How to get a boyfriend in mid 20's

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by Mightymistic, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Mightymistic

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    Hey people

    Can you help suggest some ways to find bf here .. I'm trying so hard but couldn't get one. Is it that hard or its too late to get loved

  2. JojoT

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    Gal, sometimes the harder you try the more your body sent out signals that chase all the boys away.

    Just relax...go take some courses to upgrade.... upgrade your literacy skills, or upgrade your image or...learn some skills you always want to learn but never be able to put in time.

    Enlarge your social circle.. be it ladies or guys... sometimes, making friends with ladies may end up with Prince charming also. So don't just narrow down to guys club. We will never understand a guy way of thinking.

    Relax, keep yourself busy. When you are relax, you will be able to make friends more easily. This itself is an attraction. So, don't go to those guys shopping sites. It's complicated and too many scammers there.

    Relax... go enlarge your social network & keep your mind busy.

    God bless.
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  3. coldjade

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    Hi! Maybe you can try SDN?

    I am 28 this year and because I was badly heart broken last year, I started attending SDN events and eventually found the love of my life.
    He just proposed to me last week. (^_^) I met him through attending an event where we played the Escape Room. Wanted to just have some fun but end up meeting him!

    If you are worried about awkwardness etc, start by attending those games or workshop type of events, before trying those dinner events.
    At least you have fun and learn something.

    Before I joined, many told me not to because 27 still very young, don't need to do this etc. Can still wait, can hang high up to sell (Diao Qi Lai Mai) first.
    But when I attended the events, I realised at my age I am at an advantage. Girls in their 20s are more popular in such events.
    And attend with an attitude that you just want to have fun, and not attend with too much expectations. If not you are bound to be disappointed as sometimes there might be men who are way over your age group. But use that as a platform to train speaking to strangers/opposite gender. Sometimes these "uncles" will even help introduce other more eligible guys to you.

    Good luck!
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