How to get rid of back acne?


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Any brides to be can help?
I have very bad skin on my back..Lots of acnes and scars...
I m getting marry in Nov...hw to get rid of them b4 it?


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Hi Jasmine,
I tried to srub once a wk...but it does not help...shld i increase the no. of times to twice or thirce per wk?
I scrub again yesterday nite, than tis morning, the acnes looks so fierce and red....
I gg to see a doc stop the acnes from coming out...


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hmmm i using body scrub from body shop now. then use the scrubing glove to scrub, twice per week result not bad ley.
you drink more water lo i think is due to hormone and heaty


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The pimples & acne on the back is also caused by perspiration. Here are a couple things you could try:

- Use abosrbent cotton clothing. Try to avoid clothing that will make you perspire easily

- If you do sports / go to the gym, change into clean clothing or take a shower after you exercise. Don't keep the sweaty clothing on for too long

- Apply the Snake brand Prickly Heat powder on you back after a bath / before you sleep at night. It helps to prevent perspiration and also keeps the pimples away. You should be able to get this from Watsons and NTUC. It's cheap and good.

I don't know if using scrubs on raw pimples is a good idea - won't it be painful and end up being very red and sore?

Normally I will apply the prickly heat powder until the pimples are "dried up" - this might take 1-2 weeks depending on how serious the pimple is.

Then I would use the scrub (once a week) to remove the dead skin. I use a body exfoliator scrub from AHAVA. Quite gentle on the skin and good for the whole body (esp legs and elbows). Scrubs / body exfoliators are not meant to be used too often as it can be quite rough for the skin. Usually it's recommended once a week only, unless it's a really mild scrub.

Once the pimples are under control, you can use normal talcum powder to apply on your back to keep help it dry.


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Blue skies is right, they are caused by perpiration and also acutely afected by hormonal changes.

its never a good idea to scrub out any pimples as you might endanger getting more feverent scars later on.

do try to get some essential vitamins in check, this may b a way ur body is signalling some deficiency in some nutrients.

eat well, apply cooling aloe vera cream and the pimples should subside in due time.

if u need more info email me at [email protected]


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This is acne and pimples problem hey are commonly caused by clogged or infected pores. They may appear as deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) on the face, neck, chest, back and sometimes shoulders.Acne on face leads to wrinkles and blemishes.I advice you to use best creme which should contains collagen products as you know growth of collagen and elastin is very necessary for our skin.To prevent accelerated aging of the skin or repair damage to the skin and for the implementation of a correct skin use of anti wrinkle face cream is utmost important.


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i have been plagued w back acne since young, n the only cure is perhaps roaccutane. but since i have passed my teen yrs it got better. i also thought back acne is somewhat like "chicken skin" for my case, which I used products like "kp duty". i suspect back acne for some gals is seasonal. but for me it was perpectually there. lately my friend introduced me herbal life, im at my 2nd bottle only and i think overall my skin improved. But of coz i have oily skin to begin so I have to be selective with my skin care too. I alternate between Maple's products and also Lush which I got my crew friends to buy for me. It helps me alot on my face and back. Previously also tried the famous toa payoh clinc but was lazy to apply the benzoyl cream on my back and it didnt help that 1) clinic is always packed 2) it stains my pjs


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Lemon juice has proven to be a brilliant natural remedy for acne. You can either apply to the infected areas by rubbing it gently into the skin, or by drinking several glasses of lemon juice per day. Lemon juice contains properties, that will help to burn away the top layer of skin, which will get rid of dead skin cells clogging up the pores.

Maintaining a healthy diet is how to get rid of back acne, without direct treatment. Although this alone will not cure it, making sure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs will help to keep your skin in top condition, and shed dead skin cells quicker. Also, a healthy, well rounded diet will quicken skin cell growth, meaning your skin complexion will improve.


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i suggest the natural route. i've gone through the conventional route with the chemicals and the newest products or the products that everyone raves about from the drugstore but they never work. or they work for two weeks then cause havoc later on like dryness and irritation. i suggest natural soaps that has tea tree oil. look for ingredients in the soap like saponified oils, tree oil, essential oils. your body/skin will thank you afterward.


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Hi, I'm having back acne problems too ,especially the lower back.
I've tried all sorts of scrubs and natural remedies ,just doesn't work for me
,its so depressing....
I think need to really see a specialist,any good recommendations?


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Try the soap call Acne Aid, get it from the shelve of Guardian or watson. Then every morning and night apply a johnson baby powder on your back. My back is full of acne last time, after 1 mth using the soap and johnson baby powder, no more new acne, and after 3 mths have a good improvement. I using it for 1 year ++ alrdy now my back is clear from acne.
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I have also very very bad acne back and scars since im a teenager...for the past 20 yrs, i was unable to find the right product to treat my back problem!!!Urg!!! Until i was recommended by one of a promotion from TNS outlet, she told me that, in order to treat my back problem, the most basic step i need to do is to make sure that all perpiration, dirt and sweat is thoroughly removed and cleans. Then she handed me a bottle of Aubrey Organics Natural Spa Sea Wondersâ„¢ Shower Wash. This really helps me to cleans up all the blockage (you can feel it right away after shower)...very clean and no oily feel leaving your skin fresh and for the 1st time i feel my skin start breathing. hahaha.Then together i treated with my face acne night cream which i applied right after bath for max my back problem are solved and only left with minor serious scars which will need some times to fade off :p

Willing to share more in details [email protected]


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I need some advice on back acne too! I had it since to get marry in two yrs time and I am desperate to get remedy..any girls try GNC DH Herpanacine? heard is good..i tried Fancl acne control pills, seen doctors, snake powder and T3 shower and scrub, it is not useful...
any ladies can give me advice...?


