How to make soup for steamboat?


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buy those pig bones (tell the butcher you wan to make soup base), then ikan bilis and soya beans... boil the bones first, then put in soya beans and ikan bilis (best to wrap up the ikan bilis in a cloth bundle, if not they will be everywhere you will have trouble to sccop out the soup) and cook... for half an hour or so can liao.. cos its for steamboat.. the taste no need be too strong as you gonna cook raw food inside...

i dunno how to cook la.. thats what my mum tell me


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Halo melcia
Need not specially cook those base..
U can buy those convenient available stock fm NTUC.. try knorr chicken stock...very ideal for steamboat !!!


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dump the knorr ikan billies cube.. i personally find it sweeter than the chicken cube...

else, u can do a shabu shabu style but buying the shabu shabu sauce from the jap counter..


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Hi all,
Thanks for the tips. Was thinking of buying a mini steamboat but dunno how to prep the soup.

What is shabu shabu??


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hi melcia,

actually shabu shabu is a way of cooking thin slices of beef in hot water or maybe vege broth.. so the beef & vege is cooked in a plain manner and you need nice sauces to dip the meat... the beef is cooked in a 'swish' motion, thus shabu shabu...

another method: what my frd did was just to throw in the teriyaki sauce and jap soy sauce and its the stock for our steamboat already...

actually i think the easist is still putting in the knorr cubes


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jagong + blanched pork bones (scalded with hot water first) + ikan bilis + soya bean and just keep boiling for 1.5 hours on medium heat. when you add in your ingredients at the dinner table, that'll add to the flavour

good luck!


use soya bean for the soup, add some dried ikanbillis and (cleaned) prawns head. u will get a pot of very declious soup base for steamboat.


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just buy the packet chicken stocks that comes in packets like packet milk and drinks.. its cheap, clean and tasty


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can try putting in some dried scallop, wolfberry's, red dates into the soup as well.

what me and my friends did was pork (with bones), prawn heads, dried scallop, red dates, wolfberries (gou qi zi) all dump into the soup and boil for a few hours. started preparing from about 2 pm and had the steamboat at about 6pm.

Short cut way is buy the packet soup and pour, or just water and the knorr cubes.


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I always do this: Buy about 1 kg of white shell cockles and pour it into boiling water. Add white cabbage and let the soupbase boil for awhile. And you can start your steamboat anytime.

This shortcut method always serves me well because of the natural sweetness of the cockles which will give the soup a natual rich flavour.

Beats brewing any other soupbase way before the steamboat starts.


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Hubby and I love having steamboat at home! Here's what we normally do- We buy a carton of clear chicken broth (Heinz is good) as the soup base and add some water to it, ratio of chicken broth to water is 3:1. As for ingredients, here's what we love:

-'Tang Oh', a type of veggie commonly used in steamboat
-'Xiao Bai Cai'
-Ennoki mushrooms
-Shitake mushrooms (fresh)
-Abalone mushrooms (fresh)
-Sukiyaki beef (paper-thin slices of beef)
-Fishballs, Pork balls
-Large tiger prawns

All the above can be purchased at Cold storage. Hths.


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For those who are 1st-timers in making DIY steamboat at home, Here's what i did over the weekends! HAHA HTHs

1) Bought chicken bones from the market (around 5 pieces for 2$- not sure if i've been "robbed" cause they see me like never go market kind).

2) Boil water together with chicken bones. Use smaller flame to "brew" the chicken bones for around ONE hour. HAHA

3) Meanwhile, go prepare all the other ingredients. Washing of vege, cutting of meat, cook rice... etc etc....

4) ONE hour's up! and transfer the soup over to the steamboat pot. HEHE...put in 2 chicken stock cubes and/or the water from abalone, asparagus etc ....the soup base now is delicious!!!

TADA! and start your you start cooking, the natural sweetness of the ingredients will make the soup even tastier! hee

Some ingredients to consider:
1. Abalone
2. Asparagus
3. Pork meat (go to wet market and just tell them you want for steamboat....they know which part to cut for you)
4. Chicken meat ( i got the chicken thighs. VERY tender. )
5. Beef ( i got sirloin from cold storage...then go home and cut...alternatively, you may want to get sukiyaki beef which is already sliced but more expensive)
6. Yong Tau Foo's ingredients ( 10 for $1.80 at cold storage. NTUC should also have, wet market also have)
7. Any Meat balls or sotong balls (can easily get from supermart)
8. Fishballs
9. Vegetables ( i got don't know what vege, i don't know the name. Should be xiao bai cai...or any vege you see that is commonly put into steamboat or any vege you desire...haha)
10. CORN!! (I love corns!)
11. Tomatoes (this will make the soup sweeter)
12. Enoki mushrooms (Jing Zheng Gu-- from cold storage)

The above are some of the stuffs i bought for my 2-pax steamboat. IIRC. HAHA......