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  1. yoona79

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    I am planning to go Japan in early May.Would like to know more from those who has been there around this period.

    What is the temperature there and is it still the cherry blossom season in May? Heard that it only blooms from mid March to early Apr....

    Thanks to share your experience with me

  2. LONCS31117

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    Try Hokkaido. Cherry blossoms during start of May. I was there this year 2-10 May.
  3. NatalieChew

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    Please share with me if any info you get
  4. NatalieChew

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    How is the weather?
  5. miyabikkg

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    It depends on which part of Japan you are at. For Tokyo, Sakura blooms in mid-late April, while for Kyoto, Sakura blooms in early April -Mid April. Basically Sakura blooms earlier in Southern Japan, and later in Northern Japan because of the colder temperature up north.

    If you want to catch cherry blossom in Early May, I would suggest northern Japan like Tohoku area (Akita/Aomori area) or Hokkaido. With flowers it is a little hard to say when it would bloom, but around that period if your luck is good, you should be able to catch full bloom. If not that lucky, maybe the early blooming period or late almost gone period. The prettiest point is when they are at full bloom(suppose to last about a week, but may end up being shorter if there is heavy rainstorm or winds).

    Temperature would be a comfortable 17-24 degrees Celsius for the sakura to bloom, but may fall lower at night.
  6. Bella.89

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    I was in Japan, Tokyo for the cherry blossoms this year. I went in mid-march, and the cherry flowers were in full-bloom. This year the cherry flowers bloomed early as well due to rising temperature, specifically an entire week earlier than expected. If i had chose to go a week later, I would have totally missed the full bloom, and you gotta take into account that tourists taking photos of the trees will shake the branches to make the cherry blossoms fall. Anyway, I depended my research pretty heavily on Japan Guide and Tokyo Cheapo.

    As with what @miyabikkg says, blooming period depends on which area of Japan you'll be visiting.

    Finally, some photos I took to share with you :)

    Meguro River
    9EA67F7A-7BFD-4209-B9CA-36BD28FE2D22 copy.JPG

    Roppongi Midtown

    DSC00506 copy.jpg
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