walk out of my BS now, the offers i quoted NOW will be GONE and u will only get the original that is printed on their Price Booklet only attitude" got wat i mean?) RM 3000++ to $4500 ie SGD1200 - SGD$2000 can get good package le..their individual Pic top up also MUCH MUCH cheaper.. at RM60 for digitally edited pic approx (VS SGD 80-$120 for sgp's)
btw, my package is RM4588 for their premier package. Don need to worry much for travelin cos clearing custom is v easy now esp with the new custom tat just opened on this Monday (i went JB on this Tue )just tat this new custom SUPER BIG got to walk quite a distance to get out of it..haha

anyway ask me again..at first i also tot weddin hard to organised.. cos tat time i got only 4 mth to my ROM (in jan 09) to prepare but now also 77/88 finished le..( i did alot of DIYs also can make it de..very shocked myself too ...hee)

drop me a msn ba i can chat alot more to you.. :p
[email protected]


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Jol Aoiumi , wow your wedding venue is nicely done up.. tat the kind of weddin i love too... but cos i got to rush for my rom first to get my hse..so cant have AD n ROM together in Jan 09 too rush... else i will hold my AD in labrador Park too... my ideal.. yours is nice too.. ppl in jeans.. my bf also wan his guest to come in bermudas de... weddin shd be all abt fun, memorable,relaxed lor..normally diinner held in hotel is "stressful""strict" de.. too formal le.. anyawy since i already got my dream rom at outside style i just go for AD in hotel lor for convenient sake.. but got to think of how to make it more "causual" less boring still.. anyway now still my rom more impt..AD later then think abt it.. anyone of you got any ideas for a fun AD..do drop me any idea for reference!! thanks..

jeanette, 20k is confirm enuff de..if u know how to "save save save" (but not to stingy or very anyhow type) if cut down on banquet cost that part.. yes..pheony jade is highly recommended too .. check it out too lor. do your own DIY decor rather then get the hotel/restn to do for u as they mark up their price alot de... other costs like wedding rings (1k is enuff to get a decent comfort fit type-look for those with instore + credit card discounts), VG (don need), PG (more impt..if u got a BS from JB..try to employ their PhotoGrapher ..althouh gettin them over to SG is more exp but overall still much cheaper then SG PG due to strong SGD currency conversion), custume Jewellery is provided by BS unless u wan to add more real jewel like braclet yourself..else zero costs too..your guests u invited shd be done carefully.. relative is bobian got to invit (with their kids tat take up seats but no AP given will lugi more)for frens/coll try to invit only those u really know.. don anyhow invit their spouse or whole family (tell them politely u got space constraint) unlesss is v close frens. cos nroamlly couple/family wont give tat BIG AP tat is enuff to cover per pax cost of the meal de.. got it??just get ready 20k cash for everythig.. end of day u will get back some AP back in cash..(hint to guest not to give presents if possible)


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From my experience right, during my ROM most of my guests turn up with gifts for us.... and on AD, cos its a chinese banquet, then the guests will give ang pows...
Getting a restaurant banquet is a good suggestion and also it is more affordable... the venue will not be any less grand than hotels as most restaurants now are really posh.... Maybe Jeanette could consider...
My BS is in Singapore.... I do share Kervin sentiments that some BS in Singapore especially those along Tanjong Pagar, really want to "chop our carrots"... so we end up taking a BS from a neighbourhood place.... and they are really nice people and very easy going... I guess finding a BS is very personal. Some might want it to be really lavish... for us, we choose the simplest package and design... cos we also do not want to spend alot on the album.... and also simplicity is US...haha.... but after spending on the album...guess where is it now months after our wedding? Its is the cupboard... kekeke... yes thats whats happen to most couples after the whole wedding is over....


I do have a suggestion.... if you do not have many relatives to invite and could not meet the minimum requirement that most hotels set, why don;t you do it western way? that is if u don't mind.... I have a friend who did her ROM and banquet together on the same day... But she have it as a buffet style and have live band also... this is what she did..

