I can't stand my Husband's Brother's gf!!!


Hi everyone ! My Husband'a Brother's gf is a foreigner (Indo Chinese ) . Whenever there is a family gathering, She will always put on a fake front and try to be polite and gentle to the relatives. There was one incident she greeted all the relatives by their title and ask them to eat dinner one by one. It is very irritating as we Singaporeans women do not behave in this way. All in all, I have never seen such a fake person. How can I deal with her ?


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Hi Emer02,

I do not know what's the fake side of it if by being polite is something that you say it's irritating to you. Unless you say that she is being rude to you in some ways.

It is good to be polite if the family is very traditional.
It could be the way she's being brought up.

I'm a Singaporean and I come from a very traditional family too and having to greet everyone is a hassle esp when we arrive at my grandparents place. I have 20 uncle and aunties plus my elder cousins. And we too have to greet every one and I mean every single one before we start eating.

We are all expected to call everyone but it's still a basic respect. I believe you will want to bring your kids up to be a polite and by showing respect to others do show that they are well taught and are well mannered. Don't you think so?

As long as she do no harm to you and your family then everything is gonna be alright.
Chill babe!