How will you react when you see your ex?


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Hw will you react

If you are the one being dumped?
Or you are being dumped?

Even if you tik that you will bohiew when you see him/her, but when suddenly see him/her w/o any mentally/physical preparation..

what will you do then?


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Your earlier thread gone leh!

I was looking for it yesterday to share a song with you - "Not Fair" by Lily Allen. She wrote this song about an ex who was perfect in many ways but failed to make her scream in bed.

The chorus goes: It's not fair and I think you're really mean. I think you're really mean. I think you're really mean. Oh, you're supposed to care but you never made me scream. You never made me scream.

Nice song. I like.


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women just DIG all these stuff dun they? need to react and be all dramatic...

seriously, wat's wrong with walking on? smiling saying hellow then carry on?

are we expecting something dramatic and super "ai-see, ai-wah" kind of reaction?

get a life.


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btw, got see tai shan anot? say hi to him for me ok... i'm his fan


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is there a need to react? I would smile and take initiative to say hi. If she doesn't react or ignore me, I will just walk away.

Basically, after moving on, our ex is no difference from any other friends we have. Only with some special memories to treasure.


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Unprepared? Well, I always have in my mind to pour coffee in his face if I ever see him again.

But that's just a thought, in real life, one doesn't really do such things isn't it. I ll most probably scold him things like a bastard or something if I see him again. Didn't have the chance to say all these things in the past cos I chose to keep quiet in the past. But if I ever see him now, I wont be the quiet girl who didnt unlease all my anger at him for his disgusting behaviour.


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There's this funny incident that happened many years ago when I bumped into my ex.

We both NEARLY say "hi" (thats my first reaction when I bump into friends) then upon realising its each other & We turned our backs and walked away.


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There isnt a need to prepare..

And why would we need to react.

It should be just as usual..

Do we carry our baggages everywhere we go?


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Since u asking this question, I assume this is an ex u r not really keeping in contact with, i.e. becoming acquaintances, no more good friends.

I tink u can look at their reaction first... u may feel like being friendly to them, but they may not feel the same to u...

If they catch ur eye, smile and say hi, but don't talk too much and don't ask too many questions like, who are you dating now?, where r u going?, how is your mother? etc. etc. Be gracious, say u have something on, and go and attend to your own things.


New Member many pandas nowadays with problems...

ahhhhh I rem now...confusedpanda is the one complaining abt her partner's short dick...icepanda is the one complaining all men on earth ain't reliable...wahahahhaaha


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Errrr, so if icepanda and confusedpanda are the same, then how come last week she say her BF's d*** not big enough, then this week say she is single.

*confused ariel*


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Icepanda - single for 2years after a relationship(never mention she is single now lah)
Don't like to make love with the current BF cause she gotta pretend to be inexperience
Likes to compare ex and current bf

Confusepanda - single for 2years after a long relationship (she ever wrote that in her 8-15cm post but was deleted by her)
Don't like to have sex with her current bf because the current bf is only 8cm + skills are poor.
Likes to make comparison between ex and current bf

Look at the reply she write to Doll (forgot to change nick and reply using Icepanda)
Look at the way they write


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Coco, wow, very sharp

Icepanda / confusedpanda, one thing's for sure... you really like to compare your current with your ex.. hahaha.
wow, u all so nice ah, still talk to them...

i c my ex i jus nod my head as acknowlegement tat i saw him.

but hor jus nice tat time me and my bf and a guy fren are walking together, but i was talking to the guy fren. den my ex saw me also nod his head as ack but he quickly turn his head to stare at my bf even though i was talking to another guy...

guy instinct huh...


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i am sure your ex is very jealous
that you got so many guys ard u

maybe he is feeling 'lousy' as you are popular amg guys after not wif him

guy's instinct...

ariel: guys,gals, that is what make the world wonderful and beautiful mah
hahaha... maybe

but hor after compare you will always find that the previous one is better coz you got higher expectation for the current one mah.. den you will find that the world is not as wonderful and beautiful as you think it is. coz got many scum ard...


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by this logic, one would never be happy with who they are with. instead, i believe our past make us clearer of what we need. hence, our next partner would be someone more suitable and happy with. not someone we just grab and quietly unsatisfied with.


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pandas so fast in Singapore liao? Thot coming only next year?

Maybe I start a thread...guess which panda will turn up on singaporebrides this week. LOL...

see ex, if not happy, just pretend neber see walk on how you treat strangers...u don't ke bla kang boh seng when u see a stranger right?


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Panda, did your bf try out the cxxk ring? Effective? By the way, also got dxxk extension. Do check it out. Forget the ex lah.


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Last time i used to love my ex very much too...
Just recently bumped into him at Vivo,he was with his wife(i guess),me with my husband.He didn't smile with me so i just pretend that i don't know him either,but he keep staring at my husband as we walked pass.


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Livia (livialw) -

what is there to stare at your husband.
see if he is more handsome than ur him?????

nothing to smile rite..
last time love....till ...heartbroken..

now see liao..also feelings.


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yeah...after i saw him then only i reliazed my feeling towards him is not there anymore.I also wondering why he stared at my husband.I thought only girls like to compare....In fact that time i also wanted to see hows his partner looked like but it was too sudden then we walked pass already then i also paiseh to turn over to see his partner...lolz...


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i used to think that meeting my ex would be a very awkward matter but then haha i was wrong.

i guess the love disappear altogether.


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tat time i see my ex's bro..
at starbucks.

i didnt realise he is there when i sit down..looking at my netbk..
then at the left side of my view...some1 familiar looking towards me
then i turn ard..and give him a look.
no expression..then i continue lower my head to see my netbk.was typing some need tiking..

soon he passes by my table..more or less i tik he did look towards at me..but i still lower down my head.

i am tiking..wat for smile at him rite..
nothing to talk too..
already over..
smile also fake.
talk also dun noe wat to talk..
let it b and continue typing my stuff.


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I belong to the "no friend with ex-gf(s)" camp. It's very awkward to meet them. Isn't it strange that the person whom I used to care so much and understand so well is now a total stranger?


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why should she be a total stranger? Can't u guys be friends? Perhaps, it is an indication of insecurity over one's emotions on either side.

i.e. your (u or your new partner) side or visa vice (your ex or her new partner side)


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Most likely i will beat him up or scratch his car.... HHAHAHAHAHha... nah... will jus pretend i dunno him..


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i think a lot got to do with whether it ended properly (by 2 parties) or not bah...if no love/hate/animosity then probably no feelings and can treat as acquaintances and hi bye. But if still got grudge/hope/love/hate then will care and over/under react?