6pm : Pre cocktail
6.30pm : ROM ceremony starts
7.30pm : Buffet for guests starts..

Also in between there is a live band performing...
Hope that helps...


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Kervin - agree with you that JB BS has better services. I visited all the outlets at City Square and was close to engaging Mona Lisa when we decided to bring our PS overseas and hence, back to SG to engage a BS.

ROM is definitely more important
We placed a lot of emphasis on this ceremony, more than our reception, as we want it to be memorable. Vows and exchange of rings leh! Cannot be anyhow. We were very happy with the way the entire ceremony was conducted. Were blessed with fantastic weather and a very capable caterer plus a creative florist. Reception was too rush and pack for us to bask in the ambience but not the solemnization

jeannette - my wedding band was less than $1k. I know this is an impt love symbol but to me, $ is not impt. When we went shopping for our wedding bands, a lot of sales people eyes 'popped' when I told them my requirement 'no diamond for my ring. I wan a ring exactly the same as my husband and our budget is less than $1k' We got a simple and pretty pair of wedding band from Poh Heng.

caution about having a buffet - not all parents and relatives like the idea. I've been down that path so I know. Have to put up with sarcastic comments from certain mean relatives. Our parents are also not that keen but we kept assuring them that the presentation will not be 'han suan' and we also assure that the food quality will be excellent.


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Great advice here all round. I am starting to plan for my own wedding as well. A lot of useful advice here. Thank you


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Wow you gals have really made detailed research and planning! The info here will save me tons of time and effort!!! thanks so much for sharing!!!


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Kervin - PM me if you need Mel or Qiuxian's hp no. or email add

Any BTBs that need infor on GDL, An Chuan etc or on any other wedding preparations can leave their request here and we can share infor with one another. I also have template for budget, AD program, Emcee Script and Helpers list etc. Can share with you girls as I am already sending to other brides in other forums


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jol, rosebayflower seem exp.. all more then $100?? Mrs Teo from Bedok is providing flowers at ard $50 for calla lilies. cheaper if getting just roses. I tryin to get flower of this range too.. somewhere more convenient to pick up from /got free delivery as bedok seem abit far to travel to my ROM venue tat day.. wat is the decor rate for Jentayu gallery?

anyway Can i have the contacts for both of these suppliers? i will check with them..

you can email me at [email protected].

Thanks alot


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jol, how much in total you spend for your ROM there.. the whole decor seem so grand.. how mcuh si the buffet cost over there??

which part of the decor are actually done by Jentayu?? Do you find the Bird cage youself or the florist provide it for u? i need to buy one for my AP box too.. mine is also a garden theme..and where can I get those big Pinkish looking stones tat you ly on the pathway??? i lookin for them too .. better to use them then to use petal which i cant reuse after the event.. stone i still can keep to do a mini garden in my future new house..heee.. advance thanks for your help ...


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kervin - Rate for Jentayu varies depending on the venue size and items you would like to have at your wedding. I spent about $4k for the decor and another $15k for the buffet excluding wine. I had my solemnization and AD combined into one and hosted a luncheon instead of dinner banquet.

All venue decor was done by Jentayu (our florist) except the floral arrangement on the buffet line. Birdcage was provided by Jentayu which I have requested on the eve of our wedding. Pinkish stones are also from my florist. If you like to, you can check with Mel from Jentayu if she could rent you the pebbles and birdcage. I have a BTB who wants to rent a birdcage for her AD in Mar 2009 and Mel gladly agree. Gave her a very quote also as compared to other florist.

Btw, Rosebay can do wedding bouquet and wedding car decor with corsages and car ribbons.


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hello everyone,
i would like top introduce my self.. my name is Olivia.. im into transportation, catering and planning services. i can deal with birthday parties, baby bash, small children's parties, weddings and engagements and many more.. if u have any enquiries u can contact me at [email protected]