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Hi ladies,

I used to have very very bad back acne that spread to my upper arms. I thought it will never go away until a gf advised me to see a GP and get a tropical lotion called Dalacin.

i used it according to the prescription and I saw a drastic improvement in about last than a month's time.

I hope this helps. =)


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My sister stopped her severe acne on face and back with Irotin / Accutane pills in a couple of weeks.

If interested, I can give you the website.


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i used to have quite bad back acne. But things got better when i used facial foam to wash my back, leave it for about 5mins, then rinse off. And scrub it once a week. On and off i will have a few popping out. Recently a doctor gave me Hibiscrub to use, it worked pretty well and my acne sort of stopped.


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hi again!

I'm back to tell you my acne is much better now after 1.5 month of use.
The side effects went away in a couple of weeks and I'm happy now.
My skin looks much better and I feel much more confident


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I also had this problem and I tried many products.

I have tried the cleanser from and used three big bottles - it was ok at first but soon I realised it was too drying as times goes

Then I switched to using neutrogena cleanser but it can get abit drying too so now I alternate it with my fancl cleanser..

Scrub gently once a week works for me too- do not over scrub - I know how it feels to think that we can scrub the acne away but it will only worsen the situation

Also als remember to pat ur body dry - remember less friction means less stress on skin

I am now using aloe Vera gel on them n it works well! Used to apply the one from jorubi (99% purity) but I found out the one from nature's secrets work better.

Oh your hair conditioner might be a culprit too!! After washing off the conditioner bun ur wet hair up and continue washing your body so that the hair doesn't touch your back. Sometimes I will also slant my body to one side so that the water from e hair doesn't drip onto my back. Haha


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Babes. Try murad acne body wash. I chanced upon this product at makeup alley so I decided to give it a go cos I realised my gym workouts are aggravating the acne a bit. It's really effective ! Can see results within first few days

Peggy Tham

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Hi Gals, I dont have pinples on my back, but my face has quite a few pimples. Pops out for no apparent reason. As my big day is coming at the end of the year, I desperately want to get rid of the pimples. Am currently undergoing laser treatment to get rid of the pimples. Not bad, seems effectively.

This doctor is a female doctor, very gentle lady, plus she has some bridal package at a good price, so i took up the package. You gals can give it a go. Not sure, but think it works for pimples on the back too. I think.


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i did a back "facial" dno how effective cos can't see and is only 1 session, but is $50 a session. plus got massage and the lady quite nice, say my pimples due to stress, cos back gt dno wad xue dao, stress will cos clogging. Dno if I should go back... scrubbing doesn't seem to work for me.. I also have chest pimples. quite horrible. means I cannot wear those bare back, or strapless gowns T_T meanwhile changing my diet to have more veges, fruits and water. So far my face got improve. Back still spotty. hai.


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Maybe you can try murad. I'm using the acne body wash and clarifying spray now and my back is clear now.

Mine used to be quite bad cos of my gym routines I think. Didn't change out of sweaty clothes fast enough.

Can see results of the murad products within 5 days as in no more new ones and current ones are healing!


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Maybe you can try murad. I'm using the acne body wash and clarifying spray now and my back is clear now.

Mine used to be quite bad cos of my gym routines I think. Didn't change out of sweaty clothes fast enough.

Can see results of the murad products within 5 days as in no more new ones and current ones are healing!

Hi glitzyyy, can check where can I buy the murad acne body wash and how much is it? Will it work better with the spray or just with the wash is good enough? I have pimples on my back and around my chest.. Does it work on old pimple marks as well?


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Hello Patricia...
I bought the murad products from website. It provides free next day shipping in Singapore and it's really quick- delivers via ta-q-bin

I will recommend using both acne body wash n acne body spray in conjunction for best results. For me I saw the results from third day onwards- can start seeing the existing acne subsiding n new ones not appearing..

But both products will set u back by about 100+ but I think these can last for a good three months or more?:)

The murad are more of preventing new acne n to heal existing ones so can't really work on old pimple marks.. I am now using aloe Vera gel to heal old pimple marks on my chest.

Hope it will work well for you too!!


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Hi glitzyyy,

Thanks so much for the advice. Will check out the website and order both to try. :)

So did the aloe vera gel work for you?


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Hi I had been using the Ettusais white body mist for the last few years as I used to have very random breakouts at my back. and it is really helping a lot. and I also alternately use the body wash and using a mild scrub (scrub every week) and now I am maintaining. so far so good. :)
Try using baking soda mixed with water. Apply it for 5 minutes thn wash off. Acne will reduce swelling significantly. After tat apply diluted apple cider vinegar to it.


but does the scrub irritates the skin worse? I tried a gel-like serum on my face previously, not bad.. but yet to try it on my back..


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I get bad back acne from working out and needed something strong since the skin on my back is tougher than on my face. I started seeing a difference overnight and dermalmd blemish serum continues to clear. Dried my face out a bit but I'd rather that and have to moisturize than have acne. It's cheap so give it a try and apply liberally!


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Don't try to scrub it, it'd would get worse and spread it more. I use 2 Japanese products, the Black Soap and Rohto Back Acne Spray. The bacne spray, you could easily get them from Watsons but the black soap is a bit tricky. I got it from Rakuten or a personal shopper. Both are not expensive and clear up my bacne. HTH