How to hv white teeth?


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I've been using a product called Pearlie ( for the last couple of years. It's a coloured enamel that you brush onto your teeth to make them whiter - the more layers you apply, the whiter the result, and it can be removed just by brushing your teeth so it's easy so get rid of if you go a little overboard.

Of course, it won't look as good as a professional whitening, but it's cheap (£14 a bottle) and safer than many whiteners on the market because it just covers up the natural colour of your teeth instead of bleaching them. It takes a bit of practise to get the result you want but once you get the hang of it it looks pretty good.


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Hi Fretzie, do you mean so call to "paint" the teeth using this product? but will it helps a bit to whiten the teeth or is just pure coverage?? Thanks!


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I bought some whitening products from dental clinic and my teeth lightens 3 shades after using for a year on and off. letting go at more than half price, u can get a piece from me to try out first no harm. I paid $480 for first time to do the cleaning, impression and the whitening kit.lettin go at 10+ each only.


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Hi there,

A natural bleach for teeth is baking soda. Just add enough to your toothbrush and brush away once a week.

Alternatively, gurgle with hydrogen peroxide can work to whiten teeth. Remember not to swallow the solution. Can do it once a week too.

Chew crunchy vegetables and fruits e.g celery, carrots and apples help to stimulate saliva and helps to strengthen and whiten teeth.