I like an attached guy


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I knew him via dating apps 2 years ago. After few months, I like him and just he told me he is attached.

During this 2 years, we did quarrel for the issues like why he don't want to choose me, why I'm not his priority. But he always choose his gf and say he won't breakup with her, and I will always be no. 2. Other periods we are doing stuffs like friends outing, exercise, and sometimes go over his place during workday and there is no one home. We still texting everyday.

After 1 year of trying, I really gave up. i knew he not gonna choose me. In this period, he proposed and told me gonna get married soon. So I decided to move on and requested to stop contact until I move on. But many times it fails, coz he texted me And also I unblock him.

Initially he won't reply me at all when he's with his gf, and he still texting his gf and other friends when he is with me. Then after I told him I really don't like, he tried to reply me when he is with his gf and reduced the screen time when he is with me.

He very hot tempered, and Recently he was pissed off by my reply, coz I Said "u nvr reply me when ure with your gf" and he felt all of his efforts gone and I nvr appreciate it. He was angry and scolded me. He even say "how dare me to say so. Who are you? Who is she? Do you tjink she gonna be happy when im playing phone?!" And said better to just stop this fucking relationship,just be normal friend, seems like things getting worse. And I will never satisfy and keep demanding

Sometimes I just want his caring, maybe by just a call after he meeting his gf and I really feel ok and can do my own stuff. But he will just say "tell me what u want. Please don't play mind game v me." I don't have the hope to be with him right now, I just hoping he can gimme more attention or caring that let me feel "maybe he is still care about me."

I really enjoy the moment when we are together.
But sometimes his word is hurt. He can just replying me by saying " oh ya. I really just play only." " I will never call you when I'm with gf. Never." "Is just texting you, it doesn't mean anything to me"

I don't know what should I do right now. If a guy will scold you when he is in hot tempered and keep telling you "you're not priority. He love his gf"
Is it i should just move on and stop contact him?
I also don't know why I'm still texting him.
My current thinking is just enjoy this year which spend more time with him and we stop contact this year coz he may get married next year. But seems difficult as I really can't just experience every week he gonna stop contact with me and spend time with his gf. And also all the holidays we can't spend together but can just celebrate in advanced or after..


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Its about time you come to terms you are merely his sex tool. What they call a FB, friend with benefit .


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Like what buddhabar mentioned, it's clearly that it's just FwB relationship. He only treat you as a 'spare' or 'friends' only. Probably worst than friends, since friends won't insult each other in such a way.

Try to forget him (easy to said than done though), or at least, buried all the memories deep within your heart, and move on. Maybe can divert your attention elsewhere? Like look for like minded SINGLE friends, that can at least develop into a relationship when sparks occur.


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My advice is to break this relationship so that you can look for other partner who will really genuinely care about you. When you are in a healthy and caring relationship, you'll be much happier. Don't settle for this.


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This type don't even have to be friends with him. Just cut off all ties with this playboy if you are still in this game.

Back off before you are shamed by his wife and he will only side with his family.

Grow up woman.


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You dont have to live like that sis.....Why subject yourself to this sort of life when you know his true character by now?

You should step out bravely and let him see that you can live well without him.Break off from him quickly.

Or even pursue your own happiness.


Which self respected woman with pride will take second place?

U feel worthy than his 正宫?If he want to leave her, he will leave long ago.

You are just wasting your time and feeling.