I need a JP


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Hi all,
Need your help here. Thanks!

My friend has booked a date to solemnise their marriage in the registry (ROM), but now feel like getting a JP to do it outside ROM. Is it too late to change the venue now?? How's the procedure like?
btw, they book a date in dec.


Dear all, I'm also very keen to know the procedures.

FH and me have not decided whether to solemnise in ROM premise or outside. We are keen to do it outside but wanted to have more time to plan. However, we want to register 3 mths before in case we can't get a good place.

And if we can't do it outside, at least I have a slot to stand by. So, can I register online first and later change to outside venue? Any extra costs? Anyone done it before and any advice? Thks in advance!



I have booked my rom date on 24th June and managed to get David Loh for my soleminser.. so happie.. got my recommendations from the forum and hope that he will make the event very special.. Anyone ask him for dinner and does he usually accept it?

If anyone looking for a venue for their rom.. i will strongly recommend amara hotel.. very thoughful and a lot of freebies...


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I jus had my solo on 26th May..my JP is Mr Chan Kai Yau..
when i first saw him, i was quite disappointed..(same for most of my frens who saw him when mr chan was at my solo)
but he is funny and he can speak in mandarin
even though he is old and he dun look like a person who can crack jokes, he really can break the ice and make the guests laugh..to loosen the tense atmosphere..
some ppl say he has white hair which represent bai tou xie lao..
is a gd choice to use Mr chan as compared to David..
at least mr chan make an effort to meet couples for signing up the JP agreement form..cos his intention is to have a chat with couples and get to know the couples well..
but David jus fax over his signature (even though ROM accept fax copy)
one bad thing abt mr chan is..he dun use hp..so u can only able to get him over his office number and he owas reach office ard 10am-11am..if not u can owas leave a msg for him, if he didnt get back to u, jus give him another call..he definetely return ur call..
If u wan to see how mr chan look like, jus give me ur email..i will send to you

i nv regret using mr chan and greatly thanks him for creating a memorable solo for me n my hubby and of cos my guests
and all my guests agreed that mr chan is gd..


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Hi i just called Mr Koh, he recommend Mr. Phang also, just engaged him as my solemniser in July. seems like no comment on him currently. anyone have idea how is him? i wish he is ok.


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Hi Catherine,

Could you send me the pic for Mr Chan?
Would like him to be my JP... but can her conduct the solemnisation in English as well... just to be on the safe side.



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Hi BTBs,

anyone has any idea, i want to book a solemniser, but he/she cant be born in the year of rooster, can i ask them personally?

How to do booking with them? Where do you get the contacts of the solemniser?

Thank you.


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Hi All,

Does anyone have any JP to recommend?

My AD is in Oct 06 and now I'm really panicking as there's a huge list of JPs and Grassroots leaders and so on and so forth but we do not know exactly which one is good. (good as in do not read out the vows from the paper, that's the minimum I expect)

Will anyone be able to help?


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Hi starrtstarry,

i engaged Bro Emmanuel as my JP for my rom in Dec06. I ahve not met him but he sounded nice over the phone..And I happened to see his pic on today's Straits times home page. He is one of the recipient for the national day award. hope it helps..


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has anyone gone for pre-marriage counselling?

Sorry i know this question should belong in another thread but i was wondering if any of the marriage counsellors are also JPs. Then we could first build a relationship with him or her from the counselling and then be married by him or her. More meaningful lah.


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HI, im having my solemnisation on the 27/09/09 sunday nite at the banquest there. i would to have some JP recommendation,can email at [email protected] try mr chan but he not free

Millions Thanks